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My old remix is reborn with another name and title associated, more infos in the video description.
Hope you'll enjoy the song once again

Reupload from my remix I made in 2014. The original remix I posted that time was deleted because of copyright claim from one the member of "Bellini", creator...

Old song back on the YT channel tonight ☝🏼

This is the reason I make music

Party to the Dancefloor. Islamic Dance Bellini - Samba de Janeiro [Sabri Emini Remix]

Seven years. Today, seven years have passed since I made my first song. Seven years where I experienced many feelings and emotions. Seven years since I got the chance to meet people I would never have known otherwise. This long (and short at the same time) journey taught me a lot. I will obviously say that I wouldn't be the same today. And I am not. Not as a person and not as composer too.

Meeting all the people I know because of music makes me feel truly lucky.
Last year, y...ou guys showed me that I could do things I thought I wasn’t able to do. (The 220k views in 2 months I got on my Samba remix !).
I will never be thankful enough for what I had, and feel kinda sad that I couldn't make more songs last year after all the positivity I got...

Nevertheless, I never felt so limited by time, gears, and the little inspiration I had the past 12 months. Getting back to composing was more challenging than I thought after that break. Many things have changed since : my tastes, my aims, and most importantly, my mindset.

I'm taking 2018 as a new opportunity and a new start to show what I really want to make. And most importandly, I really want to be worthy of the time you take to listen to my songs, checking my demos, talking with me, giving positivity !
Again, (or not sure if I said it before, this post is getting longer and longer lol) thanks for what you gave me so far !

To conclude, I have some works in progress that might be finished soon. Until then, I want to know, what is your favorite song I made during the last seven years ? Let me know in the comments !



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Hey guys, first of all, I wish you a good and happy new year ! (Yes, I'm way too late lol)
I was thinking about making a new logo (and maybe a new banner).
I'm far from having professionals skills, so I was thinking if you know (or you are) an artist, that I would be pleased to have something more professional.

So if you are interested (or know someone) PM me, possible remuneration !


I will see you for new stuff as soon as possible !

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Hey guys ! first, I want to thank you for the awesome comments on my last song !
Now it's also available on soundcloud and for free download and bandcamp ! Check SC or YT description for the download link

21 years producer from Switzerland. Loves talking about himself at the third person, trance, orchestral, and other good kind of music. Click "buy" for free download.

Hey, the song is out !
Tell me what do you think !

Hey guys ! The song took me quite some time, I tried new workflow and new mixing ways and I hope you will like the result ! see you soon for more ;) dont' fo...

Hey guys, new song finished ! Pretty happy with the results !
Dropin' the song soon so stay tuned

Hey, I'm back with a new song with Sky Riders ! It was a nice experience to share with the two guys behind that name ! Check out their stuff, you'll be surprised of the work they have made so far !
I also have a music project in mind, check out the video description for more infos

Enjoy and see you soon !

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here is my collab with Skyriders, two excellent producers which I got the luck to work with. Check their stuff, they are amazing ! I hope you will like it an...

Very interesting 😜

🏋️‍♀️🎶 Who here agrees?

Trance is the best music to work out to, a new study by athletics trainer David Siik of Equinox has found.Siik, who runs the club’s elite treadmill program, did research around the Mozart Effect – the result of a 1991 study by Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis that showed listening to music by the composer had…

When you find out that people who claim to be the creator of something are not really what they pretend to be :

masterpiece David Amaro :guitar Hugo Fattoruso :keys Jorge Fattoruso :drums Ringo Thielmann :bass

RIP My remix of Samba de Janeiro. Thanks for all the subs and the views (260k views) you gave me lol.
As you can see one of the 2 original composers asked youtube to delete my remix (yeah he did it himself and this is not the bot). I know it's his rights but damn it, he's not going to be poor because of that and doesn't affect his life in any bad ways. Very sad to see people reacting like that...

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Just noticed we reached 1000 subs...
And Just noticed that we reached 140 000 views on my remix Samba de janeiro, so it means I got 70 000 views only on that remix in ONE single month ! I don't have words but thanks, thank you so much !!

My remix of "Samba de Janeiro" from Bellini! I made this song for small and "friendly" contest between members of a promotion channel. ▼ Follow me here ▼ ►So...

70 000 views... I can't believe it !
Thank you !

My remix of "Samba de Janeiro" from Bellini! I made this song for small and "friendly" contest between members of a promotion channel. ▼ Follow me here ▼ ►So...