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Pamela Pirozzi Areephituk
· November 22, 2017
I came to Dr. Charlie at 30wks pregnant. My baby was breech and I researched ways of getting her to flip into position. Chiropractic care was on the list. He adjusted me a couple times and immediately... I felt more relaxed and open. The rest of my pregnancy felt like a breeze and I’m happy to report baby did flip and I was able to avoid a c-section and deliver naturally. Even though she was 2 days late, she was perfect and healthy. Since then, both me and baby have come back to get readjusted as it all took a toll on our bodies. I’ve also gotten worked on for a cold and congestion and felt awesome the next day. We will continue to come as needed. Thank you Dr. Charlie! We love you! See More
Nick Esposito
· November 5, 2017
Ok so Thursday morning, I got up and went to work like any other normal day of the week, but my back really started bother me. It hurt when I breathed and the pain was coming from my left shoulder on my back. I looked up a couple of places and called Sesto Family Chiropractic Center. Charlie Sesto worked wonders on my back and said I pulled a rib out. It felt amazing after I went and saw him. I would recommend him every time. See More
Alex Tobin
· January 31, 2018
Today i went to see dr chuck aka uncle chuck my lower back was so sore and tight i could barely workout and when I practiced at the range i lost about 10-15 yards on my shots. This morning i went for adjustment and then i went to the golf range . My backswing and follow through were so much looser and everything felt normal. My 10-15 yards lost were regained after my adjustment. Thank you so much for helping me. He is a great chiropractor and great guy See More
Maria Carollo Micle
· October 25, 2017
My daughter was in severe pain with her shoulder to which orthopedic had no availability until next week. Thankfully -Sesto Chiropractor was able to see her right away, sent her for x-rays and got he...r results ASAP. Luckily it’s just a sprain and not a tear that he will be treating her for. He was very good in explaining things to me in non text book terms. Thank you Cirino for taking good care of my daughter. See More
Joey Caps
· February 2, 2018
I came in for the first time this week with shooting/stabbing pain and Dr. Sesto in just 2 visits brought my pain down to a much more manageable level and I look forward to continuing treatments to kn...ock this out See More
Mike Aniboli
· August 14, 2017
For the past two years I have been dealing with a lingering hip issue. My entire body was twisted, causing severe pain throughout the right side of my body. In only a few weeks Dr. Sesto has made pain nearly disappear. His unique adjustments and core exercises have changed how I live my life. He is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate chiropractor. I would highly recommend !!! See More
Carolyn Volpe
· September 5, 2017
I have to give a shout-out to Dr. Sesto of Sesto Family Chiropractic Center. We are in the 11th month of my daughter (age 14) living with a herniated disc. Kendal has been through the gamut of medical... care: x-rays, MRIs, Urgent Care, Ped, Chiropractic care, PT, to a back surgeon who told us this would heal on its own and sent her right back to PT - no results... On to acupuncture! We thought it was helping at first, but in no time she was back to square one on the pain level. That was up until 2 weeks ago when Dawn Michele urged me to go to HER chiropractor, Dr. Sesto. All three of Dawn's kids yelled "We LOVE him!!!" This man is passionate about helping people, especially kids. He couldn't believe that with everyone that has treated Kendal, no one could heal her after all this time. When I read him her MRI findings, he said "I CAN FIX HER..." I wanted to believe it. I was cautiously optimistic and put all of my trust and faith in him. He is dedicated, highly competent, explains everything, and is very entertaining through it all!!! He also helped her with sinus congestion today. She sounded like the Aflac duck when we walked in and came out with a clear nose. In TWO WEEKS time, this man has brought her pain r-e-l-i-e-f; something I was starting to seriously lose hope for... Dr. Sesto was two weeks ahead of schedule in getting her to this point!!! She's missed out on so much and suffered unnecessarily for so long. Now, thanks to him, my girl gets to be a kid again ♥ Her first day of school will be PAIN FREE :D Thank you, Dr. Sesto ~ we are eternally grateful!!!!! See More
Kelly Walz
· February 24, 2018
I can’t say enough good things about dr Sesto and the help he has given me!!
Megan Bruno Connell
· December 15, 2017
Thank you Sesto Family Chiropractic!
Being a side sleeper does a number on my shoulder. After telling Cirino what I was feeling he stretched it and today I feel amazing.
Kristy Winters
· April 27, 2017
I have had a herniated disc for over 3 years. I never thought I would get any relief from anything other than steroid injections. Dr. Sesto is knowledgeable and takes his time to explain his course of... treatment and why he has chosen this path for you. My pain has greatly reduced over the past month or so I have been seeing him. Would recommend him to everyone! See More
Charles J. Maneri
· March 11, 2017
I've dealt with chronic back pain for months, Dr. Sesto has changed my life for the better! He is courteous and explained everything as he was doing it. Every time I leave the office I feel a amount of relief! Go check out the office today, you won't be disappointed. See More
Christian Drickman
· October 25, 2016
Went there for my first visit in excruciating pain from sciatica that was affecting my business and my personal life and my time with my family. Left after my first visit feeling some relief already. ...Now after five sessions I starting feel like my old self again able to play with my daughter and have a good time and work is not affected anymore. Thanks to Dr. Sesto I'm starting to feel great again See More
Felicia Mulholland
· October 18, 2016
Dr. Sesto is amazing! I have been to a few different chiropractors and he is by far the best! I can tell he is very knowledgable and I love that he tells you exactly why he is doing certain treatments..., so relieved I finally found the perfect chiropractor! See More
John Schiavone
· September 30, 2016
Dr Sesto ... is the Best Chiropractor ever...he treats you like Family and explains step by step what he is about to do . My kids love going and have never been Healthier. ����
Melissa Coyle
· June 24, 2017
Dr. Sesto is amazing! He helped my back pain during both of my pregnancies and now helps my daughter with torticolis!
Lorie Yates
· October 23, 2016
Greatest guy!! Makes you feel comfortable. A smile from the reception personal through out the whole practice. Close to all.
Annamarie Tucker
· August 20, 2016
I love this practice! Dr. Sesto is the best!
Starting kids on chiropractic care early helps build a strong immune system and promotes a healthy lifestyle for our future generations.
Stay on top of your game with chiropractic care. Here we see another young athlete reaching her optimal potential by incorporating chiropractic care into her training and conditioning. With care, she will maintain maximum range of motion, core stabilization and physical endurance to excel at her sport. Call or come in today for a free consultation

