this is so on point... have a great weekend y'all

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a while ago the allmighty hypnoskull made a remix for one of our songs 'Four Day Boner' we're still extremely pleased with this track and love sharing it over and over.

Hypnoskull has played all over the world including the famous CBGB's

Have a listen and enjoy the track!

hypnoskull vs san diablo : 'four day boner' (don't ever call again-remix)

One week from now, the swan song from Grimmsons, help us celebrate the death and life and things to come.

It's free so there's no excuse

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?

Thu 8:00 PM UTC+01TrixAntwerp, Belgium
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Almost weekend (well almost almost)

Come check us out together with a shitload of amazing bands at Catacombfest Resurrection we play around 16:00 so come early, grab a few drinks and see all the bands!

Best thing is... I'ts free!!!

Nov 25, 2017 - Nov 26, 2017Jeugdcentrum VizitWilrijk, Belgium
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Yesterday was awesome! Thanks to everybody that came and destroyed the place

En breng alvast je grensoverschrijdende gedrag mee!

Sat 7:00 PM UTC+01Antwerp Music CityAntwerp, Belgium
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Do you know those parties where you drink a full can of beer in one go, smash it on your head, burp loudly and you go back to get some more beers to share with your friends?

Yeah that party is this saturday!!!

Oh and bring weed (asking for a friend)

Sat 7:00 PM UTC+01Antwerp Music CityAntwerp, Belgium
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Whenever we meet someone, they ask...: What type of music do you play? we used to say "ridiculous music for ridiculous people" or "Post-psychededelic Mexican stoner with pre-cold war North Russian influences"

We've also seen the term "Avant-hard" pop up somewhere..

But how about "prog-punk"?


Any suggestions?

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Mark it in your calendars sweeties!

Thu 8:00 PM UTC+01TrixAntwerp, Belgium
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Just received some sad news that a good friend of ours, Seppe has passed away this weekend. This guy had a heart of gold and if it wasn't for him we'd probably never would've existed as a band.

When we just started out, we were looking for a place to rehearse, we were all broke and didn't have the money to rent a space somewhere.

Back then Seppe owned a bar and without hesitation he offered us (we didn't even have to ask) to use his bar as a rehearsal space on sundays, when ...the bar was closed.

I remember every sunday, waiting outside the bar for him to come and open the doors for us, sometimes he would arrive in his pyjamas just to open the door and he'd leave again to catch up on his sleep because he had a busy saturday night at the bar.

He never complained and I could sense that he wanted us to use his place, because he knew that sometimes you just need help and sure enough that's what he did. Not for profit or credibility, he just wanted to help. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends

Seppe my Brother,with a heart of gold, you will be missed... Rest In Power

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Track 4 (side one) from the album, "Harvest" (1972). Full "Harvest" album playlist -


Our ballsy bassplayer has been struck with the flu and we've deciced to cancell the gig tonight. We're really bummed out about this because we were looking forward to play with these amazing bands. We wish Mikey a quick recovery.

But don't let that stop you from going to Antwerp Music City tonight and show your support for DDENT and Telepathy


See you guys next time and keep on rocking!

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This monday, get your asses over to Antwerp Music City we've made some new shirts so get em' while they are available!

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A few shows coming up :

25th of september @ Antwerp Music City with Telepathy

4th of November @ a house somewhere in Ghent (more info TBA)


11th of November @ Antwerp Music City (Paul's birthday ravage)

25th of november @ Catacombfest Resurrection

Come by and say hi!

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Thanx for the review RockXXL it Just about sums up how it went down on Antwerp Metal Fest. Cheers!

live review: Antwerp Metal Fest 2017 (zondag) augustus 11, 2017 | Geen reacties Het Bouckenborghpark in Merksem werd dit jaar voor de ondertussen vijfde keer omgetoverd tot Antwerp Metal Fest. Het doet deugd om festivals als deze elk jaar meer en meer te zien groeien. Bovenaan de poster stonden dit…

Next up, with the almighty Telepathy, we played with them a couple of years ago in Antwerp Music City they are awesome!! Come check us out!

Sep 25, 2017 - Sep 26, 2017Antwerp Music CityAntwerp, Belgium
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Some of us are on holiday, it's a bit quiet here, so we'll be working in the studio mixing songs and also some new samples to play in between our songs on stage... a lot of you may know we like to use funny or "unusual" samples.. for example one of them is from a tampon commercial on how to insert a tampon properly (yes we mean it).

can you guys think of any sample you'd like to hear onstage?

drop a comment for suggestions

A lot of people ask us, why instrumental? well basically when we started out we couldn't find a decent vocalist, so we decided to write songs until the right person came along... a few years laters still no vocalist (we have high standards, I mean you'd have to be Mike Patton or somewhat like in his insane range of vocal capabilities).

Basically we decided to go all instrumental from then on (also because we heard a lot of great songs that got ruined by vocals)

can you make u...p other reasons why we should or should not have vocals?


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