I'm sorry for neglecting you page. =< I'll be at Fanime this weekend! Not really sure when I'm wearing what! I'll be at the Arsenic x Cyanide booth for parts of the weekend so come buy hats

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Real life update! I'm moving to Las Vegas! My apartment has been turned into a massive box fort. I think I'm just about done packing and it's weird to see all of my things in boxes =<.

I'll be at Katsu! Trying to work on some stuff before I get to Vegas.

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I didn't really do a lot cosplay wise this year. Thanks senior year of college and work lol, but what I did make I'm really proud of. I got to cosplay with good friends which is what really counts. Working on quality over quanity. Hopefully I'll be able to make something for Katsu but I'm moving in a month so we shall see!

Kotori 📷: Raindrop
Spirited Away, Tangled, Kantai 📷: Kaze Photography


Lin and Maya: Nyftee
Flynn: Shane

Kantai headgear: XxSnowfrostxx

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Sarah-Boo Cosplay added 13 new photos to the album: Things for Sale!
November 16, 2016

My measurements 33-28-34

Can ship

Fun Fact! I have a huge obsession with tsum tsums. Lynn came over not too long ago, so we could shoot my Cotton Candy Kotori. We've been wanting to take a photo with me in a tsum pile. Not pictured are my 500+ minis.

Photo: Superrlynn Photography

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Progress! I'm really happy with how my Sailor outfit from FFXIV is coming along! I'm super hyped for Fan Fest!!! I cannot wait to see all my friends again.

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I promise I'm not dead ;#;. Currently focusing on school, work, and FFXIV Fan Fest. I'm almost done with my bloomers so I'll post those soon!

I'm really glad Shane agreed to be the Flynn to my Rapunzel. She's definitely one of my favorite princesses =]!

Flynn Rider - Shane ...
Costumes - Me

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I'm glad I was finally able to do something a little bit out of my comfort zone. Plus shooting with Mike always makes me happy. Huge thanks to Cindy for pooping out my headpiece and the one for Beth .

One day I will work on my costumes for Fan Fest.

Costume - Me...
Headgear - XxSnowfrostxx
Photo - Kaze Photography

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I'm really upset that Amazon still has yet to ship my copy of Zero Time Dilemma. I just wanna play the puzzles already and get scared.

Currently I am working on some costume stuff for FFXIV FanFest 2016 Las Vegas. I'll try and post a progress photo in the next few days =]

Costume - Me...
Photo - Superrlynn Photography

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I'm in Vegas for the next 2.5 weeks, so the goal is to play lots of video games and work on my Final Fantasy 14 cosplays for Fan Fest in October. I had a lot of fun making both these outfits for Beth and I, especially since I didn't have her to fit anything to until day of the con. Mega shout out to Cindy for the head pieces, they turned out so good .

Maya - Nyftee
Choukai - Me


Headgear - XxSnowfrostxx

Photo - Kaze Photography

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I loved getting to cosplay with Beth twice during Colossal. It made me realize I stress too much over making costumes and I just need to relax and enjoy my time at cons with friends. The sun was definitely against us during this shoot, but the photos are turning out amazing. Thank you for always taking photos of me, Mike =]

Lin - Nyftee
Chihiro - Me
Photo - Kaze Photography

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Ship Girls with Nyftee!

Head gear by XxSnowfrostxx

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Whoops I haven't posted here in like 2 months.

I managed to poop out Rapunzel and Flynn for the boyfriendo and I. We will be wearing these at Colossal this weekend =]. I plan to redo and add more details to Rapunzel after the con.

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I'm working on 3 different costumes at one time for Colossal. Hopefully they will start looking like something and I'll post progress photos soon!

I'm super pumped to be playing in the water and swimmies! Plus cosplaying with friends

Photo - Kaze Photography

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I enjoy being Idol Trash. I'm hoping to get with Superrlynn Photography soon and shoot some of my Kotori outfits. That way I can maybe start letting some go ;--;. Maybe one day I'll post something that isn't Kotori

Kotori - Me
Costume - Me


Photo - Raindrop

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I just booked flights for the boyfriendo and I for Colossalcon! I'm really excited to start working on cosplays! I've only got a couple things planned right now but I'm pumped to finally do some dream ones.

I'm really glad I got to cosplay wedding waifus with Rozu

Nozomi - Cure for Capezio...
Kotori - me
Costumes - Us

Photo - Black Heaven

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Sleepy idols! I had a blast being idols with these amazing ladies at Katsu!

Nozomi - Cure for Capezio
Maki - Kikiama
Rin - Petite Cosplay...
Kotori - Me!
Umi - Chanté Cosplay
Honaka - Megane Ghost Cosplay

Photo - Lionel

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