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Dianne Grooms
· October 28, 2017
I just found out yesterday that my father's date of death and footstone were never taken care of. My father passed away Dec. 3, 2005. My brother and I live out of state and haven't been back to see th...e graves until now. When you call you get a runaround. Sounds like a lawsuit pending to me. Weeds were growing up around everywhere and truthfully, the cemetary has really gone down hill. Terrible, terrible and they must fix my father's gravesite See More
William W. Hill
· March 18, 2018
Thank you Seaside for not letting my apartment complex Ocean Drive Estates to extend the parking lot at the complex your greed and heartlessness knows no bounds where you could have made more money se...lling the land for the parking lot for these extended families here in this complex I live in now we have people parking out in the street thanks to you. And it's the land that's not being used right next to it I hope you're happy. See More
Allen Cooper
· January 28, 2018
The horrible place they don't keep up with the place. Vases are being stolen and then they want to charge you 300$ for a new one. Flowers all over the ground this place used to be nice it's now just a... place that looks like a dump. See More
Betta Yu
· December 5, 2017
Never have a loved one who passed or if you're just making plans for yourself for the future please NEVER NEVER go to Seaside Funeral Home they are the worst. The most unprofessional and they take adv...antage of people while they're mourning their loved ones. Accidentally overcharging forgetting her lining in her coffin smh funny part is they accidentally messed up on my father's as well. When we buried my father we had nothing but problems there. Now my Gramma too the only reason we went there was cause they had prior arrangements... for them to call my mother and suggest they dig up my deceased grandmother cause they made a mistake is just ridiculous I would never want anybody to have to go through the problems we've gone through never go to Seaside Funeral Home. This is a time we should be mourning and remembering our loved ones not having to deal with the dam cemeteries mistakes or having to decide if we should let them dig her back up.. which we refuse!!! See More
Katie Lauren Christiansen
· August 16, 2017
The grass is dead, there are weeds growing all over almost all of the Headstones, they mow over all of the flowers. It's almost like they don't care for the people who have loved ones buried out there..., it's a shame that we pay so much and there is so little regard given for our loved ones that are buried out there thank you. See More
Mary Ruth Polk
· July 21, 2017
As much money as they charge to buy plots for your loved ones to be buried when they pass away, you would think they would care enough to keep the grounds in top shape. Instead, there are weeds are gr...owing everywhere! It's so bad I couldn't find my parent's markers. I had to guess the approximate place and move a small portion of the weeds from the top of a marker to try to locate them. I was lucky and guessed right. See More
Dale Carpenter
· August 3, 2017
The place is starting look like a pauper's cemetery but you could never afford to be buried there if you really were a pauper. The grass is dead everywhere except for a selected few areas. They handl...ed the service well but it took forever to get the headstone and we could not get calls returned. See More
James R. Bass
· January 16, 2018
The Seaside Funeral Home staff is very compassionate, they take time to listen and are most professional and courteous.
Agustin Ortiz
· January 23, 2018
Both of my parents are resting here. My family and myself are very grateful fo the personnel of this cemetery for being so nice to us thru those difficult times.
Sonia Tijerina
· July 31, 2017
For starters, website states that they are open 24 hours. My family and I went in at 8:15pm to view Selena's gravesite. After so many attempts of driving around we finally located it. As we were tryin...g to exit, we drove around the whole cemetery twice all gates were closed and locked. After contacting the office they sent someone out to open gate for us 20 min later after being stuck for a total time of 1 hour I told the person that they should check around before locking people in and all he said was that we shouldn't had been there to begin with. Who is he to tell me that I shouldn't had been in there. For all he know I could have been visiting family. He also threghten to leave us til morning. I would have called the police to have someone break the locks off the chain. Worst experience ever. They should put signs of what time they close and up date website to not say open 24 hours. They didn't even apologize. See More
Diana L Sanchez
· September 3, 2017
I'm extremely disappointed and appalled after an incident that happened with one of the maintenance workers yesterday at Seaside. My parents chose to be buried in the Field of Valor... my father was a... veteran of World War II and he was adamant about them being laid to rest in a section created to honor veterans. I'm a Corpus Christi native, now living in San Antonio, well aware of the lack of rain during the summer months. I also helped my parents purchase their plots and pre-arrange their funerals as I worked at Seaside many yrs ago before they died.

I knew it might be time to water the grass again bcs the hurricane didn't bring as much rain as I hoped for last weekend. I know how quickly the ground dries up in the summer especially where my parents are buried. I call ahead bcs I'm driving in from San Antono and the water has been shut off many times this year. [ Keeping the grass in good condition is especially important this year bcs I planted new grass in April. I was tired of seeing my parents grave site look so bad so I planted grass and made trips twice a week from SA to water it to give it a good head start. I also hired someone to water the grass for me to keep the grass alive during the summer and spare me from so many trips to Corpus]. I called Seaside on Friday to confirm that the Field of Valor had the water on. Saturday I drove up there to tend to the grave and as I suspected the ground was extremely dry again. I connected my water hose to find the water shut off! Before I got to my phone to call the funeral home, I saw two maintenance workers driving towards me. I stopped them and the driver said that he had broken a pipe or something that morning. It's funny how he said that before I even asked what was wrong with the water. After a brief exchange I told him not to yell at me bcs he was raising his voice. When I asked his name he yelled loudly "Ron" and immediately hit the gas so hard that he sped off at a high rate of speed down the street. If I had been standing just a few inches closer to their vehicle he would have ran over my foot! I called the funeral hm asking for a mgr and was told that no one was available so I drove over to the funeral home to talk to someone else in person.

