Psychic Reading
1 hour • $111
We obtain guidance from the Akashic Records, Angels, Ascended Masters and more for many of life's toughest challenges from your past, present, and/or future.
Animal Communication/Healing
Duration varies • $222
Connecting to the heart, energy and needs of each animal is our priority. We give voice to those who have none. We offer services to farm animals, rescue/sanctuaries, house pets and more.
Reiki/ Energetic Attunements
1 hour • $111 Returning Customers: $75
A gentle energy healing for everyone, Reiki can be used for stress, chronic pain issues to chemo side effects. Energetic attunements assist in accelerating and adjusting you towards your life purpose
Space Clearing/Spirit Crossing
Duration varies • $222
Used for energetic clearing of personal & work spaces. There are times when energy gets "stuck" in a a location or with a person. That's were we come in to help move the energy back to Source.
Addiction Therapy
1 hour • $65
If you are willing to let go of your addiction, you are ready to heal. We facilitate this through energy adjustments & therapy where you no longer choose to run but to face your true path & destiny.
Hospice Service
Duration varies • FREE
There are times when those who are close to passing are needing to let go of this physical life or to be at peace before passing. We offer free Reiki and unconditional love to those in need.