Sources tell me today that Walmart has changed their hours from 8 pm on Christmas Eve to 6 pm as of today. Walmart so you think you are giving your workers a good deal? Your still taking an hour away from your staff that would rather be home. Christmas Eve and New Years Eve should be legislated to close at 4 pm. It should also be legislated by law to be included in the right to refuse to work these shifts, as this American retailer still makes their employees work with their ...stores closed.
A mall in my area closes at 4 pm, meanwhile the box stores stay open later. Their reasoning just in case someone forgot to buy something and it gives someone at the mall a chance to shop too. This isn't right, I do not see any other occupations opening longer so cashiers from a grocery store can go and buy that last minute shopping in the mall. Let's be fair , this is all about #inequality . All levels of government have the day off. I'm asking the general pubic to please contact Walmart and tell them to close their stores at 4 pm on Christmas Eve. 1-800-328-0402. Please contact your MLA's and the premier and ask them to legislate store closures at 4 pm on both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve .…/rick-howe-tony-lohnes-nov-24-2017 Discussing the minimum wage , Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

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#Santaonstrike #Walmart #ChristmasEve #SaveourSundays #bringbackfamilylife #News957 #Q104 #NSpoli #Needtoknow #Christians #church

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Graham Steele also removed me....i can follow his posts and not comment on his posts... He is no better than any other politician !!!

My comment to him 2 years ago - Tony Lohnes shared Graham Steele's post.
April 22, 2016 at 7:27am ·
Graham Steele would not even comment if they used these techniques with Sunday shopping. Rodney MacDonald and the whole three parties used these techniques on all of us. It's amazing he's a lawyer and published a book on how government works. silent is one of things they do. When government is in the wrong.... Just say nothing or I agree with you but it's nothing I can do. Darrell Dexter basically made that same comment to me when he was in opposition when we were both on the Rick Howe show.. Wake up people its everything they do in government to screw all of us. Not one MLA or the premier has ever told me I was wrong. What does that tell you???

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Graham Steele

In my forthcoming book, I devote a chapter to the rhetorical techniques that politicians use on citizens. One of the techniques is "I'm on your side, but I can'...t help you."

I'm aware that this technique is currently being used by some Liberal MLAs in relation to #nsfillmjobs, which is why I'm sharing this portion of my draft now. But the technique is quite common, and has been around for a long time.


[Excerpt from my forthcoming book, "What You Need to Know About Politics", Nimbus, spring 2017)]

I’m on your side, but I can’t help you

Another tool is to express support while denying the ability to make a difference. You can recognize this technique because it takes the form of “I agree with you…”

• “...but my hands are tied”.

• “...and I’d like to help you, but [my leader, the minister, my caucus] has decided differently”.

• “...but I can’t get it through those darn bureaucrats.”

This is a neat trick, if you can pull it off: I’m going to act exactly the same way as if I were against you, but I’m going to claim that I’m for you. They act as if they are on your side, even though they have not actually done anything for you. In some cases, they may tell you they are on your side, even as they vote against you.

This technique should never work, and yet I have seen it work, over and over.

Not only that, but I have seen constituents fill in the blanks. I remember once trying to explain to a constituent why I had not been successful on his file, and he said, matter-of-factly and without rancour, “I know, your hands are tied.” He was excusing me, even though I was not looking to be excused.

Let me be clear: A politician’s hands are never tied. Don’t let them feed you this nonsense. What they’re really saying is that they put a higher value on maintaining their status than on solving your problem.

Remember this: Don’t pay attention to what a politician says, pay attention to what they do.

If they claim to be on your side, ask them to prove it: letters, e-mails, anything that shows that they really went to bat for you. If they can’t produce the evidence—and usually they won’t be able to, because it doesn’t exist—then you should not give them the credit for trying.

And if they act in the same way they would if they were against you, perhaps by voting against a piece of legislation that is important to you, then they are against you. Full stop.

