Snoggletog has arrived to the school grounds bringing along the twisting tunnels of Loki’s Maze of Cheer! Will you be exploring this snowy maze?
A change of season has occured on the school grounds, bringing with it Loki’s Maze of Mayhem! Do you dare to explore it's frightful halls?
Venture into a world of mystery and adventure in School of Dragons v.2.8, where you'll witness the Rise of Stormheart and weather adventures never before seen!

A new reign is upon us in the School grounds with the arrival of the Wrath of Stormheart! Will you be joining the Dragon Rider in this ALL-NEW adventure?

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Hello Vikings,

Buffalord Titan data was released live by mistake and is in a broken state. Buffalord’s who have been aged up have been reverted to their previous age, with an Age Up ticket added to your inventory. When the Buffalord Titan is released May 8th, your Buffalord will become a Titan for free.

Sorry for the inconvenience and fly hard at the School of Dragons!


Follow the sounds of roaring to the School grounds and train the ALL-NEW Titan Death Song!

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Keep your dragon in top shape by voting in this week’s poll!

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House your seafaring dragons in a water wonderland and dive into the Tidal Stable!

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Give intruders a scare and keep them away from your farm with the ALL-NEW Sentinel Statue!

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Leviatas has joined the ranks of brave Vikings across campus by becoming the latest Viking of the Week! Submit your Viking to be featured next!

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Go fishing at the School grounds and reel in some mouth-watering treats for your dragons and treat them to a Mystery Box of Fish!

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School of Dragons updated their cover photo.
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Storm into the School grounds aboard a Grim Gnasher and begin training this latest dragon!

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Keep an eye out in the School grounds for any Thorston prank as the twins celebrate National Siblings Day!

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A new clan has fought its way to the TOP to become the reigning champion of this year’s Clash of the Clans. Congratulations to the winners of Clash of the Clans 2018, Breaking All Rules!

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This weeks Viking of the Week is Arnora Sterkinsen! Submit your Viking and you could be next!

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Expand your dragon fleet with the addition of two intimidating dragons and get ready to take the campus by storm with the Mystery Egg Chest!

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Why bury your head in the sand when you can check out the latest farm animal to arrive in the School grounds, the Ostrich!

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Welcome to the Final round of Clash of the Clans, we are now down to the FINAL 2 clans. Wish them luck!

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It’s time for a new Viking to shine under the spotlight. Presenting…Speranza! Submit your Viking for a chance to win next week!

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