The POLS Honors Thesis Defenses are being held TODAY. Join us in the Little Theatre (Quad 346) for the public presentation of these outstanding research projects:

9:00 AM – Zack Eichten “Poison Pills: How Subtle Differences in Processes, Public Opinion, and Leadership Doomed the American Health Care Act and Passed the Affordable Care Act.”

9:45 AM – Meredith Jarchow “Logged on for Democracy: The Relationship between Digital Media and Offline Political Participation over Time”...

10:30 AM – Danny Gillis “The Voting Behavior of Labor Union Members in the 2016 Presidential Election”

11:15 AM – Meghan Mullon “Nevertheless, She Legislated: A Study of Women Representing Women in Congress”

12:00 PM – Grant Anderla “Shifting Bilateralism: Understanding Change in the US-Japan Alliance during the Cold and Gulf War”

#LookAtThemBeingAllScholarlyAndCreative #GoodLuckPOLSPeople

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Rise and shine people!
It's a beautiful day to be scholarly & creative.
That's right, it's S & C Day. #DayOnNotADayOff
The contest in the past has been organized by former Sen. Al Franken. This year, Senator Tina Smith is carrying on that tradition.

Today is the Phi Beta Kappa induction ceremony. Four POLS students will be inducted into the Theta of Minnesota Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa this afternoon.

Seniors - Grant Anderla and Leela Cofell
Juniors - Dan Eggert and Brendan Klein


Last year Maya Hermerding and Mary Catherine Steenberge were inducted as juniors.

PBK is America’s most prestigious academic honor society. It is highly selective, merit-based taking into consideration academic success and breadth of study. It recognizes exceptional achievement of writers and scholars in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics.

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Meet a POLS senior! Kat Thao is a POLS major, GBUS minor.

Favorite class to date? Global Gender Issues

"I have a few goals for senior year. I hope to do well academically while maintaining a professional and personal life. Another goal is to prepare for my life after college, regardless if that is stepping right into my career path or furthering my academic experience....
My advice to first years, or anyone, is that it’s ok to make mistakes and ask for help. College is a process and does not always have the same results for everyone. It is difficult to be vulnerable, but everyone is at a certain point of time. All of the experiences you’ll have during college will be a blend of everything good and challenging. There are ways to help you manage challenges. Take your chances."

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It's that time again. End of semester "Things Heard on 1st Simons"
Did you know, according to a paper, the 1970s were "centuries ago"?

Harley-Davidson is offering free motorcycles for those who join its summer internship program.

When a POLS grad sends us the announcement about his law school graduation we get the feels. #MichiganStateLaw

1st Simons extends its congratulations to John Schwend!

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Meet a POLS grad! Kimberly Bonilla (CSB '17)

"When I graduated the College of Saint Benedict, I started working for the Minneapolis Police Department working with the crime analyst team and then transitioned to the health and wellness role. In March I got the offer I was waiting for, I got into the police academy with Minneapolis! I applied in August and it was a rigorous process with the fitness components, background and much more. However I am currently in their training ...program and will be a sworn officer by December. I hope to move up the ranks and apply for SWAT after I gain my experience on the street."

What was the best part about being a POLS major? "The professors and Sheila!!! The professors always went out of their way to make sure their students are doing good in the class and also outside of the classroom. They wanted you to excel in the classrooms, therefore their feedback was sometimes harsh but it made you a better student which helps you in the “adult” world."

Congratulations Kimberly! 1st Simons is proud of you!!

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Congratulations to Dr. Christi Siver on her first book!

"Military Interventions, War Crimes, and Protecting Civilians" arrived today, hot off the press. #WooHoo #ShesOnBarnesAndNoble

Published by Palgrave, "drawing on evidence from the Korean War, the Malayan Emergency, and the Canadian peacekeeping mission in Somalia, the author discovers that military efforts to train soldiers about the laws of war are poor and leadership often sent mixed signals about the importance of compliance. However, units that developed subcultures that embraced these laws and had strong leadership were more likely to comply than those with weak discipline or countercultural norms."

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Meet a POLS senior! Maya Hermerding is a POLS and Hispanic Studies double major; Peace Studies minor.

Favorite POLS class to date? "Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties... a must for pre-law students!"

Goal for your senior year? "Senior year? What? No way! Clearly I feel as though I haven't had enough time at these institutions so I plan to take advantage of the myriad opportunities they offer students. By the time graduation rolls around, I intend to have a p...lan for traveling down to South America again for a year or two before starting law school."

Advice for 1st year students? "There is a way to make somebody pay for the experiences you cannot afford. Always ask professors (in multiple departments), Sheila, or focused centers for scholarship options when filling out an application. Without a hefty amount of scholarship money, I would not have studied abroad, participated in Harvard Model UN, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, or the Washington D.C. Summer Internship Program. If all else fails, know that taking a loan out will be worth paying for the experience when you actually enter the "real" world. Take advantage of your youth, study and travel as much as possible."

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Happy Birthday Dr. Gary Prevost!

Dr. Prevost is returning from South Africa this week and will be at senior dinner next week. #SafeTravels #ProfessorEmeritus #Legend

(I was going to say "Attn Seniors" but I thought Dr. Court might be interested also.)…/job-for-st-michaels-mount…

A job opening for a Visitor Services Manager on St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, England, looks very appealing, especially if you only want a few coworkers, love the sea, and wouldn’t mind living on an island.