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Hilary Cooper
· January 13, 2016
I've just had a full reading with Phil and all I can say is I'm totally wowed! He is determined to get things just right - and by the end I left like my whole life was being explained to me! I left ...feeling really inspired and encouraged. Thanks ever so much Phil -I'll be recommending you to all my friends. A great way to start the new year! x See More
Carly Thomas-Turrell
· February 26, 2017
Can't fault Phil's readings, have had 3 in total, 2 of them annual and he's always spot on, knowing things before I know them!. If you want a keen insight this is the chap to do a chart for you.

Tha...nks Phil, catch you next yr!!! See More
Hazel Solomon
· December 14, 2014
Down to earth reading with good explanations of plane and effects.
Jasmin Stephenson
· February 9, 2014
Exceptional. Explains why the planets affect your birthday. Definitely worth listing to his workshop. Amazing Phil and thank you.
India Jo Jordan
· November 11, 2013
Phil is a wonderful astrologer, he really knows his art, I always feel he works intuitively too. His workshops r awesome helps you to understand how the planets & yr chart affects "you" personally, it...s amazing, thanks Phil, yr bril. X See More
Nicola Harvey
· March 19, 2015
A really genuine man who gives a fantastic reading and service x
Sarah Thewlis
· June 19, 2015
Excellent service.

You can now order my astrology e-book direct from my main site front page, just by a single click for the introductory price of 99p. Or here is the actual kindle link:

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I will be there giving my personalised astrology readings. There is FAR more to this than just your star sign!

Northstar Crystals presents this twice yearly event. Featuring many talented and entertaining healers, therapists and intuitives from around the UK.

Next weekend, the 16th and 17th of September, marks the first Newark Well-being Show under the new ownership of LizIan Events. I will be there, as always, in my role of personal astrologer, and I have cast an astrological chart for the weekend. This captures the planetary transits around for the duration of the show and is general to everyone, be them organisers, exhibitors, or members of the public. By linking the event chart to an individual’s chart you can then get a prett...y good idea of what he/she/them will expect from the show. However, as a general overview chart it is fascinating. The most important factors of any astrological chat are the four mathematical angles: ascendant, descendant, Midheaven (MC), and foundation point (IC). For this chart the planet Uranus sits exactly on the descendant. Now, in a chart of this nature, the descendant refers to the populace: our audience, if you like. The main keywords for Uranus are EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, so that bodes very well for an exciting, unusual, and in some way unorthodox show. The energies will be vibrant and different, and because Uranus directly opposes Jupiter, who sits very close to the other end of this axis, the ascendant, the overall event gets even better, as Jupiter is the benefactor in astrology, the planet that expands whatever it touches. The ascendant can be viewed as the umbrella of the whole chart, or the whole event, taking the entire picture under its fortuitous umbrella. And the Moon – very much associated with the well-being and general caring, nurturing flavour of the Community, is placed at the top of the chart, very close to the Midheaven, indicating where the event is going. With all these energies, it is certainly going somewhere. Come along and take part in all this Jupiter/Uranus energy: have fun, learn about all the different topics on offer at the show, attend some talks, have some readings, and if I may just add on a personal note..... astrology is ruled by Uranus. So I should be on top form – no pressure then!

With three of the four angles activated by heavenly bodies, this is a very rare chart – very seldom does this happen. Variation on a Meatloaf theme then: three out of four ain't bad!

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Depending on how pronounced Aquarius and/or Uranus are in your individual birth chart right now, communication could cause problems for you, as the Uranus energies strive towards ever different avenues of looking at things. This is all down to a Uranus-Mercury square. Mercury is the planet of the mind, and Uranus NEVER does convention. Squares are challenging, meaning that your thoughts, plans, and ideas could be all over the shop! At the least different, maybe bizarre or even rebellious. This ongoing transit is particularly strong right now.

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Mercury and Mars conjunct right now. This is always one of my favourite transits because it brings together the get up and go go go energies of Mars with the alert, logical, and analytical communicative energies of Mercury. Make things happen! And in Cancer the Mars energy is not going to be too volatile, adding a wholesome caring attitude.

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A current t-square involving Mars opposition Pluto both square Jupiter is very likely responsible for the upset many of you are querying recently. Jupiter expands whatever it touches , so on the receiving end of the challenging unbalanced energies of Mars-Pluto it simply exaggerates the whole caboodle. Depending on your individual chart, one or more of the three planets will be more strongly felt, but the Mars-Pluto opposition can be really nasty even by itself. Pluto intensifies situations, adding obsessive must do at any cost scenarios. Mars is the planet of war, and these two combined is potentially very volatile. Power struggles, conflict, and acts of violence could result. And Jupiter simply makes it all the worse. Even the great beneficiary has his down side.

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I must add something here between the two days of the Lincoln Well Being Show before my internet conks out AGAIN!!!!!! As soon as I walked in this morning I knew the energy level was back up where it belongs and there was a truly harmonious feeling present. Get over tomorrow if you've not already been - experience the energies for yourselves and check out your astrological birth chart with yours truly. Lincolnshire Showground, Lincoln - the Epic Centre. Be there or be square!

