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Aaron Jeremias
· February 24, 2015
Outstanding authentic Korean food... The buffet is amazing. You cook the food on your own at your table on the grill! Makes for fun photos and good times. The staff was outstanding and professional. I... live in new Albany and will be back once a week! See More
Francis Reynes Perrenoud
· October 4, 2015
The perceived value of a buffet didn't quite match up to the taste. It is perhaps the blandest Korean food I have ever had and I have been to many good Korean restaurants from New York to Washington a...nd Northern Virginia and Maryland. See More
Laraine Fam
· October 4, 2015
Loved the Korean mixed rice Bibimbap especially with curry sauce. Awesome!
Kellie Hayes
· September 25, 2015
Love it for lunch! We go there frequently. Very friendly and warm.
LookMark Kanokluck
· March 9, 2014
It was so good! I like this place
Joe Choe
· January 7, 2014
Best Korean BBQ and traditional Korean restaurant in Columbus, OH.
· September 28, 2011

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Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

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What is your Friday fever?
Come and check it out well-being Grill!!

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Crave Farm to Plate
Aug. 18 2014 - Aug. 24. 2014

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Our New Open Hour

Mon - Sat 11:30am - 11:00pm
Sun 5:00pm - 10pm

what is your best bite?

From Jun.01.2014
We will be closed at lunch.

We'll be open at 5 pm on every Sunday.


We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Whole chicken Ginsang Soup
Your healthy food is back....
From now its on the menu.
You can enjoy for whole year!

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New lunch buffet!
Don't miss the chance to have well -being food.

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* JAJJANMYUN ( 자짱면 )
Black bean noodles


* Sashimi BBB ( 회덮밥 )
Assorted sashimi and vege
w spicy sauce

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How about well+being vegetables for lunch?
Mix Mix Mix
well-being bibibab!!!

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Sushi & BBQ buffet!
L.A. Kalbi is on All You Can Eat buffet Now.
Check it out Right now!

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For weekend, sushi & BBQ all you can eat buffet is available for all day!
No more lunch buffet for weekend.
Enjoy Sushi & BBQ buffet all day!

our NEW Lunch buffet!!
Include sushi and well-being Bibimbab.

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Sushi NOW open! !!!

New special!
New experience!!

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