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Sunday Shopping throw back # 2
I've heard back from an MLA and I'm going to read his response and mine to him . I am not sure how the internet connection will be for this live video..But i will give it a shot . If not i'll try another day.
Letter & Petition On Line Campaign to close stores early on Christmas Eve & New Years
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Deb Henry

York Region City Councillors voted against public consultations again, we will have to wait until November, we will be prepared!! #uniforlocal414 #15andfairness #makeitfair #yorkregion #holidayshopping #statutoryholidays

' ... The letter follows on from the City Council’s second consultation on their proposal to designate Belfast district as a holiday resort, which would allow l...arge shops to extend their Sunday trading hours on up to 18 Sundays in any calendar year between 1 March and 30 September. The Strategic Policy and Resources Committee is considering the proposal on 20 April.'

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Shop workers’ trade union Usdaw and independent retailers’ organisation Retail NI have written to Belfast City Councillors calling on them to drop a propos
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Deb Henry

We met with Mayor Bonnie Crombie of Mississauga, she agrees that retail workers deserve to have the 9 statutory holidays as guaranteed days of rest, time for fa...mily and friends, and that the Holiday Shopping By-law should remain as it is. #uniforlocal414 #statutoryholidays #holidayshoppingbylaw #15andfairness #makeitfair #peelregion

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Save Our Sundays shared a memory.

#Viewpoints #CTV #cbc #globaltv An election is coming and I want this communicated to the public .

HALIFAX – An anti-Sunday shopping advocate has set his sights on another day. Tony Lohnes told the Rick Howe Show he thinks the province should legislate early closing times for stores on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. He said stores open later than 4 p.m. should be fined. Lohnes, who works in re...…

In no way shape or form should this be allowed. Shopping hours should be regulated by provincial governments. This is inequality big time!!!

Save Our Stat Holidays

The Holiday Shopping by-laws used to be provincial law, but was passed off to the municipalities, why did this happen? It has only made this issue more stressful and confusing for everyone involved. The Regional Councillors are not impressed by this either. Shame on you Kathleen Wynne!!!

Deb Henry added 7 new photos.

Peel Region City Council heard from retail workers saying we only have the statutory holidays as our 9 guaranteed days of rest and family time. #retailworkers #uniforlocal414 #statutoryholidays #peelregion

The European nation’s new law sharply restricting Sunday shopping provides an opportunity to take a closer look at American habits.

The European nation’s new law sharply restricting Sunday shopping provides an opportunity to take a closer look at American habits.…/01/bad-sunday/comment-page-1/…

