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Update: I'm still chipping away at my query list, partaking in pitch parties, and sending in submissions. The process is slooooow, and this is still just the first step!

Meanwhile, I'm using NaNoWriMo as the kick in the butt I need to focus on the WIP, currently dubbed Fairy GodMURDER because I'm a dork, but if you're following this page, you already knew that. 😀

Sorry I don't update frequently, but be assured I will when I have news to share!


It's been a while since I've posted. Rest assured that I'm still working towards publication with the troll heist. Nothing happens quickly on this path. I spent the weekend at Jordan Con with Sara, and we made some awesome new friends, so it wasn't all work 😀. I even got to practice pitching in person, which was terrifying but educational. I didn't suck as badly as I usually do when facing a crowd. Thanks for patiently riding along with me on this journey!

Nightmare on Query Street is in full force! If you're interested in what's going on, stop by and peek at my team's amazing entries. DO NOT COMMENT ON THE BLOG as that is how agents make requests. Fingers Crossed!

My amazing team leader (who chose me for her Legion) is Laura Heffernan, so go like her page! Thanks again, Laura! And my mentor seems like the embodiment of awesome. Check out her page:

I write. I game. I paint.

Awesome news: Double-Crossing the Bridge has been chosen for a contest called Nightmare on Query Street! In the next day or two, I will receive feedback from a mentor who will help me perfect my submission materials over the course of the next week. On October 29th, my query will be posted on my team leader's blog for agents to peruse (and hopefully request). I'm beyond grateful to be included!…/10/meet-lauras-legions.html

It was a tough decision. There may have been some tears, some begging, some desperate pleas for second reads from the amazing Kara Re...

I'm busy crafting pitches for a twitter pitch contest focusing on darker literature. Getting in the darkly comedic tone while presenting stakes and story all in 140 characters is much harder that it seems! Wish me luck!

I realize I haven't posted here in a while. It's because I'm hard at work in the query trenches, searching for a suitable home for these trolls.

Worldcon was AMAZING. I met some fabulous people: incredibly helpful industry professionals, inspirational, talented, and friendly writers, and passionate fans of the genre. The experience far exceeded all expectations.

That's all for now. Fingers crossed for good news in the future!

And here is the official introduction to DOUBLE-CROSSING THE BRIDGE: A TROLL HEIST.

Website of Sarah J. Sover, author of epic sword and sorcery novels and dark fantasy stories, reader of books, and creator of mystical realms filled with imaginary creatures and magical powers.

Since I'm entering the beginning stages of the query process, the website will soon reveal the new novel. Here's one final hint!

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Since the end is in sight, it's time for another clue!

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Another clue just for fun.

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The work in progress is in the hands of my first beta-reader. I should be at the tumultuous query phase within two months (so everyone knows when to send wine and chocolate). I got so close with the first novel and pulled back because this one will be a much more exciting debut. Look out world, a new kind of ridiculousness is coming your way. 😀🐐

A clue about the work in progress!

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Sarah J. Sover is feeling excited.
May 19, 2016

I just finished the most recent pass at the new novel. It's coming along wonderfully, and I'm bursting to share it.

The road to publication is filled with speed bumps and potholes. I hit another one today. The publisher loved some of my ideas and appreciated my writing, however, and asked that I query them with future projects. It just so happens that I'm working on something completely original, so I'm shifting focus to getting the new one completed. You'll be able to be a bunch of hipsters... "I followed Sarah BEFORE she was well-known."

Business cards ordered, so I'm all official now!