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Best vid of the day.mikes reacrion to winning after i told him hre was being beat by 0.02 sec.he walked about gutted all afternoon. Lol.enjoy and well.done Mike 49.98 fastest lap.of.the day
The fastest colour debate settled

Love the look of the front on this STI

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Atsufumi Kosuge ( @atsufumifumi )

This is ridiculous behavior from the organisers threatening Quintin with blackmail.

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Quintin Milne with Nick Runcie and 3 others.

Shocked ....after securing 2 stage sponsors and several entries for a struggling Grampian rally like when I helped the mcrae rally run by fund raising last mo...nth for them and getting the 10k they needed ( that was a pleasure coltness club btw) I have just been kicked in the nuts. After huge prep to get a run in the rig Deluge backed Wrc car in another big charity drive by them for and all media stuff and promoting the rally after being smoozed by the main organiser mr Graham Provost ( texts to prove ) after I did my bit promoting on stv news who follow me I guess I was no longer of value, at 9.30 pm I was called out my house to visit graham Provost. He slapped me with an exclusion notice dated and timed at 2pm! This was for a pic of Facebook of my motorbike on a forest road which was before the route had been released and if allowed i could of proved its location no where near the rally route ! In between 2pm and 9.30 I incurred several large costs of tyres and signed on so my much needed entry could be non refundable even though he had already decided to exclude me hours ago. And of course this allowed me to do a pro rally speech to stv news and Facebook post for him and serve my purpose. They blamed the forestry wanting to make an example but not had any trouble with them biking here locally and weekly for 20 years! To say I am disgusted is an understatement. Sad the small power hungry characters that are destroying our sport. They have just lost a big Supporter who has proven to do a lot for Scottish rallying in recent months . When stv decided to not film the rally today after this non charitable behaviour discussed they wanted to interview graham , I was promptly told ' no! And you will get your entry back if you don't cause a scene with your social media reach or press connections but if you do I will have your msa license revoked for life ' - how dare you and that's blackmail id say!
And even funnier I guess your face has to fit, many of you will know a rally committee regular did the solway coast last week and got caught actually recceying the stages but he was allowed to run as he was in the 'boys club' Grahams favourite ! 😝
Scottish rallying needs less power hungry egos and more capable guys like Last years organiser who was not only very capable but a fair and knowledgable man. Rant over and good luck to all my friends today competing , stuff like this will see less investment and less events happening regardless of rallying other looming pressures. Hope you like my post I was threatened not to do and make assumptions like my historic Facebook pics and to all your few snivelling behind the scenes comrades who are so nice to my face .... eat a dick and split my entry , you ll need it no doubt 😝🤘

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Watch out for Stagecoach buses on the wrong side of the road which caused a serious road traffic accident where a woman and child could have been killed and stagecoach couldn't care less that their driver caused this accident.
#Stagecoach #Stagecoachbus #Stagecoachbuses

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John MacKinnon to Stagecoach Bus

Thanks to one of your buses driving in the middle of the road on the B9154 today around 1pm, my girlfriend had to make a lifesaving manoeuvre to avoid hitting t...he bus head on with her 4 year old nephew in the back seat! She just managed to miss the bus then hit a layby full of gravel, which caused the back end of the car to kick out, hit a tree on the other side of the road which then forced the car head on into another tree!

The driver of the bus never even stopped! He could have killed them both had my girlfriend not managed to move the car out of the way in time. I phoned your office to ask for the details of the bus and the drivers name and was told I would get a call back shortly. I've been waiting since 13:30 this afternoon for that phone call.

I hope the bus driver see's this and realises how much of a complete arsehole he is! He shouldn't even have license!

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NC500 video is now live on Youtube.

Don't forget to click the cog Icon for settings and select HD to get the full benefit. North Coast 500 trip 29th-30th June 2017

Tried to upload this a few times so dumped the video see if it uoads now cup and string Internet up this way but cracking roads and great laugh

 This S208 is positioned as a normal evolution version of S207, STI will celebrate its 30th anniversary next April. It is said that he develops the ultimate complete car which can be called the cul…
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July 19

The Subaru STI Type RA NBR is loaded ready to go for its hot lap of the Nordschleife....

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July 17

Subaru STI Type RA NBR is back from shakedown and ready to go.

Massive thanks to everyone who attended the Scottish Car show today weather was great and a nice display of cars that got some great comments from the public. Cammy & Neil

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July 14

The 2.0 litre flat four is being prepared ready to go in the WRX STI Type RA NBR. Should be fired up again later before shakedown.

Iain Cameron Gartshore and Alan Burnett in the drag final today at the scooby vs Evo day Knockhill Racing Circuit


Spot the eh scooby🤔 Fantastic collection of cars from all clubs today.

Knockhill Racing Circuit was live.
July 9

Subaru parade

Gavin Clark's stunning wagon courtesy of Rota Wheels UK

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Rota Wheels Uk
July 6

Timeless GRAs always work on an Impreza.

Some great work from one of our club sponsors and registered traders AS Performance.

Dont forget to give them a shout for your parts and engineering work.

recent @subaruuk EJ257 build using @PistonsByJE & @LA_Sleeve combo held in place with our customary @ASPerformanceUK CDB insert

Get the whole picture - and other photos from AS Performance
Posted by Subaru UK
Subaru UK was live.
June 29

We're live from Goodwood Festival of Speed with rally driver Mark Higgins! Time to find out a little bit more about his exploits in the Subaru WRX STi...