Official snow total at Sasquatch Station today: 3 in.

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Coldest temperature for 2018 recorded today.
18.0°F at 6:59am


From the US National Weather Service:
"A pattern change will bring cooler and drier weather for Oregon and Washington for the latter half of February. While the temperature will be the coldest we’ve seen for 2018, there will be limited moisture. This means that the below normal snow pack won’t improve much for the rest of February."

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Happy Groundhog Day! Here are the predictions......

Punxsutawney Phil - 6 more weeks of Winter
Oregon Zoo's FuFu the Hedgehog - Early Spring
KPTV Herbie the Prairie Dog - Early Spring

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Days temperature reached over 50° / over 60° in January

2018 - 14 days(50°+) / 2 days(60°+)
2017 - 07 days(50°+) / 0 days(60°+)
2016 - 12 days(50°+) / 2 days(60°+)...
2015 - 17 days(50°+) / 4 days(60°+)
2014 - 10 days(50°+) / 0 days(60°+)
2013 - 05 days(50°+) / 0 days(60°+)
2012 - 12 days(50°+) / 1 days(60°+)
2011 - 13 days(50°+) / 0 days(60°+)

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January 31 brings a lunar trifecta: the super blue blood Moon! Starting at 5:30 a.m. Eastern, NASA TV will offer a livestream of the Moon. This full moon is ...

High wind gust @ 8:51pm was 32 mph

January's high temps

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Santa just left the North Pole to deliver gifts around the world. You can track where he's at using the link below.

For over 60 years, NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa’s flight. Follow Santa as he makes his magical journey!

Latest from Kptv's weather blog:

White Christmas Unlikely For Metro AreaDecember 23, 2017

9am Saturday

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Latest post from the NWS:

Will you see a White Christmas? Unlikely but not impossible for most of the lowlands except for the Columbia River Gorge and Hood River Valley. Silver Christmas possible for east PDX metro area from freezing rain.

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Here's the latest from KPTV's weather blog:

Christmas Weekend Outlook: Who Gets The Snow?
December 22, 2017
9am Friday


Now that the threat for freezing rain has ended since the lowest elevations are near/above freezing, let’s talk snow.

BIG PICTURE: This weekend we are in a “battleground” between 1) a cold arctic airmass over the Rockies and east of the Cascades and 2) Pacific moisture coming in from the west and southwest. Models always struggle with what goes on in this battleground or major clash between airmasses even though they are much better than 20+ years ago. This is always a tough forecast; but I’ve been through LOTS of these events! This is my 27th winter forecasting in the Portland area…wow. This setup is the #1 way we get significant (or sometimes major) ice/snow events in the metro area. Sure it’s the SETUP, but everything has to be just right (or wrong if you don’t like winter) to get a snow or ice storm here. And it’s even more rare to get this setup right at Christmas!

It’s unlikely anything frozen falls the next few days on the Oregon Coast…a bit too mild this time around.
We only expect some snowflakes mixed in with the showers TODAY in the lowlands. No sticking snow in the lowest elevations in the Portland/Vancouver metro area.
Hills at/above 1,500′ could see an inch or two, but that’s way up in northern Clark county or other foothills of Cascades/Coast Range.
Saturday will be a dry or mainly dry day as cold/dry east wind arrives, bringing chilly air out of the Gorge. Highs up around 40 as we’ve been forecasting.
Sunday is the #1 question for now. I see the possibility of either brief freezing rain early in the day and/or a real snowfall in at least parts of the metro area by afternoon/evening. Yes, as of now a White Christmas is a possibility in the Portland metro area.
Sunday south of the metro area (Woodburn to Eugene) and on the coast should be uneventful. Likely too “warm” for either freezing rain or snow.
Christmas Day: All models agree we dry out Christmas, it’ll just be a matter of whether we have leftover snow/ice on roads that day or we don’t get any to start with.

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