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Had a great time at The Grove #GroveChristmas Tree Lighting this past weekend, singing with Lea Michele and Rachel Platten.

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Right now, Donald Trump stands as the only head of state in the free world who does not accept the scientific consensus that climate change is being driven by humans, despite the fact that all post-Industrial Revolution data resoundingly indicates otherwise. Other nations are worrying that he and his administration will back out of the Paris Agreement, ending the era in which America was poised to be a key leader in the fight to combat global heating.
Now I'm a liberal, but...

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Donald, you are now the President-elect. If you continue to be this thin-skinned, you will drive yourself mad and take us all down with you. In addition, it was my understanding that freedom of the press in America was a basic Constitutional right to be celebrated. At least the America I know.

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Trump's climate contrarian Myron Ebell is Public Safety Enemy No. 1. Anything less is putting lipstick on a pig. Which is... kinda what that photo looks like.

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The real news right now is Trump's appointment of Myron Ebell to head the EPA transition team.

This is nothing short of a long-term disaster.

The man is a legendary science-denier who believes global warming is "nothing to worry about." ...
He has said, "I'm not a climate scientist. I'm just giving you the informed layman's perspective. If science is going to be discussed in the public arena, then shouldn't people other than scientists be allowed to participate? Isn't that what a representative democracy is?
Yes, Myron. Democracy means everyone has a voice. But that doesn't mean I'm equally as qualified to practice surgery as an actual surgeon is. If I tried, the results would be predictably horrible. A "layman's perspective" wouldn't really help me or the patient.
That's why we have experts in various fields of scientific study, and we advance knowledge by embracing their discoveries. And we all benefit from that advancement.

Ebell's statements would be funny if they weren't so ominous. The reality of climate change is accepted by the majority of Americans, and they want something done about it. Period.
We are the only advanced nation that still has our head in the sand. NASA tells us that there is a consensus among 98% of the world's climate scientists that this is happening, and that we are contributing to it.
Trump and Ebell would have us believe that all those scientists are part of some mass scam job. This is as outrageously absurd as a liberal conspiracy theorist claiming the Bush administration was behind 9/11. And it sounds just as insane.

An easy lesson for Ebell and Trump: Science is like any other profession in that it's extremely competitive. If a scientist publishes a research paper containing factual flaws or poorly-researched information, a throng of other scientists will immediately set out to expose him/her. The institution polices itself. Thus, when this many climatologists come together in agreement on an issue, it's as noteworthy as the medical community uniting in the assertion that smoking causes lung disease, and just as irrational to deny.

Americans overwhelmingly want action on climate change. To demonstrate a respect for that and a respect for science would have been an enormous uniting gesture on the part of Donald Trump. But that didn't happen. And I cannot get behind a President who sells off our future to the oil companies. Donald, you ran an incredibly divisive, confrontational campaign that basically told a lot of us to go fuck ourselves. As a result, the responsibility for reaching out and making an effort to unify the country is on YOU. Not us. And a good way to begin would be to cease trying to make a buck at the expense of our children's future.

You also campaigned on change. Now make good on it. Ditch the delusional Ebell and appoint someone who represents the will of the people.

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And the greatest irony of all: Trump's opposite reaction in 2012 when he thought Romney won the popular vote. These protesters are just following the example of their dear leader.

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When the President-elect of the United States tweets that a protest is "unfair," that's dangerous rhetoric. And it shows yet again exactly who Donald Trump puts first: Donald Trump. Despite the fact that these people were and are exercising their First Amendment rights, he felt they spoiled his big night, and he got petulant. That is not the reaction of a President. That is the reaction of King Joffrey.

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World could warm by massive 10C if all fossil fuels are burned:

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@SethMacFarlane @micnews "Congress challenges NASA to get to Jupiter's moon Europa while cutting their funding". I fixed it for you.

Here's the new trailer for a cool talking picture I'm in--

Sing - In Theaters This Christmas Illumination has captivated audiences all over the world with the beloved hits Despicable Me, Dr....…

It is truly insane that we have not investigated Europa's ocean yet.