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Understanding How To Communicate More Effectively To Customers

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Frank spoke to the The North Penn Reporter about how Sapphire Brand Builders can help businesses better understand their customers and the benefits of being a member of The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Montgomery County.

LANSDALE >> Frank Gabbert of Sapphire Brand Builders talks about his business and being a member of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Montgomery County.

Gen Z consumers (born 1995-2005) are coming of age. Early research indicates that Gen Z may be the most challenging generation for marketers to connect with. They worry about their privacy on social media and tend to be resentful of targeted ads using their demographic data.
"One thing that was clear was that marketers must break with traditional norms of segmenting and crafting their strategies around these young consumers." Reaching requires either "behavioral or needs-base...d segmentation" as opposed to traditional demographic-based segmentation.
Why does all of this matter? 'Teens and young adults today control $44 billion in direct purchasing power, Spivey said, citing research that suggested 75% of Gen Zers report being either "very strong" or "strong" influencers over family decisions. This makes them democratic decision-makers as opposed to more traditional passive units of the family."
What will your business need to do or change to target the Gen Z demographic?

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The age group, which now has $44 billion in direct purchasing power, thinks far differently about gender and race than previous teen cohorts,...

Twitter has become a hub of the antivaccine movement. Despite the debunked link between autism and vaccines, affluent new Moms continue to spread the debunked theory. Is there a way for pharma and healthcare providers to use the platform to combat this?

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Brands are behaving differently than marketers expect. The advent of social media and an overly crowded marketplace harking for “instant karma” products and services has caused the brands message to get lost in woods.

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Advice from the elderly or more mature adults is an important emotional need for today’s youth – giver and receiver of knowledge. Seniors who don't spend time with the younger family members miss out on an important sense of purpose and legacy.

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Learning how to grow old starts earlier than you think. Young people who spend less time with older adults are more likely to have negative perceptions about seniors and getting older. There is a critical point when this can lead to emotional distress and depression. Young people need a positive game plan for aging.

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If you live in the Philadelphia area, the PennSuburban Chamber of Greater Montgomery County is sponsoring a viewing of "Screen Agers: Growing Up In The Digital Age," a movie about raising children in the digital age on November 2. The viewing is free and followed by a panel discussion. Space is limited; preregistration is strongly encouraged.

Pre-Registration Link:

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How well do digital health trackers help patients manage chronic conditions? Not as well as we might hope.

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Ever wanted to know why some TV shows get deluged with #pharma ads? This might be why: #marketing

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Virtual Reality is a technology where we've barely scratched the surface on it's value. Not only can VR take us to places we've never been to before, it can also help us feel things we've never experienced. Pharma has started to explore this technology as an empathy builder for patients with chronic diseases. It can show a doctor what it feels like to be a patient with MS or schizophrenia or even PTSD. While promising, it still has limitations. For example, it can't yet translate the experience of crippling pain that someone with chronic arthritis or a migraine might experience. But, the technology is in the early days. Who knows what it's future might hold. What do you think? What kind of promise do you see for this technology?

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Marketing that harnesses the power of sensory-driven emotions to build a sense of community tens to be the most successful.

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How much is too much when it comes to listing side effects in #pharma ads? The FDA wants your opinion:

Content of Risk Information in Major Statement in Prescription Drug Direct-to-Consumer Broadcast Advertisements From a public health standpoint,...

5 Ways Social Media Changed The World: Biz, politics, crisis response, #healthcare, finance

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Digitial #technology is changing the way patients approach #healthcare.

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