The Sevier County Sheriff’s Department is asking the public’s help identifying the male in this video. They believe he may have information about a stolen wallet that was taken at Kroger in Seymour on Wednesday December 2nd. Anyone with information is asked to call the Criminal Instigation Division at 865-428-1899. You can remain anonymous.
Prostitution sting yields arrests-
The Sevier County Sheriff's Office Kids Camp is now FULL. Camp Orientation will be held at 6:30 pm at the Sevier County Sheriffs Office Special Operations Center: 735 Middle Creek Road in Sevierville across from Leconte Medical Center. If your child is attending the camp, please make plans to attend this meeting.

We’d like to thank our deputies, who volunteered their time today to help raise money at the “Hoops for Heroes” - Relay for Life Basketball tournament. All proceeds from today’s tournament will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Great job guys!

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Kaley Sexton
· February 12, 2018
I would give a five, because I respect our officers, and law enforcement, but after my car got totaled sitting in my private driveway, by a women who didn’t have license or insurance, she was begging not to call the cops. When the cops arrived, she couldn’t provide any identification until she finally pulled a passport. She totaled our vehicle, but got to drive her vehicle home as she pulled off she was laughing at me because I was crying (new neighbors), and within an hour after the cops left, she was on the road again, and backed into the ditch. Shouldn’t of her car been towed? I picked up the police report, after being told she got ticketed for both. She was actually only ticketed for no insurance. I was told by the lady,where you pick the report up I should call the officer, and ask. I did, and it’s been two weeks and I haven’t heard back. I also called about possibly getting two car seats, because I had to replace them, and got no call back.
My other thing is I believe where I live needs to be monitored more, there’s two well know drug houses and plenty of felons around. In 2015, a women trying to get to one of the said drug houses pulled into my yard, and almost ran over my two year old, and myself. I confronted her, and she was out of her mind. The officers let her drive off free, when she was obviously intoxicated/high. we are five minutes from the park, and five minutes from the middle school, people drive like a bat of hell, and you can see drug deals go on a daily, have anything that’s not physically nailed down stolen.

I also feel like an anonymous line needs to be in place, Because of the super sketchy things that goes down. When someone’s waking around in hoodies and carrying things walking around at midnight.. I’d just like to call and report it, and not get questioned about who I am, where I live. Etc.
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Philip Tomlins
· January 11, 2018
Deputy Justin Johnson - Still on Duty. How does your sick minds work that you can justify this. Has a panic attack, discharges weapon in a populated area & we charge the people who 'MAY' have caused panic attack. Did you recognise the bravery of Michael O’Connor (who didn't panic)? The one person who had the guts to stand up to your psychotic officer and ensure everybody was safe. Guess not. Got to protect the thin blue line & admitting that Michael O’Connor did something good, means your officer must have done something bad. Cop Logic. See More
Craig Yake
· January 13, 2018
The world is watching! How ridiculous of a charge is this crap!!!!! Your thug with his shiny badge is a loose cannon! You need serious mental help! All of you! And this is in my country! Oh hell no yo...u people got to go! Assistant Public Defender Aaron Kimsey says these charges are only being brought because Mullinax was suing the county. See More
Brooke Kratchoff
· August 17, 2017
My name is Brooke Kratchoff, my mother Dewana Allen and I were rescued by a sheriff at the last minute the night of the fire at 12:30 am. We were so scared that I never got his name.. we live at 2103 ...Redmond Way. He saved our lives and I have no way to thank him for that. But I want him to know that he is an unbelievable man. He literally put his life on the line when no one else would or could. We did not expect him. They told us nobody was coming and to save ourselves. He drove like nothing I can describe. I understand that is his duty, but he really is a hero. We hope the best for him. He will always be in our hearts. See More
Larisa Cooper
· January 23, 2018
Dispatcher Billy took our initial call and was very professional and detail oriented. He assured us that a Deputy would be on the way to take our report soon.

