Second session on this back piece. Super happy. Arm are by me also and have been healed for months. Thank you Layla for flying down to LA to get tattooed.
Finished this piece today on Steve. For his love towards his little Doberman lady.
Crane from today.

Cat skull and jawbone with poppies and rope. Filler among work done by other artists. / Los Angeles, CA. / #ccltd

Sara Fabel added a new photo.

Albino ravens I did a while ago on @layla_june . I love seeing pictures like this where the work I’ve done is incorporated in the life of the bearer. / / Los Angeles, CA.

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Ela Ni
· January 5, 2018
I fell in love with Sara's work the first time I saw it. It took me five years to get to a place financially where I could do it, and I'm never looking back. After years of disappointing tattoos, I ha...d given up on the idea that what would end up on my body would actually match what I imagined, but Sara's work is a prime example of how tattooing has the power to transcend the ordinary and transform the human body into something more. When I walked into my session with her, all I hoped for was a flattering tattoo and professional service, but what I got was so far beyond that. The extreme attention to detail and thoroughness in her work, the quality of her equipment and inks, the cleanliness and originality of her studio are all tributes to the passion she pours into her craft. That same passion shines through in her treatment of clients; she really is a beautiful person and an absolute pleasure to know. So if you've been on the fence, if you've been looking at her work but hesitating, don't - don't doubt, don't consider alternatives, don't bargain yourself down for a shitty artist who will ruin your skin. Go for the best of the best, she will give you 1000% effort and I would gladly wait another five years to work with her ♥ See More
James Reyes
· November 10, 2017
Where to start. Hands down the best tattoo experience ive ever had. Sara is an amazing artist that brings a level of knowledge, skill and professionalism to the tattooing process. Her rates are an ab...solute steal when you consider the quality of her art and the care she takes with her clients.
As a person, she's great to talk to, super funny, smart and has so many interesting stories from her life. It made my 8 hour session fly by. Definitely plan on trying to get more work from her in the future. Couldn't imagine getting tattooed by anyone else now.
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Ashlee Gabriel
· June 12, 2017
I have wanted to be tattooed by Sara for a long while now, and live on the complete opposite side of the country... so I thought I wouldn't have the luck. But when I saw that she was coming to NYC for... a guest spot, I knew I had to give it a shot! And boy, I'm SO glad that I did! I have Sara a few ideas on what I was looking for, and the ideas she came up with exceeded my expectations! When the time came for my appointment I was super nervous, but upon shaking her hand, I knew this was the right decision for me. She made me feel at ease immediately. And she is very professional, and she wants her work to look it's best, no matter what. She took her time to get the stencil just right, printing multiples, and ripping up pieces to place them just how she wanted so they would line up and sit perfectly!! Her tattooing is so clean and crisp, and I wish that I could relive that day forever! I can't stop looking at my ink, and can't wait until I have another appointment!!!

Also, her assistant Leanne is the most helpful woman I've ever had the pleasure of communicating with!
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Em Yu
· May 5, 2017
i have four pieces that were done over 3 sessions by Sara for a combined 17 hours of ink time. She's my favorite artist in the world and I travel 10 hours to get tattooed by her each time. Sara is inc...redibly professional and talented and is fluent in the art of tattooing. Give her your trust and you will be in good hands :) also her assistant Leanne is super efficient and nice. See More
Renee Crawford
· January 11, 2018
Great work! If I was to ever get my first tattoo, I would track you down, Little Lady!
Mathias Dougherty
· July 23, 2017
She was gracious enough to do a memorial piece based off my Aunt's artwork who passed away last year. It exceeded all expectations! Even my mom liked it!
Vy Nguyen
· June 6, 2017
DO NOT go to Sara Fabel. Trust me. I found her work on Instagram and immediately loved it and booked an appointment for a floral tattoo. She did it well and the lines were delicate and clean. Then a f...ew months later I decided I wanted to extend it to add more to the piece so I came back and had her add a few more of the same flowers. I was studying for my midterm that day so I didn't notice what she was doing. At one point I looked down and saw how dark the flowers were and asked why they were so dark since my first flowers weren't. She assured me it was just new ink and it would fade to match the rest within two weeks. I trusted her. I noticed she took pictures of my arm to Instagram but never posted it which I found weird (she knew she fucked up). Two weeks later, the flowers were just as dark. Two months later, still dark. At this point I realized it wasn't the darkness of the ink that was the problem. It was the amount of lines. For some reason god knows why, Sara decided to add literally 20 more lines PER PETAL onto my new flowers (yes I counted), making them extremely dark in comparison to the original flowers and from a short distance, they just looked like black blobs because the lines were so condensed. How exactly did she manage to mess up multiple whole flowers?? With the original flowers literally right there for her to reference??? She also made the new branches half the size of the original. I have no idea what was going on in her head. Her work was also no longer clean. This new ink was bleeding into my skin looking like shaky, blurred lines. People constantly asked me if I went to a different artist to finish my tattoo and when I told them it was the same artist they always responded, "Why did she make it so different? Was she drunk or something?" I've been wearing long sleeves and jackets ever since to cover it, even on really hot days. I'm just so embarrassed. I ended up paying over $1,000 to remove this hideous work. I endured multiple painful laser sessions, itchy blisters, and countless sleepless nights from the itch and pain for over a year to get rid of this embarrassment. I wish I could go back in time and tell my past self never to contact Sara. I never thought I'd be the person to regret her tattoos. But it's not getting a tattoo that I regret, it's going to Sara. If I could make her pay for my removal sessions, I would, since I never would've had to do it if she just kept her work consistent. Do not go to this artist. Trust me. Worst mistake of my life was getting inked by her.

Also, she doesn't show you her line work in the sketch she puts on you beforehand. She wings them as she goes, so you won't be able to tell if she'll give you a shitload of lines or not. Don't risk it.
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Nicole Embrey
· January 11, 2017
Not only is her work amazing, but she was incredibly patient and sweet when doing my sternum piece. She was a great conversationalist, but also very professional. She made sure her work was perfect! I...'m in love with it for sure. See More
Ryan Fox
· November 25, 2016
Can't wait to get out to Cali and let this Ink Slinging Guru touch me with her art!!!!
Reece Nashoba
· November 20, 2016
Sara Fabel is F@#king AMAZING! \m/