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Sam Wheelock - Some 1 I Used To Be (promo)

Tifton, Georgia just rocks. Photo by Eve Guevara. Used by permission, really it is, The Tifton Gazette

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Sunlight through the cabin roof

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The artist's warehouse area of Athens, GA.

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My Granddad.

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Near Charleston, SC... the 1886 earth quake?

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Irma... A large oak limb hit the house and the music machine. Upside, the microwave is back in my life. I missed her more than words can express

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Hey cowboys and cowgirls. Greetings from the neighborhood library. The storm cometh and the storm taketh: power, 'net and part of the SUV (a large oak limb fell on her). Looks like it may a few days before things normalize. Meanwhile, ain't libraries great?

Editing room floor. This scene didn't make it to the final cut drop down MEDIA then click VIDEOS

Athens recording artist Sam Wheelock

Last night's Dewberry Jam Radio (AM1670) was very popular and will re-run again today/Sunday at 4pm central/5pm eastern. Listen anywhere...
There's a free app as well.
Around fifty minutes into the show Dew&Celina spin "WayfaringStranger". The entire show is good.

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Conyers-Rockdale Library concert with a video cam viewfinder in the foreground. Pic by Jesse Lee Cable

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The late Eva Cassidy does "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". If you haven't heard this you be happy you did. If you have, you won't regret listening again...

Restored footage of Eva Cassidy performing Over The Rainbow. The performance took place at the Blues Alley jazz supper club in Georgetown, DC, on the 3rd Jan...

TSA took me behind "the screen". The instructions were to undo my belt and... well, it seemed unnecessary and the guy spent just a little to much time where he shouldn't be. So, in a flash of brilliance, you know the smart arse things only said in movies, it came to me. I said, "If you're gonna' do that I expect dinner and a movie". This isn't dinner or a movie, but it's the first, real, honest to goodness, press release...…/eclectic-music-with-roots

The music of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bob Dylan, Charlie Bowman, Roy Orbison and George Harrison all rolled into the music from Sam Wheelock.

I was in Burbank, CA and drove into a Taco Bell. When the order was wrapping up, the voice said, "Would you like fries?". I said something like, "Fries? I didn't know TB offered fries". OK then, I agreed and pulled to the window. But there were no no fries in the bag... Humm. I asked where the fries were and got a puzzled expression along with this, "This is Taco Bell, we don't offer fries". The new web site has just about anything you can think of but not fries...

Athens recording artist Sam Wheelock

Sam Wheelock - (can’t take my) Dignity (Official Video)
More Info at:

“(can’t take my) Dignity” written by Sam Wheelock and published by Wheelock Music - BMI. All rights reserved. Copyright Sam Wheelock 2012


Single from Sam Wheelock’s CD titled, “Some 1 I Used To Be”.

Video Credits:
Director: Jesse Lee Cable
Cameras: Patrick Williams, Jesse Lee Cable
Editor: Brian Turner
Producer: Sam Wheelock
Special Guest: K.T. Pierce

Thanks to:
Andy Merdek, John Keane, Yonrico Scott, Barney Dunn, Bill Dewberry, Steve Waide, Mike Smith, Tim Urban, John Lee, C. Keen Zero, Bob Fowler, Derek Wintermute, Mike Talley, Wendy Metz, The Goat, Prune Brown, Mara Roberts, Jay Braver, Lee Farms (Rusty & Rayna)

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