The woman I spoke with in the office was kind and respectful, listening to me as I explained the situation in tears. She took down some details, gave me her business card and apologized; however, I don't have much faith in Seaside anymore or trust what I'm told. What happened yesterday was the last straw for me! There have been many times when I should have complained about issues there but I didn't bcs it's easier to avoid having to go into the funeral home and dredge up the memories of my Mom & Dad's funerals. It's already difficult and emotional for me to visit my parents grave site even on a good day... I don't need to be more upset by going into the funeral home to report a problem. This isn't the first time I've planted new grass at my parents grave site. I shouldn't have to keep purchasing grass because Seaside won't water the area enough to at least prevent it from turning to dirt and weeds. I should never have been treated so disrespectfully by anyone that works for Seaside whether it's in the office or a maintenance worker out on the grounds! I'm sure my parents are looking down from above in dismay & anger seeing what I've had to go through to care for their graves and the way I was treated yesterday! I expect to resolve the situation properly, with the appropriate manager, even if it means making another trip to Corpus next week to discuss this in person.
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Jacqueline Ibarra
· November 26, 2017
Called the main phone with a few questions, whomever answered the phone did it quick and didn't respond to my questions then HUNG UP. I called back immediately and she takes a while to pick up, and wh...en she finally picks up, she sounds groggy. Very uninterested, unhelpful and unfriendly. I hope the others working there aren't as poor with regards to customer service. See More
Shirley Jones
· May 16, 2017
Please walk around the grave sites and look at the lack of care they give our loved ones before you buy. Headstones have been broken in half by the ground keepers, sunken headstones, weeds and flower... vases that you pay for at time of signing are $400+ have been stolen and they charge you $295 for replacement. Several years ago they changed new management because it has never been so poor.

I live out of town and go once a year to see my mother, dad, aunt, uncle and cousin and truly disappointed in Seaside, please look closely before you purchase here.
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LQ Avalos
· April 15, 2017
The people in Seaside funeral Memorial Park really disappointed dust in the fact that somebody stole a bronze vase from us and they replaced it with a less than quality vase and they did not anchor it... at all. They did some poor workmanship to shut us up but they didn't do the job proper and they didn't replace it as far as we're concerned they are responsible for the security of the Sacred holy ones who have passed especially the veterans I am so mad I can not tell you how disappointed I am in them they could be better at the front office and they can do their job and they can replace what was stolen because it's their job quote on quote I'm angry because they have no integrity See More
Nancy Kosarek Lindell
· June 13, 2017
The grave sites are horrible. The grass is so high, tree limbs covering stones and the head stones that are flat are covered up by grass. These are our loved ones there and should be taken care of. the old owners they NEVER had the place look like this, always was perfect. I will be contacting association to report this, and I will be going there to do yard work around my mom and the veterans that have tree limbs covering there stone. We pay a lot of money to have our loved ones there! There should be NO REASON WHY it's not taken care of daily!!!! I took pictures. See More
Cindy Yturria
· April 9, 2016
What a terrible disappointment! This is the final resting place for loved one's. Does it really bother anyone if people choose to put a decoration, a bunny, an Easter egg, or other item that their lov...ed one enjoyed or did not have the opportunity to experience? I understand things need to be clean & well kept, but enforce things that matter rather than doing hurtful things like a clean sweep.. Isn't part of your sales pitch to keep the customer happy or is it just say what people want to hear in their time of need? Smh, sympathy goes with empathy. See More
Connie Bird
· October 25, 2016
It's pathetic that Seaside can't take better care of the lawn than they do. I saw some weeds at least a foot tall in places. I also travel down Santa Fe to Robert daily to get home and its upsetting t...o see day after day how bad the gravesites seem to be deteriorating. I know they can afford a lawn mower. Come on folks, step up your game. See More
Lisa Lopez Valdez
· April 25, 2016
So upset that Seaside has decided to throw away my son's decorations again! The first time it happened I was absolutely devastated because I had things out there that were very sentimental and it was ...just thrown in the garbage without a care in the world. Going to the cemetery and being able to decorate was a way for me to grieve and it felt like it was the only thing in the world that I had left to give him. Now Seaside has decided to take away that as well. All the decorations that I have seen from other families has always been tasteful and beautiful and made the area feel special, especially since I know that a lot of time, love, and even money went into decorating. I don't understand why Seaside is doing this but it is very hurtful and extremely disappointing. See More
Rena Serna
· June 18, 2017
Came to leave flowers to my grandfather for Father's Day and he is a Veteran. I was very upset to see no care on the Veterans side! There were weeds and grass was tall. This is how we respect our Veterans?!
Natalia Arellano
· August 8, 2016
I'm so upset
My mothers grave once again was distroyed
Why pay all this money for loved ones resting place just for them to keep removing my moms stuff. Mymoms angel was taken out of the ground all plants ran over its not fair. Of I paid for my mom to be at peace what gives anyone the right to do this!! See More

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