And here we go again folks, For the third tuesday in a row we are faced with yet another winter storm. Please be safe, and as always we will be available for those who need it 631-450-4773

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[6pm Monday update] - A Winter Storm Watch has been issued for the entire region beginning Tuesday night and continuing through the day on Wednesday. Snowfall t...otals have been increased and the steadier precipitation is now expected to start earlier. For more details see

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Once again a coastal storm will affect Lindenhurst. Please be safe. The office will be on standby as we are regularly closed on Tuesdays. Our phones will be open and will do what we can to help. Please be kind to our town and village workers who were already called in to work and will be working tirelessly through the night to maintain our roads

Stay safe in yet another nor’ easter. And as always,

Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well


Sesto Family Chiropractic Center

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10 PM Monday Night:

The water vapor imagery is indicating an intensifying storm east of the Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Notice the cloud tops northwest of t...he center of low pressure. This is the beginning of the formation of the intense precipitation shield northwest of the low pressure center.

As this area of lift and precipitation expands, it will impact the eastern half of the area overnight into Tuesday morning.

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Starting kids on chiropractic care early helps build a strong immune system and promotes a healthy lifestyle for our future generations.

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Once again....stay safe Lindenhurst the office will be open during regular business hours unless otherwise posted.

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[9:30am Tuesday] - Here's a timeline of what to expect with the upcoming storm.

West Babylon Soccer Club

Professionally trained G2002/2003 team looking for a few new players to complete roster. Teams training and goal is to focus on college showcase tournaments. Message or email @ if interested in attending an open practice.

The North Lindenhurst Junior Fire Dept. will be hosting its annual spaghetti dinner fund raiser tomorrow $20pp. Come help support your future firefighters. To be held at the North Lindenhurst Fire Department 1630 straight path

Heidi Schmidt-Cappolla. Better get while the gettin is good

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Adjusting the thoracic spine helps reduce restrictions throughout the ribs and allows for a much deeper breath causing the lungs to fill with air more effectively helping push out stagnant fluids reducing the chances of getting sick. Kids respond to care almost immediately by taking a deep breath after the adjustment starting the process of the body's ability to heal and repair itself making it (the body) more effective at fending off germ invasion. It's never too late to get healthy

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My patients are my family for sure. Thank you for your continued support and trust in me!!