My comment is waiting to be approved...I sho...uld have added more...he talks about other people working, he never mentioned about the other occupations that are off. All his comments directed at retail...not only retail workers were off on Easter Sunday...all levels of government...BTW You could not listen to the Rick howe or Sheldon MacLeod show....they were off on Easter Sunday...not begrudging them of it either. These are my comments posted on Bill Turpins blog -
Wow I listened to your conversation with Sheldon MacLeod, First off the courts never struck down the Sunday shopping ban, this is clearly written on the courts web site -…/nssc/en/item/10101/… In order to put this entire matter in the proper perspective I will repeat, yet again, what this application is NOT about. It is not about any social or political considerations respecting the appropriateness of Sunday shopping; nor is it about the constitutional authority of the legislature to enact legislation dealing with Sunday shopping; nor is it about the protection of vulnerable retail employees being required to work on Sundays. This application is simply about the scope of the authority or power granted to the Governor in Council (Cabinet) to make regulations pursuant to the Act.
Maureen MacDonald's comments in the legislature.…/p…/hansard/C48/60_1_house_06nov01/ Yes, Mr. Speaker, there were people who were very happy that Sunday shopping was coming because that's what they wanted and there were people who weren't so happy, especially retail workers and small, independent retail shop owners, and corner store operators and certainly members of many Christian denominations. Also, we have to acknowledge that there were people who probably didn't care at all, one way or another. But the thing that struck me about all of those different points of view was what the Leader of the Liberal Party said, and I completely concur with his remarks. The absolute confusion and the genuine concern that people all across the spectrum, in terms of their viewpoints on this issue felt, when the government made their incredible flip-flop on this very important issue and essentially hid behind Mr. Justice Richards' decision and I think added to the confusion in the public. I wouldn't say wilfully added because that would be impugning motive, which isn't permitted here, Mr. Speaker, but certainly their position added to the confusion and perpetuated the idea that somehow the courts had struck down Sunday shopping in our province. That simply did not occur.
The plebiscite we had was binding and the government went against our wishes and opened the doors up to Sunday shopping against our wishes.
Rick Howe on the following day admitted he was wrong and that in deed the plebiscite was binding -…/rick-howe-october-16-2016 . Mark Parent did an interview on You tube with me and also said that the plebiscite wasn't binding - . To which the plebiscite was binding - it's all on the government web site.
The public was misled on this whole issue from the start. You claim if this went to the supreme court that it would have been struck down. Hello? You do not know the outcome no more than what I do. Can you predict when lightning is going to hit? We can look for any excuse we want to allowing these stores to be open 24/7. Far as Easter Sunday being a paid holiday, bring it on...all levels of government are being paid for it. So why not retail? I'm so darn tired of this inequality in the way retail workers are treated. All levels of government are off....over the holidays. Your comment shop til you drop? We are human beings too, dentist offices are essential doctors office is closed an essential service..banks are closed, government offices, ,registry of motor vehicles , teachers are off and all levels of government. We are part of the community too! You speak of the unions and what they have...all the more reasons why legislation is needed to protect the workers, not screw them. Have you been in these stores? People are sent home all the time...YES all the time..WHY? If Sunday shopping was so profitable...why are we fighting for 15 dollars an hour? We would already have it..!! No one would be losing hours or sent home. These are the other days, I'm speaking of that the stores are open. The only reason business and government told us that if stores were open longer it would give people work was to suck and scam people in to accept this BS. Their is no extra money by being open another day, sales are just spread six days into seven.
Valerie Payn spokeperson for the Chamber of Commerce admits that there is no extra money being made by being open on Sundays "Given that per capita expenditure (adjusted for inflation) has not increased it appears also that the opportunity to shop an extra day has not driven people to purchase what they don’t need any more than they did before, they can just do it at a time that is more convenient to them."

So it's convenient to them?? How about opening everything on a Sunday, then people will sing a different tune. I'm tired of all the lies and the mainstream media that misled people about Sunday shopping in this province. The plebiscite was binding and the courts never struck down the ban. You are welcome to visit my blog -

Tony Lohnes
Save Our Sundays

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If you’d gone to the Atlantic Superstore on Easter Sunday, you’d have found the doors closed, but not for the reason you think. True, it’s a holy day for observant Christians but,… This brings back a lot of memories and I stand by every word I did in that interview with Rick Howe.…/poland-sunday-trading-ban-tak… . Poland is returning to a shopping ban and we can do it too.

The public deserves to know the truth about Sunday shopping in Nova Scotia. The plebiscite was binding,the courts never ruled on Sunday shopping. The media h...
If I were a CEO of a company, what would I have to do to get stores open on a Sunday or any other religious holiday? I would try to divide the church and the...

If I were a CEO of a company, what would I have to do to get stores open on a Sunday or any other religious holiday? I would try to divide the church and their beliefs. Take for instance, the Sabbath day ( Sunday). Six days thy shall labour and the seventh day,thou shalt rest. How often did you hear that Tim Horton's and Restaurants are open on Sundays? What's the difference between going to a restaurant or a movie then going to a grocery store? What happened in this case, ch...

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Deb Henry

It has been a mere 6 months since the retail workers in Toronto won the fight to have the retail stores closed on the 9 statutory holiday as guaranteed days of (exemptions are given through an application process in tourist districts). Sadly we have learned that there are stores that will be open Good Friday that are not exempt. Support retail workers everywhere, these are only 9 days, there are 356 days that you can shop, and if you need a bag of milk or a meal, there are mom and pop corner stores and restaurants big and small that would love to have you. save our stat holidays Facebook page or e-mail ...

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