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Travis L Jackson
· February 15, 2018
I’m giving this a 2 star review solely based on our experience last night alone. We come here quite frequently and decided to come for an early dinner last night. We got there at 4:30 and were seated ...immediately. It was just me and my fiancé. There were 2 other people at our table in a different party. Our server came to get our drink orders and brought us our drinks shortly after that. I asked if we tell him our salad dressing we want and he said “oh yea i forgot to ask that”. We told him our salad dressing and once he walked away the chef came out to start to cook our food. This was unusual because usually we have our soup and salad before the chef starts. The chef was not very “fun and interactive”. He didn’t even give us any sauce until we asked for it. My fiancé told him he didn’t want any mushrooms with his filet and he looked confused and asked everyone if they didn’t want mushrooms. I asked for my rice to be cooked a little longer because i like my rice a little crispy ( i ask for this all the time when i come here and it’s never a problem) and he just looked at me for a minute and said “i guess i can i never got that request before.” Well he put my rice on my plate FIRST before anyone else’s... so it obviously wasn’t cooked longer! My fiancé asked for some sauce and he asked him what kind he wanted which my fiancé did not remember the name of it. He told him it’s sort of a dark colored sauce and the chef just looked at him and said “what’s the name of the sauce terryaki?” The waiter came and we asked him and he said the ginger sauce so that’s what he got and it was what he wanted. Every time we have come here the chef has always automatically started with the sauce. They usually go around and ask if everyone wants each sauce! I don’t know if this guy was new or just didn’t want to be there on Valentines Day but it was terrible. He didn’t give a “show” like all the rest of them do. No onion volcano, throwing shrimp to catch it in your mouth, nothing! To top it all off they added an automatic gratuity on the bill!! Why was there a gratuity added when it was just me and my fiancé?? If that’s something that is done because of Valentines Day then that should have been posted somewhere saying that! Like i said we come here quite often... next time we come back if it’s exceptional like it usually is i will change my rating. Hopefully this isn’t the way this restaurant is going because i love this place! See More
Sterlin Boyles
· November 10, 2017
Today was my very first bad experience in the years. I placed a call in order and picked it up only to get home and it was wrong. When I called back to talk to a manager Amber was her name. She had th...e nerve to tell me a paying customer of years that I need to place my orders better and they won't be wrong. How in the world does a manager tell a customer that. The nerve. Needless to say I called back to ask them so are you no going to offer to fix my meal and Amber got very nasty. She repeated the same basically saying it was my fault and offered nothing and when I became offended as a paying patron she hangs up in my face. Now I'm not sure who taught Amber anything about customer service but I will not be returning any time soon. See More
Curtis McDuffie
· November 2, 2017
We had 5 guest and they tried to add gratuity into our check and the service was horrible and we waited 25 mins for drinks and they brought out my salad with brown lettuce and you don't add gratuity u...nless it's 6 or more guests. Then the owner trust to try and argue with me about the service See More
Kim Marie Rhone
· November 12, 2017
We had a good time...the food was good as always. I came here 2 nights in a row...celebrating my son's 25th birthday on the first night and my neices 14th birthday on the second night. ... somehow the same cook both nights..Really enjoyable See More
Shaida Benson
· July 28, 2017
There were eight of us at the table and I ordered steak and shrimp dinner. First, the cook, (and I call him a cook because calling him chef would be a huge insult to actual chefs) didn't put any seaso...nings or soy sauce on the meat. When I tried to pick up the meat with my fork, a whole gob of meat followed because there was so much gristle that the chef's knife didn't cut through it. When I complained to the wait person, he came back and said that the owner said that because it's a ribeye steak, it is to be expected, due to the fat in it. I ONLY eat ribeye steaks and I know the difference between fat and gristle. This was no fat. It was a cheap cut of meat that was being passed off as a ribeye. After I persisted, she said she would give me $5.00 off and walked away, immediately followed by the cleanup crew who started to clean up our table. We were still drinking our drinks and the person actually asked for my glass. Not only is the owner rude but her staff is as well. Don't be fooled by the picture of the steaks on this page. The mystery meat I got was maybe 0.5 centimeters thick. Place is a scam. See More
Angel PuertoRicanqueen Kelley
· January 13, 2018
Food was good but servers sucks need better servers with better attitudes and need to know how to do there job better ... me and my mother and friends went to eat here and the server was so disrespect...ful that it's a shame.... See More
Ashley Lucas
· October 21, 2017
The food and mix drinks were great and our server Martin was excellent! There was an abundance of food served. We had plenty of left overs the next day.
Rokeyta Harrison
· July 17, 2017
Will never visit this place again ever while visiting South Carolina. We Waited an hour to be seated to get thighs instead of chicken breasts and no eggs in our rice, I'm from Georgia and we do things... totally different. It didn't taste like hibachi at all. However the kids did enjoy themselves. See More
Stefanie Hornsby
· February 11, 2018
5 star experience everytime. My boyfriend and I eat here often and the staff is always so friendly and helpful.
B'Divabaker Fair
· July 23, 2017
My friends and I eat here every week! I love that the food has flavor, many other restaurants do not. Shout out to Amber and Daniel who help keep the place running!
Victoria Huguenin
· November 12, 2017
We went here to celebrate my son-in-law birthday. And we had an awesome time. And Martin was hilarious! Food was great as well.
McKeever Cobia
· February 5, 2018
The service was far from great. No show, no birthday celebration, and no ice cream. :(
Karla Anderson
· October 2, 2017
The service was horrible and our chef was one if the worse. I was so disappointed since I brought an out of state guest.
Captn Katt
· July 22, 2017
Been coming here since I was very young with my Dad and still enjoy it! The food was delicious, the chef, 'Shy Guy', was funny and hospitable and the staff was gracious since I brought my best friend ...there for her birthday. Will be going back very soon. See More
Stanley E. Thornburgh
· July 29, 2017
I was not overly impressed with the setting or a he food-service was not the best but the Chef did OK. Good friendship within our group always makes the difference!
Janice Stocks Smith
· July 23, 2017
Needs to be a little cleaner..cook never tricks..we go to see that and I felt sorry for the little boy waiting for the was great though....
Kathleen Coleman Vaughn
· October 28, 2017
The food was great and the employees was awesome especially the guy that did the cooking, great personality & sense of humor. Love it !!
Shani L. Scott
· May 16, 2017
We eat here a LOT...both dine in and carry out. Last night, we got carry out and it was overcooked & VERY skimpy. The hostess also took it upon herself to charge a bogus carry-out fee of 10%! When... my husband questioned the fee, she made a comment about him not wanting to tip. WHO TIPS FOR CARRY-OUT?? When he turned to leave without the food, she took the almost $4 fee off while making comments about it. Looks like we'll be making the drive to Miyabi from now on. See More
Yolonda Arnae Hannah
· June 22, 2017
I absolutely love this place! I've been going since I was in high school. The food is always consistently good and the service exceptional!!!
Kelsey Kathryn Clayton
· February 13, 2016
Thank you for making Valentine's Day weekend special for me and my boyfriend for the past 2 years! Last night was our first time back since the flood and the interior is beautiful and the food was as ...spectacular as ever! This is our absolute favorite restaurant. Thank you for allowing us to make so many wonderful memories here! See More
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