This flag is something that always takes my breath away driving down Bay Rd. God Bless America ❤️
For those of you who aren't in town to see this BEAUTIFUL sight!!!
At Saginaw Shoe Dept tonight!! My nieces went school shopping today at the mall and this awesome employee took the time to make us laugh and arm wrestle! I didn't catch his name, I hope this video finds him, but thank you for being awesome && being part of what makes me LOVE SAGINAW! Kindness :) doesn't matter what age, doesn't matter who is on what side of the counter, doesn't matter what schools we go to, etc - kindness is so Easy!

Nick Rethman is a new up and coming Sports Photographer in Saginaw. He started as a hobby and has quickly become amazing at getting unique shots of athletes. From high school sports, dancers, college athletes and NPC National qualifiers. You can follow him on Instagram @NickRethman or on Facebook at Nick Rethman Photography. If you’re looking for a new style, he’s open to ideas and eager to showcase your hard work. He has recently had a photo on the cover of Sports Scene which features local schools. I encourage all of you to challenge Nick by bringing ideas and muscle to him and his lenses!

Home sweet home ❤️ I love it

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