Thanks to all of you who have recently followed the SIR page.

LISTENERS...please see the following link for a list of ways for you to get involved in this fight to restore reasonable and affordable music licensing costs for small webcasters.


Please also see our video page at for additional information as to how the CRB Ruling on 1/1/16 affects internet radio stations and ultimately your listening choices online.

Please also share this post along with our page, so we can enlist the help of other internet radio listeners.

STATIONS: Please see our PSA page at for PSAs you can download and air on your stations. We need LISTENERS to know what is going on behind the scenes with internet radio. If they remain unaware of the issues now facing small webcasters, they will not know it is necessary to get involved and ACT.

We definitely need EVERYONE on board in this fight to contact their local congressmen and women about the matter. There is STRENGTH in numbers! We cannot merely sit on the sidelines and let someone else do the work for us; it MUST be a JOINT effort! I know many of you are discouraged, especially in light of what has transpired the past few days with internet radio. However, we must put that all aside and work towards a solution to the problem at hand. The factions that are out there determined to destroy internet radio are counting on listeners, internet radio stations, and musicians to stay uninvolved in the process. CHANGE CAN COME if we HAVE FAITH and WORK TOGETHER to achieve our goal. Thanks to all of you who have fought the fight thus far! Let's DO THIS!

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A key group of creditors rejected iHeartMedia’s latest debt restructuring proposal, and countered with their own deal that requires the company to file for chapter 11, the company said.
World Fusion Radio to Save Internet Radio

Very happy to see this group here. Not sure how I missed it for so long. I have been Webcasting since 2003, been through the wars with the PROs and all the other difficulties of Internet radio, but I love doing it and hope to join a movement to defend what we do. Peace.

A new study published today by the head of New York University’s Steinhart Music Business Program casts a sobering outlook on the future of terrestrial radio. In the 30-page report, Larry Miller ar…

The SIR administrators are currently seeking anyone who operates an Ohio-based internet radio station to contact us in regards to Congress possibly initiating legislation to restore the Small Webcaster Provision (or something comparable) for small broadcasters. If you are an OHIO-based station, please contact us via the message form on this page. At this time, we are only looking for stations from the state of OH. Thanks!

Many Thanks to Jimmy Michaels, founder/owner of JMP Music, for recording our latest PSA for Save Internet Radio! To download the file to air on your stations, please visit the following link below: it with any additional files from our PSA page at


Be sure to swing by and visit Jimmy's youtube channel to sample some of his material and to let him know you appreciate his help in restoring reasonable and affordable music licensing costs for small webcasters.

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Official Youtube channel of the Independent label JMP Music and it's owner, producer Jimmy Michaels. Keep up with label updates and other junk on Jimmy's Fac...

STATIONS: We have had another artist come forward to help us by doing a PSA for Save Internet Radio. We'll be uploading this soon to our PSA page, so you may download it to air on your stations and inform your listeners about how to get involved in the fight for reasonable and affordable music licensing costs for small webcasters. Thanks again for all of you who have downloaded the PSAs and are already airing them on your stations! Let's continue to WORK TOGETHER to SAVE internet radio!

ASCAP and BMI have announced plans to create a shared music database. Now, a US Congressman and a powerful lobbying group have lambasted the move.

Our station received the following today via email from Streamlicensing:

"The CEO, Anthony Hernandez, is holding an important conference call with customers only....This call will be Sunday July 30th at 3PM Eastern Time, The CEO will address all of you on the ASCAP situation and provide info on leaglly indemnifying all SL clients from ASCAP."

Jere F. Moore to Save Internet Radio

I really do not understand this issue - not just the licensing issue, but that plus other small internet broadcasting problems. Where best to learn about this, how it currently stands, and ongoing positive efforts?

0 Small webcasting rocked by licensing issues Posted on July 18, 2017 by Brad Hill Last week we began receiving notes from webcasting clients of two large hosting companies, Radionomy and StreamLicensing, noting that recent changes and communications had troubled their webcast stations. The two situ...
Christopher Johnson to Save Internet Radio

Has anyone else received the second notice from ASCAP? Mine is dated 7/6 and provides some additional (but still quite vague) information, and a very different "sign-up" page. I'd be very interested to see if we all receive the same pricing. PM me if you'd like to compare notes.

