Congratulations to Survivorman (Les Stroud) and Todd Standing on blowing the lid on Bigfoot Saquatch with Survivorman Bigfoot parts 1 and 2 Science Channel.......well done!!!

Rick Dyer, who describes himself as 'best Bigfoot tracker in the world', says the corpse will go on a world tour beginning on February 6 in Flagstaff, Arizona, with further locations to be revealed over the coming weeks.…

Smithsonian magazine discusses the Florida "SkunkApe"

Fantastic Results come from Russian DNA research on hair samples!!…/Yeti-latest-Russian-scientists…

Astonishing claims were made in Russia today that DNA tests on suspected 'Yeti hair' reveals the existence of 'an unknown mammal closely related to man'.

Amazing story of American Indians in a life or death battle with Sasquatch/Bigfoot!!…/human-bigfoot-war-okl…/

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Reports of seeing Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, are frequent in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. Some people believe these creatures exist; others don't.
Through the years and through verbal stories passed on from ancestors within the area known as Wunnumin Lake, there have been tales and legends of beings not entirely human being sighted and being in contact with local folk.
This is the journal of the Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU), presenting UFO and paranormal cases from Spain, South America and the Caribbean

Iroqouis Stone Giant Tribal Mask (NE United States)

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