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Leroy Pierce
· February 3, 2013
The Salem Fire Museum site/page is an awesome place to begin to remove the rich history of the fire service not only in the City but beyond. Highlighting photographs held in the department archives ...has rejuvenated many to seek out this history... Thanks to Chief Ayars for taking on this task... I believe the fruits of your toils will be many as people beyond our ranks begin to look at the foundation of a proud department and service.. The FB page is awesome as is the Museum itself... Open now the first Saturday of each month starting at 0900am. See More
Jilly F. Beanez
March 11, 2013
great page! ... I cant remember if i posted on here or not - but i have two 1931 Buffalo copper fire extinguishers, great condition, fully intact w/the hoses etc. for sale... $60 ea. or $100. for both.... I live in Quinton, and there are pics of them on my pg on FB - Jilly's Books and Dry Goods... i like to try to post where firemen can see in case they are interested, thanks, Jill See More
Harry N Al
February 20, 2013
Thanks for the trip down memory lane / shows the difference from then to know of how we do things in the fire service / keep up the good work my fellow brothers
Bob Hunter
February 2, 2013
Thanks for the trip down memory lane today when I visited your museum. I really enjoyed myself. I will be back again soon. Good luck.
Marty Wolfe
March 18, 2013
Very nice , would like to post a picture of my grandfather , Thomas Pew , he was a firefighter
Pam Covey Cruz
January 15, 2013
Any pictures of the awesome baseball games we all enjoyed!
Susan Campbell Green
March 6, 2013
how do I post a picture on here
Ok all you Salem FD old heads ... where is the fire?
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Cj Wygor added 3 new photos — at Liberty Station 6-2.

Liberty Fire Company yearly Easter flower sale. Starting today till Saturday. Unless we run out.

Salem County NJ Fire Academy staff page added 18 new photos.

The FF1 Recruits history and orientation class taking place in The City at the Salem Fire Museum this evening. Hosted by Department Chief Fred Ayars and Battali...on 63 Chief Ken Gralley, the recruits got a close up view on many artifacts and fire service concepts while here. It is critical that our new personnel know and understand how we got where we are today. Visiting the station of the SFD's Union Co#1, organized in 1749, gave them an otherwise unknown perspective on fire fighting by our forefathers. Thank you to Chiefs Ayars and Gralley and KUDOS to the SFD for carrying on and displaying your rich fire service history.

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