Donald Trump held a press conference just to say that black history month is too long.

WASHINGTON D.C - During his campaign stop in Alabama this week, Donald Trump introduced his idea to reduce Black History, which normally runs during February to just one week. In Trump’s new plan, he says

Donald Trump now wants to legalize incest marriages in United States, to "make America great again"

WASHINGTON D.C - Back in the news again with just an ill-minded statement, Donald Trump, on behalf of the republican party has announced that people will be able to get married to family members as

Marijuana To Be Legalized in Canada on April, 20th 2018 (420)

OTTAWA, ON - After many years of passing laws and regulations, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just announced that Marijuana will finally be legalized on make-belief "national weed day"; April 20th 2018. Justin Trudeau held a

Who knew Justin Trudeau could afford such a luxurious car.

OTTAWA, ON - It's no surprise that the position of Prime Minister of Canada comes with a high paying salary, but how luxurious can your life be? Justin Trudeau reportedly buys a $2,200,000 Lamborghini as his

Well, he's the President and can do whatever he wants! Comment below what you think of this!

WASHINGTON D.C - It's been well over a year now that president Donald J. Trump won the presidential election and took over office in the White House. Trump has been reportedly making outrageous demands regarding

That's something you don't want to mess up.

MIAMI , FLORIDA - President Donald J. Trump is currently under some hot water as he was playing around with the city-wide alert system. Trump reportedly typed "I have a big orange head" and tried

"McDonald's has introduced 'McMarijuana', which will be sold to only medical patients"

Illinois, US - Popular fast-food chain, McDonald's is now licensed to sell Medical Marijuana in their 15,000 locations across Canada and the Unites States. McDonald's CEO, Steve Easterbrook revealed the company's plans during his announcement on Monday

Shoppers Drug Mart announces the cost of their marijuana... and customers are not happy.

ONTARIO - Canadian company Shoppers Drug Mart recently announced that they will be selling marijuana in their 1,253 across Canada. Founder Murray Koffler revealed to Hot Global News the cost of which the marijuana will be

Shoppers Drug Mart will soon sell Marijuana in 1,253 stores across Canada.

ONTARIO – Canadian company Shoppers Drug Mart has just signed a deal with major medical marijuana distributors to sell marijuana in stores across Canada. There are currently 1,253 shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and with

Do you think Trudeau will accept Trump's challenge?

WASHINGTON D.C. - The 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, held a press conference yesterday evening where his announcement shocked reporters and members of the white house. Trump started off his speech talking

Once again, this does not look good on President Trump.

WASHINGTON D.C - Melania Trump is breaking the first lady mold by breaking away from her husband — and it is exactly what the president's supporters want. President Donald Trump became famous in large part due to

Justin Trudeau has officially started the marijuana legalization process

OTTAWA, ON - Justin Trudeau has taken office in Parliament for almost a year now and has just announced that his mission to legalize marijuana will finally start. Trudeau says that the office is working on passing

"There will be action, a lot of action"

WASHINGTON D.C. - Donald Trump held a press conference yesterday evening of which he announced that he will have his own Netflix original show called 'Daily Life of Trump'. Donald Trump owns many businesses, businesses worth millions

Donald Trump does love money and oil, he just might consider this offer.

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka continues to attract attention around the world, and a Saudi prince publicly offered her 200 camels and 10 Kilograms of gold to spend one night with him. Mohammed bin Salman, whom King

If anyone speaks bad about Donald Trump, they'll be hit with a lawsuit.

WASHINGTON - Donald Trump held a press conference yesterday in the evening where CNN reporters asked him about his relationship with Justin Trudeau. Donald Trump announced that he filed and will sue Justin Trudeau for $10

Six country leaders have come to a decision.

The United Nations – The chairman of the Security Councils of the UN, have officially come to a decision to declare World War III against the state called

According to Donald J. Trump, building a wall can solve any problem.

WASHINGTON - President of the United States, Donald Trump is fairly new in office and already has the nation questioning his decisions as president. Donald Trump held a press conference last night announcing his plan to