Gov Dayton Blames Pawlenty, MNDOT says "Uhhh, no."
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Rick Olseen admitted he is pro-choice on Halloween, 2010
The follow up to #Equality, Modern Educayshun delves into the potential dangers of a hypersensitive culture bred by social media and political correctness. W...

I saw this from Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance. If you live in Nessel Twp you might want to attend your annual meeting Tuesday, and have your voice/vote count. If you know a resident of Nessel, it might be worth passing this along to them....

It has just come to our attention. The Nessel Township board at it’s annual meeting on March 14 intends to seek permission to enact a firearms discharge ordinance. Here is a link to their meeting minutes:
1. Firearms Ordinance • Rising had a copy of the City of Harris Firearms Ordinance and it does not pertain to what Nessel Township had in mind for their firearms ordinance. •
Mell talked about the second draft of a written firearms ordinance for recreational shooting and discharge of firearms.
The ordinance would have RESTRICTIONS on days, time of day and how many rounds a person could shoot per day. It would not include a person engaged in lawful hunting to take wild game. There was a lot of discussion for and against the ordinance.
2. The Town Board decided to ask the Township residents at the Annual Township Meeting held in March for authority to adopt a firearm ordinance. If the residents give authority to the Board to adopt a firearms ordinance, then the Township will go to the county to see if they will enforce the firearms ordinance.
Motion by Meis seconded by Rising to place a notice in the yearly Township Newsletter and an ad in the newspaper to notify the residents that the Board will ask the residents, at the Annual Township Meeting on March 14, 2017, for the authority to adopt a Firearm Ordinance to regulate firearms shooting in the Township. Approved.
Nessel Township
49205 Acacia Trail
Stanchfield, Minnesota 55080
[Off I-35 west of Rush City]

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Have a happy Thanksgiving y'all!

In my opinion, this is one of the funniest Television moments ever. I have to watch this every Thanksgiving. Such a classic. I couldn't find this whole scene...

With all the angst on the Left, this effort might actually have legs.

Update on 'Essential Politics: Calexit movement launches, all eyes on state senate vote count'

Listening to MSM you'd think that everyone's Thanksgiving will go like this, even if we try to avoid politics- now that we're in the age of Trump!

The funniest Thanksgiving moments on TV ever!

Sadly, this simply is a narrative version of what I've actually been observing take place in Social Media. It reflects a mindset and superior attitude I've been observing for years. This isn't new or unique to Trump/2016.

It may seem harsh, but there has to be accountability.

I would take a post-election stroll in the woods with Hillary. It would probably be an interesting conversation.

While Donald Trump was meeting with President Obama on Thursday to discuss handing over the keys to the White House, Hillary Clinton was taking a much-needed walk in the woods.

Interesting, and I think insightful, commentary from CBS News political correspondent and managing director Will Rahn.

If we want to get a better idea about what's going on in America, we're going to have to embrace humility

If you voted early and want to change how you voted, you have until the end of the business day on Tuesday.

Minnesota early/absentee ballots cannot be cancelled/changed after Nov. 1, 2016.

Mark Dayton bought into Obamacare wholesale in 2011. If he's bailing on the ACA as it is, you know things are very, very bad.

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton on Wednesday said that the increase in health insurance costs in Minnesota highlights “some serious blemishes right now and serious deficiencies” in federal …

Quarter Billion dollars to set up MNSure. It still doesn't work.

DHS says it's resolving a 'system problem' for people in public insurance programs.

MNSure: Premium increases 50 - 67% next year (after huge increases this year and last as well) and now the insurance companies will limit who can enroll in which plans. This is what the beginning of an insurance market death spiral looks like.

About 80% of PCA's didn't vote last time. If you are a PCA and you want a new vote for/against unionization, you can sign a request at . If enough signatures are submitted by Nov 20th there will be another vote.

Not enough personal care attendants cast ballots in unionization vote through SEIU

This video of Hillary's "episode" at the 9-11 memorial is from a different angle than the one most commonly used in online reporting. It clearly show Hillary Clinton unable to take a step under her own power. She says she was overheated. Temps were in the upper 70's and mild humidity at the time. While waiting several minutes for her motorcade, her jacket was kept on, she was not being fanned, not drinking water and not being cooled with a damp cloth. You decide for yourself if her explanation makes sense to you or not.

Hillary Clinton WEAK , faint and goes to hospital

You were promised that Obamacare would save you money. Nope. Now, just this year alone premiums are going to increase more thabn 50% in Minnesota. Some will be as high as 67%! This. Is. Obamacare.

Insurers are asking to raise premiums by an average of more than 50 percent for customers on Minnesota’s individual insurance market. Massive proposed premium increases weren’t a surpri…