Please note that we are not taking repair books in until further notice. We are overwhelmed.

Holiday Closing - We will be shut down this Friday and Monday for Easter Holiday / Spring break. Open on Tuesday 8 am. Have a safe and fun holiday.


Looks like we will have to put another hold on taking in repair books. Really too many to keep taking them in without a really long wait for the finished product. Please be patient, and when we are almost caught up, we will take them in again.

Stopped in at a little store around the corner from ours - RISE - A Good Day Patisserie - if you have a chance, stop in and check them out. Cupcakes, breads, desserts, pizza and more. Smells heavenly!

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We will be closed this Friday. Open on Monday at 8. Have a good weekend!

There really are bookworms. And assorted other little vermin that just love to injest paper and glue. This lovely old book is from 1533. Some of these holes go almost all the way through the book. As old as this book is, it is in remarkable condition, even with the worm holes.

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Wheew! With all the attention we have received through Face Book, we have become overwhelmed with book repairs. Please note that right now we have a 2 month - yes, 2 months - waiting period if you bring in a repair book. I have also started taking names and phone numbers, to add to my job list. As things get done, I will call when we get to your name, and you can then bring in the book for repair. It will still take some time, but not the 2 months. Thank you for your patience. Hope to catch up eventually.

We will be open Thursday the 28th from 8 to 12. Then closed till January 2, at 8 am. Have a safe and Happy New Year Holiday! There's a whole new year ahead of us - put your best foot forward!

Holiday hours: closed today Friday the 21'st at noon. Open again Tuesday the 26th at 8 am.
We have done all we can to meet our deadlines, and promises. We still have much to catch up on between now and the New Year holiday, and will be working hard to do so in the few days between.
May you all be safe and warm, and surrounded by those you love! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

We have hit the cut off point for Books to be done by Christmas. We are grateful for all the work we have been given, and have had to limit what we take in, so that we can accomplish our promises.

Thanksgiving weekend is here. We will be closing early on Wednesday and remain closed till Monday at 8 am. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Sometimes a Free thing is worth exactly what you paid for. We see many of these online type photobooks brought in for repair. Some are made better than others, but most are simply glued together, not sewn pages. They don't last very long. This one fell apart the first time it was opened. When we get done with it, it will last many years.

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Closing at noon this Friday. Open Monday 8am.

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