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Tammy McCullough Monk
· January 27, 2018
Well just a little shout out the assistant Managers and employee’s at Sam’s in Monroe, LA. My daughter works there and we had a death in the family and all I can say is God Bless the employees of Sam’...s. They went above and beyond to help make a bad time better. I have never had such a warmth of love and concern from any company or employer that I or my daughter has worked for it is really unbelievable. If you watch the commercials on tv and wonder if the Walmart company really do take care of their employees believe it, it is true. I’ve worked in the legal profession and never have been treated this good and I’m not the employee. They care about the whole family it is so uplifting to see how much they care. God Bless Assistant Manager Glen Gilmore, Assistant Manager Trandon Moy, and all the employees who helped to make our lives a little easier during our time of need. Also thank you Sam’s and Walmart for hiring people who love their job and who take the time to get to know you and make you part of the family. May blessings be heaped on you for your gracious giving and loving hearts. See More
Darren M Rindt
· January 7, 2018
FOOD COURT - HORRIBLE SERVICE, HORRIBLE DRINKS. Drinks have been out of service for over a month. All I want is a good cherry Pepsi but last time I went none of the drinks were dispensing properly. time, 2/3 machines were labeled as “out of order” and the 3rd wasn’t any better. They were selling drink cups left and right and everyone was getting ripped off. I asked if I could have an icee instead but she said the service manager could offer a refund only. I left disgusted and will never purchase a drink there again. I’ll be calling the manager first thing next morning.
Orange soda was the ONLY drink dispensing properly. Not even water!
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Laura Sledge
· December 11, 2017
I would love to post the picture of the beautiful and delicious white cake prepared at the bakery in Sams in Monroe Louisiana. It was awesome. We celebrated her 105 birthday! Five stars and thank you, Sams!
Rhonda Phillips Joyner
· November 10, 2017
Wish I could give negative stars....The online customer service is a joke. Advertised delivery and setup but refuse to honor what they posted. Can't get a return call to resolve this issue. I will c...ontinue to bug the heck out of them until this is settled. See More
Sydney Ann Kliesing
· October 21, 2017

Management is awesome and I'm glad they addressed the issue!...

Pat the receipt lady was VERY RUDE while me and my husband were trying to get out baby situated she started waving her hand asking for our receipt and we weren't even near her!!! PLEASE check your staff before hiring. I'm very disappointed you would have someone on your team this rude. I NEVER complain about someone but I will be making a call.
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Sonya Taylor Staten
· January 13, 2018
The gas attendant, Michael, went over and above! It was cold and raining. Guess what, he cleaned my windshield and pumped my gas! After traveling for hours, that was such a blessing!
Niki Authement Monroe
· July 30, 2017
The food court service is horrible.. They joke and play in the back.. Sweep and not wash hands... pull pants up and don't wash hands.. I know this because I got the privilege to witness all this I sat and waited 45 minutes for a bread stick that I ended up not even getting.. went to counter to ask about it and they have the nerve to tell me they called it out and someone came and got it..� not when I'm sitting at the table FACING you.. would of been better to say you forgot about it instead of blaming it on another customer. See More
Chuck Johnson
· December 16, 2017
Waiting now for 2 1/2 hours for a set of new tires.....strange how they told me it would take 45 minutes go do my shopping.... still have gotten to my vehicle
Kathy Powell
· August 6, 2017
When you are having a HUGE one day sale and you have a ton of people shopping that means there will be a ton of people trying to check out. With that being said, you really should have more than 2 or ...3 lanes open for checkout on a day like that. I stood in line waiting to check out longer than it took me to shop and that is ridiculous. See More
Ernest Morris
· May 21, 2017
I was very disappointed in the tire service department. I purchased tires for my wife's truck from the Monroe Sams Club a while back. The tires have been really good. However the service we receive Sa...turday was very poor. My wife had a low tire warning come on, so I checked her tires to find which one was the one that was low. I saw it was a slow leak, so I aired it up and we headed to Sams Club to get the flat fixed and have the scheduled rotation and balance done. The service department had only a couple of vehicles inside, and we spoke to the service personnel about what we needed. He said it would take very long. We went on in and shopped awhile, checking back after about 30 mins. A long story short, we was there 2 1/2 hours. We finally got to leave. We drive just over the interstate to a restaurant, when I decided to look at the right side tires. I told my wife they hadn't touched the rights at all. We returned immediately, I was courgal with the personnel. However they did understand that I was not pleased with their work. I showed them as the paperwork the gave me showed a tire repair and 4 tire rotation and balanced. They repeatedly apologized. I remained calm. It only took 15 minutes to complete the job the second time.
I am a 30+ year mechanic. This type of service would have to be improved or a change is needed. Prices are getting higher and the quality or product and productivity is lacking greatly. I would only rate this department a half star.
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Rene McMilleon
· June 1, 2017
I arrived at Sam's Automotive at 12 noon on Tuesday May 30th. There were alot of people in the waiting area when I arrived, but I had to take care of my tires that day. I was finally able to leave ...after 3pm. I'm honestly not sure why it took so long, because my vehicle was in the bay for over an hour. I did get 4 tires, and the tires are great but don't be in a hurry if you go. The lady running the place was friendly to the customers, but Hitler to the guys in the back. See More
Tanya DelRio White
· October 31, 2016
Went to the tire center to purchase 4 new tires... (no one ever wants to spend that kind of money on tires but it has to be done) i asked the lady how long would it take to get to my car? Her answer: ...i got three tickets ahead of you! Ok, so that doesn't tell me anything! Whats 3 tickets? If she wanted my hard earned dollars she may could have stuck her head out the door and asked one of the three men actually working! But hey whatever!! Firestone right around the corned got my $600! Why? Because the customer service was excellent! I asked how long? He said 45 minutes! That simple! See More
Katrina Mansfield
· January 4, 2017
Poor customer service. I went in with my mom to purchase earrings. No one was working the counter 4 employees were standing around talking about sports and all ignored us. My mom walked over to the gr...eeter to once again be ignored. Finally someone at customer service called someone to the counter which took forever. Once I called for a manager then the same employees who ignored now asked we need assistance. The manager just looked at me and gave me a lame apology, he didn't even try to assist to make sure we got what we needed. I will be contacting the corporate office. See More
Robin Bigger
· May 25, 2017
Hey Everyone:
I know where you can buy tires if you DON'T want customer service: SAMS CLUB in Monroe, LA
First of all, the guy behind the counter didn't even acknowledge that I was in line For 10 mins. (I was the only person in line)

