Be sure to take the City's Historic Resources Code Project Concept Survey before before February 19!

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Very important meeting coming up about Portland's historic preservation codes. The City of Portland really needs public input! Please share.

Four public roundtables have been scheduled to solicit input on the project’s primary focus areas: identification, designation and protection of historic resources.

Let the City know how you feel about requirements for developers to contact and meet with neighborhood residents about proposed new developments. Did you attend the 'neighborhood meeting' for the 3334 development?...If so, we're sure you have some opinions!

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In Summer 2017, the Portland Street Art Alliance is painting a new mural in the heart of the Sunnyside Neighborhood, right off Belmont Main Street. This mural will creatively document the rich history and currant vitality of Portland’s oldest surviving streetcar-era developments. This mural will include 10 panels, each representing important pieces of Sunnyside history like local landmarks, land use activities, architecture, places of worship, local residents and businesses, ...transportation history, community art and placemaking. PSAA will be hiring a professional artist or artist team to design and paint this mural. When we are done, we will all come together an host a community celebration event at the wall!

PSAA has received a grant from SE Uplift to fund most of the supplies for this project. We are asking for the community's help raising the last bit of money to pay for a protective clear coat that will be professionally applied to the wall after the mural is painted. This polyurethane and wax clear coat is very expensive, but it is important to include not only to protect the mural from vandalism, but also protect it from fading due to UV rays.

All of PSAA's organizing and management services are being donated for this project. Please help us to ensure that this new piece of art lives on and helps Portland Keep on the Sunnyside!

All donations are tax-deductible! Donate now at the GoFundMe linked below (

For more information, please visit the project's website:…/sunnyside-mural-project

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With the generous support of SE Uplift, the Portland Street Art Alliance will paint a new mural at the corner of SE 30th & Belmont in the Summer of 2017. Using archival research, community outreach, and organizational partnerships, PSAA will form a design team to create a mural that docume

Our beloved neighborhood icon, the Sunnyside Piazza just launched their 2017 fundraising campaign. Please donate what you can to help support this year's repainting and revitalization. Even though our city and neighborhood are changing, our community and the sunflower are always here to welcome us home. 🌻☀️

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Well well well, what do we have here, Valerie Hunter, the developer that has demolished 3334 SE Belmont is once again in the news. This time, she is being sued by a former Happy Valley Station Food Cart owner for a long list of unethical & illegal activities. We're not surprised by this at all based on our interactions with Valerie at neighborhood meetings and on social media. Happy to see the food cart community will not stand for being harassed and threatened by developer with a history of maximizing profits at the expense of small independent businesses and communities.

Suburban food-cart pod Happy Valley Station, on Southeast Sunnyside Road., is getting sued for almost &u0024;100,000 after a cart owner claimed pod owner Valerie Hunter was abusive, libeled her to other cart owners, charged her noncontractual fees when she didn’t open and held her cart hostage when…
PORTLAND, Ore. – A building constructed 128 years ago is being deconstructed on Southeast Belmont Street, with a three-story mixed use development planned in its place. Located at 3334 SE Belmont St., the 1889 building was formerly home to Belmont Records and Tara Tibetan Collections. Three years ag...

Documenting what we have and what we have lost has always been an important part of the human condition. For those of you interested in the architectural history of Portland, this AHC exhibit on the breathtaking photography of Minor White is not to be missed! It opens March 3 and will be on-display through December. Special thanks to photographer Caleb Ruecker (@portlandhistory) for letting us know about this event and helping AHC get the exhibit ready.

Fun fact: The of the Bosco-Milligan Foundation/Architectural Heritage Center, Ben Milligan and Jerry Bosco, used to live in the Sunnyside Neighborhood, at 33rd & Belmont. They were amazing preservationists, who saved and restored both the Pied Cow & Thaddeus Fisher House. There was rumored to be a third Queen Anne Victorian at the corner that was unfortunately lost. If anyone has any old photos of Belmont Main Street, the Pied Cow, Fisher House, or this Mystery 3rd House, please share!!!

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Parting Shots: Minor White's Images of Portland, 1938-1942 Open March 3 - December 23, 2017 Meyer Memorial Trust Gallery at the Architectural Heritage Center Minor White (1908 – 1976) was one of the most important American photographers of the 20th century. Originally from Minnesota, White’s profes...