The SIR administrators are searching for anyone (possibly within the SIR page) who has connections with members of Congress that might be willing to work with us and get legislation started to restore the Small Webcaster Agreement/affordable music licensing costs for small webcasters. If you are able to help, please contact the administrators via the SIR Facebook page. Let's ALL continue to WORK TOGETHER to restore reasonable and affordable music licensing costs for small webcasters!


Whether you're a webcaster, listener, musician, hosting company, or other internet radio related service, here is a list of resources you can ...use to help SAVE internet radio. The link to this post can also be found at, so please share it with others. Thank you!

1. Contact your local Congresspersons:
If you do not know who your local senators and representatives are and/or or their contact info, please visit the following page and enter your zip code (and optionally your physical address). It will provide the names of your local congressmen and women and how to reach them via email, mail and phone.

2. Online petitions opposing HR-1733/CRB Ruling (Please sign ALL three petitions). When you sign, please also leave a comment, giving SPECIFIC reasons as to how the CRB ruling affects you as a webcaster, listener, musician, or other service which works in conjunction with internet radio.

GoPetition Opposition to HR-1733:…/opposition-to-c…/signatures.html


SaveNet Radio petition:…

3. Contact the House Judiciary Committee:
Here is some additional contact info you may direct your comments regarding the CRB Ruling/the restoration of the SWSA. The following goes to the US House Judiciary Subcommittee overseeing courts, intellectual property, and the internet. Even if you have already contacted your local congresspersons, we encourage you to write Chairman Goodlatte as well since your comments will be given higher priority there.

The Honorable Bob Goodlatte
Committee on the Judiciary
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Additionally, you may contact Congressman Goodlatte at the following:
Contact form:
Facebook page:

4. Contact SoundExchange:

Mailing Address:
733 10th Street NW
10th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20001

Fax: 202-640-5859


Facebook Page:

You can optionally enter your comments here-->

5. Contact the Library of Congress:

Mailing Address:
101 Independence Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20540

(202) 707-5000

Facebook Page:

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, too, for updates at

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yes, many of us who use Streamlicensing received the email this morning. We're still waiting word from Wes Simkins or another spokesperson at Streamlicensing regarding the matter.

Jake Litwin to Save Internet Radio

Just received an email from ascap for my station The Big Rewind which is licensed through streamlicensing.

Thank you for valuing the music you use on your servi...ce by obtaining an ASCAP license via We’re writing with some important updates.
Regrettably, has not complied with the terms of its ASCAP license agreement. As a result, its license has been terminated (effective June 30, 2017) and, therefore, it can no longer provide you with the right to perform ASCAP music on your service after July 1, 2017. In the absence of a license, performances of music in the ASCAP repertory are unauthorized.
Thankfully, ASCAP has an easy-to-use, economical license agreement for service operators such as yourself via its new, on-line licensing portal. Moreover, ASCAP is offering all Streamlicensing customers who obtain an ASCAP license directly from our portal a one-time, courtesy discount of $50 in recognition of Streamlicensing’s failure to maintain the license coverage that it sold to you.
To obtain your discounted ASCAP license agreement, simply go to from any PC, tablet or smartphone and within a few clicks you can finalize your new ASCAP license. Please note that you will need to pay with a major credit card to obtain the new agreement.
While Streamlicensing’s ASCAP license will terminate on June 30, 2017, ASCAP is affording all Streamlicensing customers a grace period through July 31, 2017 to obtain an ASCAP license directly.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (212) 621-5698 or
Thank you!
ASCAP New Media Licensing Team

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The recording industry is gaining traction with its Fair Play Fair Pay Act, which has added 15 more bi-partisan sponsors since its introduction March 30. The bill, H.R. 1836, now has the support of…

SiriusXM Acquires Stake In Pandora

It wasn’t the outright purchase that has been long rumored, but SiriusXM has announced it is making a $480 million “strategic cash investment” in Pandora. SiriusXM will purchase newly issued Series A convertible preferred stock of Pandora representing 19% of Pandora’s currently outstanding common st...