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Students' Welfare Board, IIT Guwahati
Students' Welfare Board, IIT Guwahati

“Action Plan” is incorporated under the “Startup India” initiative of Government of India to boost the startup ecosystem in the country aiming at India's most ...promising social entrepreneurs. Moreover,raising awareness about social entrepreneurship, Action Plan competition motivates youth towards solving social problems which could affect lives of millions.

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This valentine’s day break away from the status quo and find new ways to celebrate your love for the world.
Just the simple act of being mindful can open up many ways to help make the world a better place.
Next time, instead of throwing your food packet on the ground as soon as you’re done, wait for a dustbin. When you leave a room, make sure you switch off all the lights. Help someone out with a simple task.
If you want you to take it further, there are plenty of platforms... that allow you to donate or volunteer for a cause you feel strongly about. And there’s even options where you could make donations in the name of your loved ones, this way you can show your love for your special person and help out the world while you’re at it.

Valentine’s Day is a festival of love, and if you look there’s plenty more ways to show love than a box of chocolates or a store-bought card.

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Republic Day, the day our democracy was established, the day our founding fathers laid down the foundation of the biggest democracy in the world. Every year, with great pomp and vigour, we celebrate this day in memory of that one day, 68 years ago, when every citizen of India was finally granted their fundamental rights. But we must not forget that with rights comes duty, comes responsibility. The path to greatness is riddled with many hardships and obstacles. Only by helping up our disadvantaged comrades can we build towards a strong ,safe and prosperous future. As our glorious Republic enters its 69th year, let us do our part for the community; for the community will be the rock upon which we will build the monument of our dreams.

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NSS, IIT Guwahati wishes you all a happy Makar Sankranti. We are working towards bringing smiles to people and in bridging the gap between people which exist due to reasons many in number.May all of us be able to give flight to hopes of anyone we can. Wishing you all, A Happy Makar Sankranti.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. Today, some of us are waiting eagerly for Santa Claus and some of us are going to be the Santa Claus.There will be shopping and gifts; trees and lights, but Christmas is a little more than that. It's about spreading the love- a timeless message, Christ lived and died for. There are kids out there for whom Christmas means nothing,
for whom decoration is nothing more than the feast for eyes,
for whom Santa brings no gift.
In the light of these facts, it... fills our heart with joy unspeakable to say that NSS, IIT GUWAHATI has done a great job in giving this gift of joy to many in many ways.
The significance of Christmas lies not just in exchanging gifts but extending the warmth of our heart to those who are in need.If we sincerely want to move to the "kingdom" of Christ, we must spread love and joy;
and the more, the merrier. Wishing you all, a merrier Christmas.

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“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future”

Education is a fundamental right of a person, as after all education is the premise of progress in every society. Yet millions today lead their lives in ignorance, moving about aimlessly in this world, never unlocking their true potential. The light of education has never shone on them.

On the birthday of our first education minister, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, let us carry forth the torch, because as much the uneduc...ated have a right to education, the educated have a responsibility to spread education.

Let’s no longer keep our eyes closed and walk past the uneducated, but open our arms and take them in.

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A billion lights illuminate the earth as the nation comes together to celebrate the festival of homecoming. But ensconced in a bundle of joy and comfort, we easily forget that some unfortunate souls in this world don't even have a home.
So let's celebrate this Diwali by providing these people the help that they need. Instead of spending money on crackers, those meaningless bundles of bright lights and loud sounds, let us spend them on humans who need it, and derive joy from their blessings, a sense of elation that crackers cannot hope to match.
In the spirit of Diwali, let us restore faith in humanity. This Diwali, let's light a diya in someone else's life.

NSS IIT Guwahati wishes you a Happy Diwali

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National Service Scheme, IIT Guwahati updated their cover photo.
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Rights & Responsibilities Club, Students' Welfare Board, IIT Guwahati

The superiority and toughness of the Indian Armed Forces needs no introduction. The Indian Air Force forms one of the three pillar...s of the Indian Armed Forces. The IAF aims to overwhelm the adversaries with application of aerospace power in defence of the nation. There have been numerous instances when our Air Force has proven its mettle, whether it be in the combat or be it in the various peace and rescue missions. You might be wondering what it is like to serve the nation by being a part of this esteemed service which executes such sensitive missions.

In this regard, the Rights and Responsibility Club is organizing a talk to disseminate awareness about the Indian Armed Forces, their importance in preserving national integrity and their contributions to the nation. To enlighten us, would be present the Air Cmde Shashank Misra VM and other Air Force Officers from the Air Force Station, Guwahati. By means of this lecture, we aim to inspire the youth to serve the country by fulfilling their societal responsibilities and aid the Armed Services in preserving national security and interests.

The talk will also be highlighting the career opportunities in the Indian Air Force along with an overview of modern air operations/ rescue missions in order to motivate the youth towards fulfilling the above mentioned objectives.

Henceforth, we would like to welcome you all to be part of this talk and get a glimpse of the experiences of the soldiers of the Indian Air Force. Don't miss this chance of interacting with these brave hearts.

Refreshments will also be served prior to the talk.

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Visaka or the Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan is a program launched by the government of India to enhance the growth of a cashless economy in India. While a cashless economy will be a boon for the country, the shift to this cashless economy will be a long process where all of us will have to work collectively.

Keeping this in mind, NSS, IIT Guwahati conducted various surveys and awareness sessions in the areas surrounding the IIT Guwahati Campus. The NSS team visited markets in Faculty Gate, Amingaon and also in the campus to kickstart the cashless transactions in these areas.
Photos by : Rahul Rabha

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This children's day, NSS, IIT Guwahati did their part in spreading a smile to the growing future of our country. The students of the Sila Sinduri Gopa were invited and a plethora of performances by the various clubs of IIT Guwahati was put up for them. The inner Picasso of them emerged when a drawing competition was conducted by Finesse, the Fine Arts Club. At the end of the day, the smiles and happy faces proved a job well done.

Umeedon wali Dhoop

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Udaan - Giving Flights to Hope

On the occasion of Children’s Day, Team Alcheringa and National Service Scheme, IIT Guwahati conducted Udaan, in association with our CSR Partner Sublime Galler...ia. We captured the dreams of a few students of Sila Sundari Gopa and released a book which reminds all of us to never let go of our dreams! Have a look at our at our attempt of Giving Flights to Hope!
#ChildrensDay #Udaan #GivingFlightsToHope #Alcheringa

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Guru Nanak was the founder of Sikhism and the first of the ten Sikh Gurus. Believed to be one of the most famous great innovators of all times, he preached equality, goodness and virtue as the key traits in a society. And today, as we remember the great Guru, we preach the same feelings as we strive to serve the society.

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Childrens are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of our nation and the citizens of tomorrow.” - Chacha Nehru
Children are the future of our nation but everyday, millions of such children live without proper food, clothes and shelter. On this occasion of Children's day, we urge you to donate to the poor and make the children’s day a little merrier for the children stuck in poverty.

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