I love these posters at my son’s preschool! This month’s theme has been about healthy. I’m super excited because in a couple weeks I go in and give a presentation about being a doctor. #doctormom

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The FDA just announced they will be taking "comments" on the possibility of creating limit on the amount of nicotine available in cigarettes.

In the director's statement he said, "cigarettes are the only legal consumer product that when used as intended will kill half of all long-term users prematurely."

Not sure that reducing the amount of nicotine in a cigarette is going to have the impact they want. It will just cost people more to smoke twice as many.


I recommend a combination of acupuncture and hypnosis for my patients looking to quit smoking. I don't touch the Rx Chantix, if I don't have to. That Rx has had some serious negative effects in a few of my patients.

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Are you drinking enough water? Take your body weight, divide in half, and that’s the ounces of water you should be consuming every day. Max around 80-100 ounces. add 8 ounces for every cup of caffeine you consume or 30 min of exercise. Also more if you’re breast feeding or pregnant.

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My 4 year old woke up from a nap yesterday feeling kind of yucky. So what did I reach for? A big bowl of nature’s vitamin C and water. #foundationsofhealth

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I love where I work! Did you see this shirt during the Home birth on Grace and Frankie? You can buy them on GraceFull’s website. This guy came in last week and bought one for his partner who is expecting their first baby soon. I promised him I would wait to post, as not to ruin the surprise. #magvag

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Are you on thyroid medication, with a TSH below 4, and still don’t feel well? I’ve helped so many folks to find the right tests to assess their thyroid and to get on a holistic plan for wellness. Sometimes that means changing your medication dosage, trying a new medication, or doing something else completely. If your doctor is telling you there is no other medication options available to treat your thyroid they are wrong! Set up an appointment to find out the right answers. We will order the right tests and get you back to feeling like yourself again.

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We have a tradition in my nuclear family. Sunday is our day for “church,” but it’s not the typical religious church with walls. We make a point every Sunday to get out in nature. It could be the mountains, ocean, or a quick visit to Griffith Park. This past Sunday it was a hike at Cooper Canyon. #vitaminnature #natureismyreligion #findingbalance

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February 1

How to Get Yourself Out of a Funk
by Dr. Norris

1. Identify the pattern. We all have bad behaviors that lead to the blues. A classic example is watching tv when we feel depressed. Does this ever help? If your answer is no, or rarely, then find something else to do when you’re feeling down. Try calling a friend, take a walk around the block, or go buy some fresh organic berries, which are rich in vitamins that help your body feel happy.


2. Subscribe to cool websites like to find some inspiration in your life.

3. Identify 3 things that you can do to make you happy. Think of one thing that can be done in 30 sec, one that takes 5 minutes, and one that takes an hour. Use these retreats as needed to find inner peace. My 30 second vacation is a memory from the top of the mountain I summited in Oregon, the South Sister. I remember summiting the mountain with my friends and being surrounded by thousands of small yellow butterflies. This memory reminds me of friendship, my determination and gusto to summit a mountain, and the beauty of nature. Your 30 seconds could be something as simple as taking a deep belly breath, or getting up and stretching.

4. Break your routines. Open your mind to the wonder of new possibilities. Remember the admiration that you felt when someone told you about an adventure they had recently? What is stopping you from experiencing your own adventure or changing your routine? The only person holding you back is you. Change it up. Create a goal, and pursue it.

5. Take care of yourself! Get enough sleep, drink enough water, eat healthier foods, move your body, and keep your alcohol consumption to less than 5 drinks a week.

Above all else, communicate with your loved ones. Times can be tough, and you will find support in the most unusual, or expected places, but all you need to do is reach out to those that you care for.

Bonus: elevated spirits often means less stress.

Less stress = better immune system.

Better immune system = more time to spend in the outdoors, with a friend, relaxing in a bath, playing with your kids, etc.

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Welcome! I offer comprehensive and individualized health care, blending elements of both conventional and natural medicine. I love providing holistic pediatric and primary care family medicine.

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