All you need is around $2,000 to begin building one of these epic homes.

Who doesn't love a good kitchen!

This Virginia cookspace gets a new island and a fresh color and material palette
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Groundhog Day
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Mike Lohmann
· December 2, 2016
Scott is a very knowledgeable, an extremely motivated sales agent, and is very smart about getting you the best deal possible, and getting you into your new home. He works with a great team, and is al...ways available to discuss any needs you might have.

I have been in the market for rentals, or possibly purchasing, and Scott was able to answer all of my question very thoroughly. He is an active individual, very avid cyclist, so he not only knows that location is key to accommodate your job and hobbies, but he also has a better knowledge of the street level areas of San Diego then I feel other agents might. Even though I have not had the need to use his real estate services yet, I will definitely talk to him first when the time comes, and will continue to recommend him to whoever needs a real estate agent.
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