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Repeated from last September - things have improved NIL!!!!

The lack of posts on the SHA Facebook page - and updates directly to my website as well as responses to queries posted on there - are a direct result of a major ongoing internet problem, which you may have heard me going on about previously. The internet is regularly down and I lose masses of time because of this, and have to resort to 'borrowing the internet' from elsewhere. With no permanent solution as yet (it is ...a very long, detailed technical story that could only happen in deepest Lincolnshire, which is in a time loop in the 1950s) I thought it only right to post something to this effect WHILST I CAN!!!! Normal service WILL be resumed, but I'm not sure in what century! Readings sent via the internet are not affected as this is where I 'borrow the internet' .All very cloak and dagger!

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Liz Lizian is with Trudy Randall and 29 others at Lincolnshire Showground.

The first Lincoln Well Being Show to be hosted by LizianEvents is being held at the Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground on 10 & 11 June. £3 entrance for visi...tors.
please share with friends, if you are interested in becoming an exhibitor with LizianEvents - use the 'contact' link on the website...
click and share ~ shows you care

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Phil Bowler – Self Help Astrology Astrology holds the answers to many of the problems that we face in our daily lives, and can help us resolve them more easily. Newspaper horoscopes give astr…

The Mansfield Show this weekend. Always an excellent event. Come along and try out REAL astrology, instead of the generalised newspaper horrorscope stuff. Birth chart analysis, forecasts, relationship compatibility, etc. If you've already had a reading before, keep your chart up to date with a top up forecast. My talk will be to publicise my long awaited e-book Shooting Off On An Astrological Tangent.

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This Saturday, 11th March I shall be exhibiting at the Stowbridge Mind Body Spirit Fayre, near Downham Market, Norfolk. I have done this small show for the last few years and it has a lovely, vibrant energy. If you are in the area I strongly suggest you come along, if only to find out what TRUE astrology is all about: there's far more to it than just your star sign!

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Advanced warning of Venus retrograde which occurs on Sunday 5th March, lasting until 14th April. Being Venus, this will largely affect matters of the heart, but Venus also is connected with harmony in general, beauty, art and music, and to a degree, finances. It is primarily though the planet of LOVE. As with Mercury, when that goes retrograde, you can expect upturns and restrictions etc. in matters of the heart, so if you can put something off which could drastically affect... the smooth running of a relationship, then do so. As ever with astrology, the full impact to you, or anyone you're interested in, can only be ascertained by checking it alongside your/their birth chart. Astrology is unique to the individual, even at times of a general astrological occurrence such as Venus going retrograde. Alongside Mars and Uranus – but not conjunct them, otherwise we would really be in for some fun and frolics!!! - it is located in the secretive, clandestine 12th house in the impetuous sign of Aries. Hmmm...... At the time of going retrograde, Venus makes a lovely sextile to the Moon, which will greatly help with emotions, but does square Pluto – so watch for things like jealousy, possessiveness, control, etc. With the Moon occupying house 1, it does put emotions very much under the spotlight, but Gemini as the Moon’s sign, as well as being the rising sign of the chart, retains a logical feel also. Because of the 11th house concentration (Sun, Mercury, Neptune, and South Node) all in Pisces, there is a massive emphasis here on friendships, especially people who come into your life that you have undergone a past life with. Which nicely reminds me to say that a major feature of Venus retrograde is that of people with a previous, maybe unfinished romantic connection coming back into your life.
Sit back and make the best of this interesting situation. You know how to contact me if you want a personal reading to make sense of it all and how it affects you personally.

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A curious dichotomy going on with the planet of love right now. Venus enters fiery Aries today, joining her alter ego Mars. Aries is the natural sign for Mars, so he is well represented, and now joined by Venus within a few degrees of each other will really light up the passion (or friction) in matters of the heart. Mars is ultimately the planet of war, so tread carefully! But the dichotomy comes about due to Venus squaring Saturn. This will hold back or restrict matters of ...the heart, whereas Aries wants to do everything yesterday. As ever, the outcome will depend on your individual chart, and your partner's of course, and how these planetary energies react to your astrological birth and relationship charts. An interesting few weeks ahead though, and when we get to the middle of the month Uranus joins in, making a triple conjunction. Then sparks will really fly! But that's another story. Watch this space....

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Due to restructuring of my personal life I will not be doing as many of the Mind, Body, Spirit shows this year but this weekend is the date for the first of my reduced 2017 venues. I will be attending LIZIAN EVENTS Trowell show as personal astrologer. Come along, have your astrology birth chart read or updated. There is far more to it than just your star sign!! (as I’m sure everyone must realise but without a proper analysis you are no wiser!) See you there!
Trowell Parish Hall, Stapleford Road NG9 3QA (near Nottingham)

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Jan 28, 2017 - Jan 29, 2017Trowell Parish HallSeria, Brunei
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