Sasquatch Station updated their cover photo.
March 20
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Did it feel unusually warm this morning for all you early risers?

Today's high temperature:
67.2°F at 2:16am

Good morning.
I've added a fun feature to the website. It's a "realtime" simulation of the Davis Vantage Vue console. Data displayed is live. Just click on the "CONSOLE" tab at the top of the page.
Let me know what you think.

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Sasquatch Station
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New Low Temp for 2018:
11.0°F at 7:01am

When will the snow start to accumulate?

Here is a quick look at when we expect snow to start accumulating around the area.

South Washington and the north Oregon Coast Range: 7 PM to 10PM


Portland to Salem: 10 PM to midnight

South of Salem: After midnight

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Received 3 more inches of snow yesterday night.

NWS forecast on the main page is down at the moment. It's on their end so I can't fix it.

Updated map...slightly reduced totals.

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Lower elevations of Colton: 2-5"
Upper elevations of Colton: 3-8"
Heaviest snow timing 4pm-9pm

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Official snow total at Sasquatch Station today: 5 in.(***edited***)

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Coldest temperature for 2018 recorded today.
18.0°F at 6:59am