I can’t be the only one being pushed out of their bed this week. Good thing they already have our heart!

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💖 Such a cute idea! And the smile on my kiddos faces when they 'read' their new hearts is priceless! Not too late to start... 💖

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Creative Child Magazine is with Calvin-Elzandri Van Helsdingen.

Starting Feb 1st til Valentine's Day, put a new heart on your kids door with a reason why you love them!

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So true! Every mom needs other moms and if you need to expand your crew, we're here.

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Cat & Nat

To all the moms who are in the good phase , hold on tight and enjoy every second of it. To all the moms in the phase where you’re second guessing everything abo...ut yourself and can’t remember the last good phase, sit tight a good phase is coming. To all the moms who are currently sitting with newborns, wondering how people with children actually survive and will you ever sleep again, it’s coming . Hang on tight you’ll catch your breath in a little bit. They say it gets easier, it really does. To all the moms with kids grown up looking at the moms wishing they’d saviour every moment, thank you for reminding us that the moments that make us pull our hair out are in fact the moments we will miss the most. To all the moms.....we’ve either been there, are about to be there or are currently there. And that’s why moms need other moms ❤️

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I'd add 'more people to change the toilet paper rolls' to the list of perks... What about you?? 😂

In a sea of negativity and woes surrounding parenthood, we have got to remember there are some major benefits to being a mom!

So very true...

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The 21st Century SAHM

This parenting gig is really something, isn't it? Just when I think I am truly in the pits with "Ugh, Mommy. Why did you make this gross dinner again?" after I ...cooked for two hours or "Mommy, I tried but I didn't make it in time..." coming from the bathroom, I have days like today.

Back story: We have the flu. Like evil devil spawn projectile holy what is happening flu. We are dropping like flies. And then one pops back up -- oh I think she's better -- NOPE. Down again. It's like the end of times.

The 4yo was healthy enough to return to school (and yes, we followed the "don't come back unless you are fever-free / vomit-free / yucky everything else - free for over 24 hours. I was a teacher. I appreciate that rule).

Usually he gets out of school at 11:45 and from about noon - 4:15, it's just him and me, waiting for the big kids to come home. I try. I really do. I offer puzzles. He chooses nerf gun wars. I offer books. He begs to hit each other with light sabers. We often do a mix of both. But I highly doubt that those 4 hours are the most fun part of his day, and honestly, I am okay with that.

But today the big kids were home, still in recovery. And when we picked up little man, I said, "Aren't you happy to have your brother and sister home with you today? To play with? Usually it's just you stuck home with boring old Mommy."

Because, honestly, I am not the fun parent. Dad wrestles and shoots nerf guns and plays video games and lets them have waaaaaay too many cookies. Mommy makes them do homework and read and eat carrots.

But guess what my kids said?

"Don't say that, Mommy. You aren't boring," my 9yo son replied.
"Yeah, you're the best mommy a little girl could ever ask for," my 7yo daughter added.

And then I died from happiness. After all the puke buckets and germy sheets I've cleaned in the last 10 days, this moment washed it all away. I realized in that moment that if they could say something kind about me, then I need to be kinder to myself.

So I said, "You're right. I am a good mommy. In fact, let's all go around the car and say something good about ourselves."

And we did. My daughter said, "I am a good artist" and my older son added, "I am a good mathematician." And my little guy, of course, chimed in, "I am good at nerf gun battles."

They are watching. They are listening. They follow our lead. If we put ourselves down, how will they learn to believe in themselves? How will they respect us, as their mothers?

So yeah, I might not be the most fun parent. But I am no boring mom. You can even ask my kids.

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May your New Year be filled with love, happiness & health, not to mention cuddles & laughter! And if you need to get out of the house and do some fun things with (and sometimes without) the kids, join us! We'd love to meet you.

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So true!!!

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