Hi everyone! I have come to the decision that I am closing Sanctum Vitae for the foreseeable future. You can still keep in contact with me through my personal page Amber Vinci or through Konscious Kundalini. Thank you for your support and love through these few years. Light & Love, Ama

Join us for a journey to the roots of your fear based emotions. Let's start the new year on a strong foundation.

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Raizah Flores
· February 28, 2017
I got reiki and a tarot reading done and both were so on point it was amazing! The tarot was so clear and reinforcing to what i already knew, which was a huge relief to me and a reminder to follow my ...own intuition. After the tarot reading, Amber did reiki on me and OMG!!! It was the best feeling, it's been two weeks and i can still feel the effects! While she was doing the reiki she walked through with me what she was feeling, and she was able to identify that i had two energy leaks. Once these were sealed i could IMMEDIATELY feel the difference and it was so cool because i couldn't remember the last time i felt that whole(weird feeling to explain). Keeping our own energy within our own body is vital to living a healthy life and i cant believe i was walking around leaking energy everywhere for the longest lol! Amber used crystals during the reiki and even gifted me the most appropriate crystals i needed in that moment. My favorite was a tourmaline chunk that she gave me that looks like Africa<33 My top chakras are usually wide open so tourmaline was perfect, and i've been feeling grounded ever since. I always carry it with me because it makes that much of a difference in my everyday life/interactions. My whole experience was amazing and for anyone who is considering reiki, go to this woman!! She will take care of you :D
love you amber thanks so much again♥
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David Manlin
· July 15, 2016
I recently had a mediumship reading with Amber and there must be something about her because those who had passed seemed to rush right up to her. It was deeply gratifying to be able to hear their happ...iness. Amber is deeply compassionate and sincere and if you are seeking any answers or healing, I highly recommend her. See More
Carolyn DiMaggio
· March 4, 2017
I can't thank Amber enough for the mediumship session I had with her, I feel so much better after being reassured that my fiancé is still with me in spirit, he and my little Yorkie, and the connection... with my Nani was a special addition to the session, thank you so much Amber. See More
Frank William Foehrenbach
· July 15, 2016
I was not sure about this but I kept an open mind and tried a Reiki session with Amber. IT WAS GREAT! I was so relaxed during it and felt so rejuvenated after it. I wish I could do it everyday. I defi...nitely recommend giving it a try even if it is something you are not sure about. See More
Desiree Babas
· July 3, 2016
My first session with Amber was a total amazing experience! Amber is very professional and ensured that I was comfortable at all times. I will definitely schedule another session with her soon! Tha...nk you so much Amber! See More
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