The only thing better than a sweet is a quick and easy one. This black forest brownie recipe from Yammie's Noshery is a fast a delicious dessert. Take some time (or none at all) and whip up this cherry-chocolate delight.

These brownies are nothing short of a dream come true. You can bake up this traditional German dessert recipe for any holiday, special occasion, or weekday afternoon...however the spirit moves you! We love eating these brownies with a little whipped cream on top, too.

This pecan pie bread pudding by Leite's Culinaria packs the perfect crunch! It’s deliciously indulgent and nutty to settle your sweet tooth with ease.

Not only is this bread pudding recipe insanely delicious, it's presentation will simply blow everyone away. Show off your inner entertainer with fabulous holiday desserts.

There's no better way to celebrate national Malbec day than indulging in this tender prime rib recipe. The red wine makes for an excellent jus making this recipe fromSteamy Kitchen even more succulent.

This chunky slab of meat is a great way to fill up all of your family member's bellies. Drizzle in warm red wine sauce for extra flavor. This recipe is great for throwing on the grill!

Happy Eggs Benedict day! Enjoy this warm bread pudding inspired by the classic recipe. Wake up to this marvelous breakfast perfectly crafted by Foodness Gracious.

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This cold sweet southern ice cream is just perfect. It’s unbelievably creamy, rich, and soaked in bourbon. The best part? It’s made without any dairy so you can indulge guilt-free – just make sure to thank Vanilla And Bean for this delectable treat.

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You'll love taking a bite of this gooey sandwich for national grilled cheese day. Enjoy a deluxe melt with this unbelievable onion jam recipe by Leite's Culinaria.

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The season is ripe for spring gatherings and we've got you covered on tantalizing party apps. Try these buffalo chicken egg rolls from Daily Dish Recipes for the perfect crowd-pleaser.

This is fusion food at its best! The crispy and flaky layer of the egg roll keep the buffalo chicken with blue cheese stuffing together for an on-the-go lunch or dinner. They're a little bit tangy, deliciously spicy and delightfully crunchy.

You’ll love these juicy curried pork empanadas by Garnish With Lemon. It’s the perfect stuffed pastry recipe to serve as an appetizing starter at all of your spring get-togethers.

These curried pork empanadas are a wonderful twist on the traditional recipe that's perfect to serve at a casual gathering. Bring these along the next time you're headed to a potluck, and the guests will love this simple and elegant appetizer. The curried pork is a wonderful flavor, and you can even...

You're going to want to dig into this seriously good pasta recipe for national Carbonara day. Try your hand at this classic Italian dish with this bacon and pea recipe from Eclectic Recipes.

Prepare this simple bacon and pea carbonara pasta dish for a delicious weeknight meal. This is a great meal to make for your kids because it's loaded with a serving of veggies.

Take your taste buds back with this retro recipe revamped. The famous chicken cacciatore has gotten a delicious Roman makeover by Leite's Culinaria. Try this for a hearty homemade spring dinner.

Have an amazing chicken dinner tonight with this Roman-style cacciatore. This recipe is full of flavor and still pretty healthy so you can stay on track. Try this fall-off-the-bone recipe for some amazing chicken.

Throw a scrumptious spring gathering with this delectable mousse dessert. Luckily this no-bake black forest mousse cake by Beyond Frosting is easy to whip up. Your guests will love indulging in lovely conversation and an even sweeter treat.

This no-bake black forest mousse cake is the perfect dessert to make if you're pressed for time. The sweet flavors of chocolate and cherry make for one unique and tasty treat. Serve after your Thanksgiving Day meal and impress the whole family.

Happy Easter! If you're still looking for the perfect main, this round roast by @acommunaltable is perfect. It’s deliciously infused with herbs and oils that make this one for the books.

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Stay on track this Easter without missing out on your favorite desserts. These recipes keep all the flavor and fun of classic Easter sweets without the calories and heaviness that typically follows.

Celebrate the Easter holiday with these adorably decadent desserts! This collection features sweet frosted cookies and warm pies and moist cakes.

This warm green soup kissed with lemon and cayenne by Cookie and Kate is just in time for the season; showcasing some of the best ingredients spring has to offer. Spring soups like this will leave feeling comfortably satisfied.

This green soup with lemon and cayenne is a spicy and slightly tangy recipe that's perfect to serve as a first course or with a sandwich alongside. Top this recipe with your favorite cheese or fresh herbs and enjoy! If you aren't able to finish the entire thing, you can always freeze the rest of the...

It's officially spring - which means a new crop of produce is waiting to be tasted. This lovely vegan risotto by Blissful Basil is the perfect way to bring in the season.

This vegan risotto is the perfect springtime side dish. Serve alongside your main course for a creamy and healthier side, perfect for dinner parties and social gatherings.

You'll go nuts for this delicious recipe from Garnish With Lemon. The salmon is beautifully baked and goes perfectly with the spinach and tomato orzo.

This salmon with spinach and tomato orzo recipe from Garnish with Lemon is loaded with delicious flavor and healthy nutrients that are sure to leave you satisfied and energized! This easy seafood recipe is best prepared for a quick weeknight meal, healthy lunch, and can even be served to your potluc...

Sneak in your greens with these show stopping breakfast quesadillas by Cookie and Kate. They're savory, satisfying, and taste anything but healthy. Don't worry; you'll still be getting in your nutrients – only in the most delicious way.

It's not every day that you come across a breakfast quesadilla of this quality. This recipe would be perfect for a weekend brunch or breakfast.