Second of all..when I finally greeted him which is unusual under the ten foot rule, I was commanded to produce my Sams card...membership card...not, hello, can I help you.

Finally, after 2 hours in the shop, my car was ready. But I only knew this because I had to go back to the tire dept. "Your car was ready 30 mins ago." Awesome customer service SAM'S...Awesome. I will buy my next set of tires anywhere but SAM'S.
Sam's Club Walmart Sam's Club #couldthisbeanyworse
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Claudia Swift
· January 12, 2018
I feel like bad not good love shopping and quantity food supply thing specal occasionally church I hope pray open
Shawn S Grant
· July 6, 2016
Went into the store on the 4th of July and picked up a couple of items. I realised they had no cashiers so I just put the items back since I didn't want to wait an hour to check out.

Attempted to out of the entrance since my car was parked on that side and it was raining. The old lady door greeter attempted to stop me from leaving. Even after I showed her I had no items she became aggressive and confrontational informing under no circumstances could I leave out that door. She even went so far as to call 'security' aka the cart attendants. Finally I got tired of arguing with her and just walked out the door. She started posturing like she was going to physically stop me.

Terrible member service.
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Lindsey Gibson Shepherd
· June 16, 2017
I have called twice today checking to see if they had something in stock. They kept me on hold for 11 minutes the first time. The same lady answered the second time, so I know she wasn't looking for w...hat I had asked for. I was left on hold for 10 minutes again the second time I called. I will be carrying my business elsewhere. See More
Karissa Carver
· February 23, 2017
Monroe LA PSA: Where are the trained customer service professionals hiding?

I'm extremely disappointed with the local Sams Club & Hilton Garden Inn. In the past week: ...
SAM's told me they "couldn't return and exchange something." Translation: the representative didn't want to.
After a long wait, after explaining the item WAS from Sam's after I was told I was trying to return something the store didn't sell (never mind the tag that said Sams Club, the identical product in store, the product pulled up on my phone on the website, etc.)
After being talked down to when I suggested the item number be keyed in to verify I was telling the truth (which was what ended up happening anyway)
After an embarrassing & long ordeal, it was finally returned.

A paid reservation made almost two months in advance was suddenly canceled. In preference for a sports game and someone who "needed that room" for the game.

I am just saddened and really frustrated because this is normal customer service at many places of business in the area.

Where's the balance between correcting errors made by a "professional," maintaining a positive attitude and knowing what we as individuals can do to help these situations?

(Shoutout to Woody's Pack n Ship on Forsythe, Fiesta Nutrition, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Belk & Starbucks for consistent, professional local service.)
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Brenda Berg
· January 8, 2016
Shopped there today and after going there for 10 years, I was told by the lady checking me out that I had to unload everything from my cart onto the belt. I asked her three times to be sure I heard right. I always have left heavy items in the cart and the person checking just used their gun to ring them up. Today a nice fellow behind me lifted the case of drinks I had onto the belt and the other heavy stuff I lifted, but why change this? It's hard for some to lift all these things repeatedly, also there are many things too big to put on the belt to ring up. I thought this was ridiculous! See More
Allene Spells
· September 13, 2016
I really have a problem with having to unload my stuff on the counter . Why is this necessary ? I load it into the shopping cart , unload at cashier / unload into car / unload out of car at home then ...put it all up . I ask myself every time is it really worth it ! Might I add I'm 70yrs old and poor health . See More

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