Heidi Schmidt-Cappolla to EyesOnLindy

I have said it before, but it’s worth saying again. Dr. Cirino Sesto has been helping my Son keep his body ready for sports and help him with his Dystonia Dissa...bility, He has helped my daughter for soccer and many other Lindy athletes. Now my husband with back pain from fender bender. He treats ever person like his own family. You will walk out feeling better and with tons of information. I strongly recommend going here. You won’t regret it. He is also a
Lindy resident and graduate.

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Improve Your Children's Health in Three Easy Steps

Let's face facts: It's getting increasingly difficult for kids to grow up healthy these days. Between the technology explosion that keeps them glued to the iPod, X-box and cellphone for days, to the empty-calorie snacks filling the average home's cupboard, to the discontinued PE programs at school, children are growing up at a faster pace than ever.

As a parent, what can you do? Small changes can make a big difference; here are a few to get you started:

1. Just say no ... to candy and soda. Eliminating these two items alone from the home reduces your child's daily exposure to potentially thousands of empty calories and hundreds of grams of diabetes-promoting, obesity-contributing sugars. The main culprit being HFCS or High Fructose Corn Syrup. Trust me, your kids will still enjoy their fair share of these two non-nutritive pleasures at special occasions, but they don't need to be a daily routine. Remove it from the household and you'll be doing your kids a major health favor.

2. High-tech, low use ... is the catch phrase to remember when it comes to your children's use of technology. Yes, they can play video games; yes, they can have a cell phone at an appropriate age; yes, they can use the home computer – but set a per-child limit that's tied into their TV time so as not to exceed 1-2 hours daily. If they want to play a video game for an hour, that's fine, but don't let them linger for two hours and then move right into another hour of TV time. Take control and let technology be a blessing, not a health burden.

3. Move it or lose it ... by making exercise a daily requirement, not a fun option. Children respond to schedules and routine; that's why you post the list of chores, the school schedule, and the calendar of family activities on the refrigerator. But why not exercise, too? Block out 30-60 minutes, minimum, each day for your children to do something active, whether it's riding bikes, running an obstacle course, playing a sport, doing a quick routine of low-impact exercises, or anything else that elevates their heart rate, burns a few calories and, most importantly, gets them off the couch while developing a mindset of, exercise is an important part of my life every day!

With childhood obesity becoming a major concern among health care providers and parents alike, there's no better time than now to plant lifelong seeds of good health by teaching your children these and other healthy habits. Call today for an appointment and lets get healthy together,

As Always,
Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well

With Sesto Family Chiropractic Center

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Saturdays are for the spine.

This is my story: last year I suffered a severe disc herniation in my lower back. I was bed ridden for 4 days and was in debilitating pain for more than 3 months. I slowly started rehabilitation in my office and was on a few steroidal and non steroidal anti inflammatory meds for those 3 months. Since then I've been slowly recovering and have been able to do more with less pain and discomfort Today for the first time in over a year I was able to do cardio on a treadmill and elliptical without any pain. Today starts my journey. My journey is to regain my strength drop some weight that I gained from being sedentary for a year and stay healthy and overcome this injury. I will be starting a vlog soon to document how chiropractic treatments, core stability exercises and cardio all play an active roll in helping the body heal and achieve its optimal performance. I'm turning back the clock on the "I'm getting old" excuses. For now. Here is my MRI showing massive disc extrusion and severe nerve root compression. By the way, I've been in practice for almost 18 years and this is the worst MRI I've seen; the top picture you can see a big blob in a space where it shouldn't be. That's looking at my spine from the side and the bottom picture shows the same blob looking at it from the top. The nerves are compressed and buried in the extruded disc. Fond memories for sure. Look for progress posting periodically. For now, Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well. I know I will.

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Back hurt from shoveling snow? We've got you covered! The office will be open today from 10:30-12. Walk-ins are always welcome get a spinal re alignment before you get worse. 631-450-4773

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