The Adventure Continues! This week our newest rescues Harley and Radish got to frolic in greener pastures. They are both doing well in their rehabilitation and receiving much needed love and care from everyone on the farm. ❤️🐴
Happy Friday! Dante wants you all to know that Rachel gives horrible butt scratches, don’t let the faces fool you 😉😂 if you’d like to learn more about volunteering shoot us a message or check out our website at 💞
This is our Hulk. Everything about this boy says Gentle Power. What do you feel when you hear this?
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Jennifer Berry
· October 15, 2017
The horses are amazing and the atmosphere at Serenity allows the place to truly earn its name. Calm and consistent are the two best words to describe this place and the horses are thriving because of! We can always use more volunteers, so if you're considering some volunteer work, consider Serenity! See More
Debbie Bailey
· September 14, 2017
I have passed by and seen this rescue, not knowing there was one so close to home.
Rescues have a huge hearts and love what they do best, taking and showing love to gods creatures that so are well de...serving. I have 3 horses and cherish them like your volunteers and helpers do to your rescues.
Keep up the fabulous work......
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Angie Gorham Cox
· November 19, 2017
Today was my first day of volunteering and I loved it! The horses and pigs are so sweet. Looking forward to each day that I get to be on the farm.
Leslie Jones
· August 3, 2017
I am basing this on what I've seen online - their horses look very well cared for, and happy volunteers, too. The place looks well maintained. I applaud them for their mission and dedication to rescue horses.
Kristen Tera House
· September 2, 2016
As a dedicated volunteer and life-long advocate for rescue and rehabbing animals of all kinds, I am so grateful I found Serenity and have the opportunity every week to care for the horses that I have ...come to love and learn so much from. The farm is clean and peaceful and what is Best for the horses is the primary focus each and every day. Having the opportunity to take classes on horsemanship and learn from Serenity's Director, Patricia, has been so valuable in my understanding of the nature of horses and their care. Serenity is like no other rescue. We do welfare checks, have assisted in helping (and even paying) for other's to humanely euthanize their horses when it has been deemed the best thing. Patricia daily and weekly fields calls from the public asking for assistance with all levels of crisis and she makes the time to educate & provide options and assist where she can. The level of care and devotion demonstrated humbles me.

If you have a heart to help and make a true difference, there is no better place to give time, attention and funding to. There is overwhelming demand for the care of horses left with very few options who are facing neglect, cruelty, abuse and abandonment. Serenity is a bright light in a sometimes very dark reality for these beautiful, intelligent and amazing animals. I am grateful to be a small part of the solution.
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Linda Goodwin
· September 1, 2017
Truly committed and devoted to the health and well-being of all the animals in their care. Wonderful volunteer program.
Auston Cox
· April 1, 2017
I previously left a very negative review that was not intended for this Rescue. After reading my review, Kristen reached out to me . I could tell that she had investigated my claims against them and a...fter finding that I had the wrong rescue she still offered help. That gesture is proof this Rescue truly cares about the well being of all horses! See More
Zeri Hoskins
· February 18, 2015
Love Serenity and love Patricia! After my mom passed away I found Serenity and Patricia and she treated me like her own family... Everyone going through something needs an angel like her to guide them...! I thank you so much Patricia for the time and knowledge you gave me while I was on the farm! I will forever be greatful and in your debt.... I have her and those horses to thank for helping through my rough spot.... Today I am still continuing my love for animals and am almost done with school and will soon have a degree in Veterinary Technology!!!! I hope and pray I land something with a large animal veterinarian!!! Miss you See More
Bradford Goodwin
· November 28, 2015
If you are looking for a place to donate your time or money you would have to look far and wide to find a more deserving and rewarding place. My wife and I have been volunteering here for almost three... years and we love the other volunteers and the animals. See More
Michelle Schunzel-Cherewatenko
· December 30, 2013
Serenity is a peaceful place of hope for horses in need. The time i have spent at serenity as a volunteer has been a form of therapy for me as well. The farm is a beautiful retreat from the hustle o...f the real world, and just being around the horses gives you a sense of calm that cant be found anywhere else. I am so thankful that I have been able to give my time, talent and donations to Serenity over the past several years. It has been a true blessing to help these beautiful creatures regain health and find forever loving homes! Please help if you can! Every little bit helps Serenity continue their mission. See More
Tam Norling
· February 28, 2017
I'm getting a late start but I promise to finish strong.
I plan to hookup with Serenity equine and help in any and all ways they can use me. Including. but not limited to sharing the Facebook posts sh...owing the great work they are doing on behalf of our local animals in need of rescue.
Starting now.
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Loreana Shipley
August 14, 2013
Why pay to work out at a gym? Volunteer at Serenity instead! I never was one to join a gym, pedal or jog without going anywhere or lift weights just to lift weights. But I love going to Serenity, p...utting on my work gloves and working up a good sweat. Interacting with the horses is another perk. I am down over 15# and counting! See More
Dru Osler
· September 27, 2014
Had my first day today. It was invigorating and peaceful at the same time. If you have a love of horses and aren't afraid of the dirty work this is your place! I can't wait to come back!
Beckie Moton
· September 12, 2014
Serenity is a beautiful place. Without the wonderful and selfless work they do for the horses i wouldn't have my beautiful Lightning. Thanks for being the voice of those equines in need.
Nancy Boggs Argelan
· February 23, 2016
Serenity does great work helping abused and neglected horses, which is difficult and expensive work. Please consider donating to this worthy cause.
Linda Goguen
· August 3, 2013
I got the best horse, I have ever owned from here. We truly love Eager Promise (Peggi).
Cheryl Gilbert
· July 10, 2014
Serenity is such a beautiful place. I look forward to volunteering there.
Kim Rooper
· July 22, 2013
Great place, where everybody gets to love on the horses and be involved. Very peaceful, rewarding atmosphere!
Lauren Mikov
· January 1, 2014
Wonderful people with an excellent mission!
Brian Catherson
· June 19, 2014
I loved volunteering there

Yesterday we said goodbye to our beloved Sophia. She came to Serenity with her brother Peanut and her two little sisters over 9 years ago. They all started out living in my house, sleeping under my desk until they got too big to fit anymore and moved to the barn. Sophia is on the end with her eye makeup on. . . reminding us of Sophia Loren, whom she was named after!
She was friends with everyone on the farm. She was the first to greet me when I went to the barn in the morning letting everyone know it was time for breakfast. She was very loved and will be missed by us all. Love you Sophia!

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Serenity Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation is celebrating Horse Life ♥️🐴.

Our Beautiful and Spirited Girl, Keona...if you’ve visited the farm and had a chance to meet her, you know right away just how much intelligence and personality she holds. Am I right?

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