In case you missed our Blog post about the National Entrepreneurs Convention in September, here it is.

This is the "must attend" business event for business owners. If you know anyone who is running their own business, share this with them + "Like" as well

You can also grab the early bird discount from our Blog Post.

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Do you want to understand how to make money from Facebook?!

Seriously, making money from it, not just a few fans here and there.

If so, watch the video - That is the path you need to understand how it's done, and we are more than happy to share!



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We are attending the National Entrepreneurs Convention this Autumn, in Birmingham at the ICC. Check out our Blog post to find out about this Must Attend Event!…/

Grab the discount for the National Entrepreneurs Convention held by Nigel Botterill and the Entrepreneurs Circle. This is the must attend business event!

Yet again, we have had another facelift to our Website. It just shows how flexible Wordpress is! Would love to get feedback on our new look!

At SEO Spark, we provide Local SEO Nottingham services and SEO friendly web design for your local business.

We've just done a blog post on "how to use Google+ for SEO" so check it out. It includes some collaboration work from myself and 2 other SEO consultants: Phil Rozek and Travis Van Slooten.

See this post for lots of ways that businesses can use Google+ to improve their Local SEO and web presence in general.

Links will always be a large part of SEO, ever since Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google and introduced it's forward looking search algorithm. But Link Building is always changing and 2012 was an important year for the industry (Go for Quality, not Quantity!)

Check out this fantastic video by Cyrus Sherpard on "Future Proof Link Building!…/high-value-tactics-futureproof-link…

The past 12 months have been brutal for many traditional forms of link building, and many webmasters are left wondering what technique will fall under the hatchet next. In today's Whiteboard Friday, we discuss how to future-proof your links from penalties and, at the same time, deliver higher reward...

When we get a website migration (from an old to a new website), it's important to redirect the old URLs to the new with "reponse codes". It's a bit like a way of telling Google: "That page is now on aisle 14 (Floor 2)". Google likes it when you update them on where things are and reponse codes are for this purpose.

Check out the post from Lindsay Wassell (on SEOMoz) explaining it with cartoon pictures!…/response-codes-explained-with-pictu…

Einstein once said, 'If you can't explain it simply, you don't know it well enough.' It is in this spirit that I present my brick-and-mortar retail store analogy to HTTP Response Codes.

One of our "most asked" questions is "how long does it take to see results in Local SEO"? Our answer to this is usually "it depends on a LOT of factors" (which it does).

My good friend Phil Rozek has just done a killer post on the very topic! Check it out…/how-long-local-seo-…/

Some topics demand epic blog posts. The question of how long it might take your business to see good results from a local SEO campaign is one of those topics.

Page Speed is a vitally important part of an SEO strategy, and we love making our clients websites load faster.

Check out this great SEOMoz article by Modesto Siotos on this very topic.…/why-site-speed-optimisation-should-…

In late 2010, Google publicly announced that site speed was a new signal introduced into their organic search-ranking algorithm. Despite the announcement, has not been an integral part of the SEO agenda and is still given a much lower priority than it deserves. Certainly, out of the box thinking in…

In addition to our post earlier about "mobile responsive websites", check out our new website (redesigned at the start of January). It now has "mobile responsive" in-built, so give it a whirl on your smartphone/ipad/tablet.

At SEO Spark, Nottingham we provide Local SEO services and SEO friendly websites for your local business.

Good Morning all! Check out this article from Kristina Kledzik on the importance of having a mobile "responsive website" both for SEO and a great experience for your users (a lot of whom are on smartphones or tablets).

The great news is that the SEO friendly websites that we provide now have "mobile responsive" in-built - basically means all the elements adapt to look great on the device.

Will Critchlow announced back in November that Distilled's blog was updated with a new responsive design, but it occurred to me recently that we never went into the specifics of why responsive web design is so great. It's been a hot topic in online marketing for the past few months, but is it really...

How are you all getting on with the Snow? Any time off work? It looks like we won't have any for a few days, so there's a bit of recovery on the early morning commuting!

Excellent post from Duke Tanson with a "success story" of using the new Google Disavow Links tool.…/googles-disavow-tool-works-penalty-…

When the Disavow tool was announced by Matt Cutts at Pubcon, this year, there was an uproar of mixed reactions for SEOs across the digital world. Some had a good feeling about and others had their doubts about the real reason behind the introduction, even though Bing has had a similar tool in existe...

Excellent post from my good friend Phil Rozek (in the US) on offline things that damage the local ranking.…/7-ways-to-kill-your…/

There are a million online misadventures that can snuff out your business’s rankings in local search – in the Google+Local (AKA Google Places) search results and everywhere else.

A Classic, and so true!

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This is a good point!

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It's very difficult to choose a winner out of this list. They've all been great in 2012 and contributed lots to the industry.…/2013/01/14/top-seo-women-of-2013-nom…/

Well, we hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s! We’re looking at an amazing year ahead; 2013 will be spectacular in many ways – especially now that we know the world hasn’t end...