Jimmy Kimmel has taken on religious business owners who refuse to serve gay people.|By PinkNews

But activists say the bill, if enacted, would essentially gut the ADA's provisions dealing with public accommodations by removing any incentive that businesses have to comply with the law before a complaint is filed.

"We know of no other law that outlaws discrimination but permits entities to discriminate with impunity until victims experience that discrimination and educate the entities perpetrating it about their obligations not to discriminate," said a September letter from the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities signed by more than 200 disability rights groups. "Such a regime is absurd, and would make people with disabilities second-class citizens."

The House on Thursday passed legislation that would amend the Americans With Disabilities Act over objections from disability rights advocates and Democrats.
PIERRE (AP) – A South Dakota lawmaker dropped a plan Thursday that would have made the state the first to ban public schools from teaching about gender identity in elementary and middle schools.

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Tanya Stepasiuk

Tonight at an ECCO meeting I heard the story firsthand of a woman here on the north shore with a heartbreaking story. Her husband has been in detention for a mo...nth. She has three daughters; a six year-old and two twin newborns. One twin has been in the hospital for 15 days. She has no family here. She is scared that she will soon not be able to afford the rent. This ICE crackdown has real consequences for our neighbors.

If you want to help her directly, you can send a check to/payable to: First Church (316 Essex St., Salem, MA 01970 Attn: ECCO).

We are going to have to keep taking action for our neighbors.

**Update: I have also set up my amazon wish list with diapers and wipes for her daughters. Feel free to purchase, have them sent to me, and I will deliver. Thank you friends!

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Entercom, WEEI’s owner and one of the biggest radio companies in the country, is condoning a culture of hate and acceptance of the unacceptable.

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Plus candidates who've said white supremacist things, hung out with white supremacists, or talked to anti-Semitic publications.
U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton is working with lawyers of a Brazilian national to prevent his deportation after he was detained by immigration agents while seeking a green card with his American wife.Fabiano de Oliveira, 33, a Beverly resident who is an illegal immigrant, was taken into custody Jan. 9 by Im...
SWAMPSCOTT — The principal of Stanley Elementary School has announced they’re transgender. Principal Tom Daniels, 52, announced the change in a letter to parents on Tuesday. Daniels will go by Shannon and will present as female. The name Shannon, the principal’s middle name, is poignant as it....

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​In his State of the Union address this week, President Trump congratulated his administration for having “taken historic actions to protect religious liberty.”

Yulio Castro-Garrido is the second person to die in custody at Stewart Detention Center in less than a year.

The immigration detention system under ICE and DHS... has an appalling track record of failing to protect the basic safety of the people in its custody and is rife with civil rights violations.

We need answers.

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The SPLC filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency after the death this week of Yulio Castro-Garrido, a 33-year-old Cuban immigrant who was detained at Stewart Detention Center i...

U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-NH, called the judge's order a significant development. "Many of these families fled religious persecution in Indonesia, and it is wrong that the Trump administration has been prioritizing them for deportation," she said in a statement.

Gov. Chris Sununu, R-Newfields, hailed the decision as good for the Dover Indonesian community, and the Granite State. "The Federal Court in Boston continues to agree and reaffirm that these cases deserve re-examination," Sununu said in a statement. "I will continue to advocate for a resolution that protects these individuals from religious persecution and allows them to remain in the United States."

A federal judge in Boston is blocking the government from deporting dozens of Christian Indonesians living in New Hampshire while they're given a chance to

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GOP lawmaker asks Capitol Police to arrest 'Dreamers' at State of the Union