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Old Man Winter, really has a hold on us! ❄️😅
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You are what comes out of your mouth. 👄
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You Got This! 😃

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💞 Happy International Women’s Day

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🤔 How do you carry yourself? 🌻

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“Magic is believing in yourself. If You Can Do That, you can make anything happen.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Go with the flow. 🏆⭐️🔥

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"When you have nothing is when you need to give."

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Please do not fall prey to not-my-kid syndrome, not-my-kid syndrome is a killer. Thank you Eric Bolling, for your strength in sharing your life’s pain.

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Eric Bolling shares heartbreaking story about his son's overdose.

New baby coming? Way to be proactive... LoL

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National Love Your Pet Day (USA)
Mice can be pets too! LoL 😜 🐭
Three mice sitting in a bar. The first one brags, "I am one bad ass mouse! In my hood, we have huge mousetraps. I take the damn cheese out of all of them."

The second one brags, "Well, I'm a bad ass mouse too. In my hood, I mix rat poison with my milk and chug it down every night before I go to bed."


The third gets up and starts to leave. The other two mice both yell, "Hey chicken, where do you think you're going?"

The third one replies, "Going home to f**k the cat." 🐭🐭🐭😽 Ah Hahaha

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Life Is Too Short 💞 😊

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Fake News 🤔 Run, Fly - Rudolph..I see hunters. 😜
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Pete Connify

All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him he killed them; killed them all.

Hello! 😃 👍
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