It’s World Whale Day! Whales and otters—the largest and smallest marine mammals—both need their ocean environment to be in its clean, natural state. So do we! Thanks to Biologist Joe Tomoleoni of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), for this great shot of Northern sea otters and humpback whales in Glacier Bay, Alaska.

In the midst of tax season, we’re grateful for the 3,992 people who contributed $48,545 to the Sea Otter Fund on California income tax returns filed in February! That’s an average $12.16 per person, and brings the total to $57,769 — 19 percent of the $293,501 we must raise in 2018. If you haven’t yet filed yours, will you help restore our sea otter population? It’s easy, on line 410 of your California tax return Form 540. THANK YOU very much! 🙂

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Sea otters resting in Morro Bay, California. Mary Fricke/CDFW-...

Most animals require even more "personal space" than most humans... even from other animals.

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Sea Otter Savvy

Sometimes birds like this Double-crested Cormorant invade sea otters’ personal resting space, foraging under the “canopy” of the raft or (as with gulls) snackin...g on sea otter waste. The response is usually no more than a dirty look--although sea otters are known to occasionally eat seabirds. This sea otter mum would NOT be so cool with YOU getting too close for your selfie. Don’t be a birdbrain, be #SeaOtterSavvy instead. Get tips on how by visiting

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Sea otters' presence has improved the Elkhorn Slough ecosystem by controlling the crab population. That allows more sea snails to survive. Snails control algae growth on eelgrass, which allows the eelgrass to get enough sun to thrive and support a healthy ecosystem.

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Elkhorn Slough Foundation was live.

Monday afternoon...Time for an otter break! #ElkhornSlough #OtterCam

Good news for California's sea otters and the people who respect them. Happy Friday!

In a major victory for sea otters, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Thursday ruled against bringing back a "no-otter zone" that used to stretch from Santa Barbara County to the Mexican border.

Thank you very much to the 1,008 Californians who donated $9,224 to the California Sea Otter Fund when you filed your state income tax return in January! Your voluntary contribution supports CDFW’s investigations of sea otter mortality, among other things. Gracias, merci, arigato, danke schoen, mahalo, do jie, xiexie, tak, salamat, toda, obrigado, shookria, ca’m on… THANK YOU!

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Plan to work on your state income tax return over the long weekend?

You don’t have to own hiking boots or a fishing pole, or have a degree in environmental science to help wildlife. A click of your mouse or a stroke of your pen can help the California Department of…

Happy Valentine's Day to all our friends and your friends (and their friends)! Flowers and chocolates are what some of us want, but sea otters would be better off with a donation on your California individual income tax return. Money can't buy love, but it's an easy way to help our furry friends, by supporting state sea otter programs.

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We're game! Let's show our reach, Sea Otter Fund fans, and make this a viral video! 😎

We are thrilled to share this creative, catchy, and educational video about sea otters!! Please watch it then share it with all your friends! Let’s make it go viral!

This fun animated music video educates people of all ages about the life of sea otters and how humans should understand and respect this sensitive marine mam...
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"Olive" the Oiled Otter

Did you know that you can help sea otters just by doing your taxes!? Just make a voluntary donation on line 410 of your CA state tax return. If you use tax prep...aration software, you may need to search for the voluntary contribution page (usually one of the last steps). If someone else prepares your taxes, make sure to let them know how much you want to donate!

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Photo: A southern sea otter feasts on a fat inkeeper worm in Elkhorn Slough. Photo credit: Laird Henkel/CDFW

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It’s baaaaaack… Tax Season. Working on your return, this weekend? Donations to the Sea Otter Fund, on your California income tax return, support the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife’s sea otter mortality investigations. This monitoring helps us understand what’s limiting the otters’ population growth. Look for the CA Sea Otter Fund on line 410, in the Voluntary Contribution Funds section of Form 540. Thank you!

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Monterey Bay Aquarium was live.

Watching a wild sea otter forage from the deck!