"The adopted rules provide greater flexibility for the establishment of local historic and conservation districts. The adopted rules clarify that owner consent is not required to survey and inventory potentially significant historic resources.... This change opens the possibility of updating the City’s Historic Resources Inventory, last updated in 1984."

This means the City could now have a way to stop allowing HRI removals that clear the way for demolition (like was done with 3334 Belmont).

Administrative rule change upholds mandatory demolition review protection for National Register resources, adds requirement for public hearing before design review can be applied to new National Register listings.

Mark your Calendar! Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is hosting an important information session with Restore Oregon at their monthly meeting this Tuesday (2/7).

Lydia Ness & Dan Everhart from Restore Oregon will be sharing with us local and state level policies around historic preservation. Their input is intended to help us better understand different approaches to redevelopment being currently demonstrated on Belmont – 3334 Belmont & 3701 Belmont – and what new policies... might be brought forward in the future.

What: Sunnyside Land Use & Transportation Committee Meeting
Where: SE Uplift, 3534 SE Main St, Portland
When: Tuesday, February 7th, 7-8pm

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Just received the best Last Shot we could have ever hoped for! It has been extremely hard for the community to watch a greedy developer (#GetRDoneLLC) tear the heart of Historic Belmont out piece by piece over the past week. This was not just a historic building, it was an integral part of the original streetscape that characterized the neighborhood, and all of Portland.

On the sunnyside of things, local activists, artists, and photographers really came together around this ...campaign. Our collective voices got the City to enforce the 120-day demo delay after ignoring it for 14 yrs. We are stronger now. We have watched the (un)progress of this demolition closely and captured some powerful documents of what we have lost. We are hopeful that with the advocacy work Restore Oregon has been is doing, the proposed rules establishing important baseline protections for historic places like this will be enacted before too many more are lost.

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Well, there goes historic Belmont Main Street. Today, a 127-year-old beautiful building has been completely demolished, by a greedy developer who ignored the cries and protests of the local and wider community to save this important piece of our history. It was one of the last intact streetcar-era main streets left in the city. That continuity and sense of place is now ruined. Let this serve as a lasting and harsh example of why Portland needs to protect its historic districts now, and enact stringent preservation and design standards.

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Posted by Audra Fleming
Audra Fleming to Stop Demolishing Portland

Check out this great new short film following photographer Caleb Ruecker, who for over 13 years has documented Portland's historic buildings on their final days, capturing #thelastshot before they are demolished. You can see some of these magical photos on the project's Instagram @portlandhistory account, but he needs the community's help to publish a hardcover book containing 1000s of his erry and striking images of some our most iconic and lost structures. He's watching the Belmont building close for us, waiting for the perfect moment to capture it in the twilight of its life.

Many of you are supportive of native-Portlander Caleb Ruecker's work to document the demolition crisis in Portland Oregon, and have followed his project #thelastshot. With the support of the Architectural Heritage Now that the short documentary is finished (thanks @loganthelens), it's time to ma...

A woman named Lulu Edmonds was the original owner of 3334 SE Belmont. She purchased one of the lots from A.T. Smith - a noted Portland pioneer who gave Portland Heights its name. She was engaged at the time to a Methodist pioneer, T.S. McDaniel - he became the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Willamette University. Lulu Edmonds bought and owned this building in her Maiden name, before she was married and long before she was widowed. This was at the turn of the century... - women wouldn't be able to vote for another 30 years and most 'official business' still required the signature of a husband or father. Lulu owned this building in her own name, and continued to hold title for at least another 30 years. We couldn't find any photographs or her or any records of other property soley in her name. So now, 127 years later, Lulu's legacy as a pioneer in her own right is being demolished. #3334ever #stopvaleriehunter

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This is hard to watch. Soon there will only be the propped up facade, then that too will fall. Thank you for documenting Scott Tice…

Scott Tice added 12 new photos from January 2017 to the album: 3334-3336 SE BELMONT — in Portland, Oregon.

3334 SE Belmont St.

Surprised to see a bit of sunshine on a very cloudy day. We've been blessed with a beautiful final memorial to this building and its history by one of Portland's favorite activist artists, TOER. #RIPBelmont #StopDemolishingPortland

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Save Historic Belmont is feeling pissed off at Belmont Inn.

The Death of Great American Neighborhoods #RIPBelmont #StopDemolishingPortland

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