Deputy Sellars was prompt and extremely... professional. He was very detailed and courteous while taking a report for us. We are thankful for such wonderful professionals serving our community. See More
Teri Stern Taylor Huskey
· March 12, 2018
I just want to give a shout out to Ofc. Rhodes. We had a need to have a report taken yesterday and she came to the house to take the report. She was absolutely professional, courteous and very helpfu...l in resolving the matter. She is a credit to the department and I thank her!! See More
Courtney Apperson
· November 26, 2017
All of us at Tennessee Bonding Company want to thank you guys for all of your hard work that you do on a daily basis!! Keep up the good work for our communities!!! �
Mike Clarke
· January 11, 2018
As a Tennessean, Its not a good look for your department and sheriff.
Using Deputy Johnson's "breakdown" and attempted murder of an unarmed American to then counter sue the victim.

Raise the standard.
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Ed Spangler
· March 12, 2018
I Think the Sevier County Sheriffs Office, led by Sheriff Seals, Chief Deputy Michael Hodges, Phillip Davis, Robert Stoffle, Richard Stoffle and Excellent Deputies such as Tim Herzog,Bruce Belitz, Ogle, Matt Rennie, Tommy Cowden, Randal Mitchell, Megan Gamble and MANY,MANY Others are a Professional; dedicated group of People! See More
Harold Wilbert
· January 15, 2018
Way to go charging a man laying face down with assault because your officer has a mental disorder. How the officer has not been reprimanded is beyond my comprehension. Go blur privilege.
Brittani Beauford
· January 13, 2018
Why in the HELL is that nutcase Justin Johnson still on duty?? What the hell is wrong with you?? Are yall dumb or what??
Sherry Smith
· March 17, 2018
Still disgusted with the way the arned police officer endangered civilian lives and the lives of the paramedics. No excuse for panic attacks on duty!!
Chris Crepeau
· October 16, 2017
Feeling safe, citizens of Sevier County? I just watched a Sheriff’s deputy lose his crap and fire randomly, then had a full blown panic attack and had to be disarmed by a paramedic. WTF?!?!

Oh, he’s ...also still “protecting and serving”! See More
Jeremy Wade
· September 24, 2017
I got a ticket last night on my bike ,cop said i was reving my engine at a stop light i tried to tell him it wasnt me but he came back and gave me a ticket he said "because i wanted to argue with him" i wasnt arguing i was just letting him kmow it wasnt me but as long as he feels good about it whatever See More
Tabitha Kay Taylor
· November 15, 2016
Dear sheriff,

This is addressed to the sheriff car who cut people off and sped down the spur while using no turn signals and then crossed a double line into oncoming traffic on ridge road in Gatlinbu...rg, Tn because the person in front of you was going the speed limit. At first I thought that perhaps you were going to an emergency but you never once used your lights probably because your dash cam is activated by them. I am glad that you see yourself as above the traffic laws and the safety of the citizens you were driving hazardously around. If I could have pulled you over for the four traffic violations I saw you commit I would have.
I just want to get to work safely.
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Linda Hodges
· February 8, 2017
My husband and myself are life long citizens of Sevier County and would live nowhere else. This county is blessed to have such a man as Sheriff Seals at the helm of the department. From our own experi...ences learned by talking with my son about his work as a road officer with the department , and meeting other officers over the years he works with from time to time, it is apparent the department is run by the best man for the job. Sheriff Seals, or Hoss as we have always known him for 40 years. Our prayers go with all the officers for their continued safety fulfilling the performance of their duties. See More
Derek Sorensen
· October 7, 2017
they are great people they do there job very well I have met a couple of them at a car show very nice guys
Karen Brown
· January 28, 2016
Please share this post. I want to apologize for this rant but I feel like I need to speak my mind. I was coming home from the grocery store to drive by a moma dog being attacked by 5 stray dogs near... 1078 Matthews Hollow Road, Sevierville near Wahoo Ziplines. I slammed on my brakes and jumped out of the car to help this dog without thinking about my own well being. There has been stray dogs in this area for at least 10 years. I immediately called Sevier County Animal Control to report this incident and dispatch immediately sent several officers out. Upon their arrival, I found out that the owners of the surrounding properties would not let animal control set traps for these dogs or would stole their traps. About 2 months ago, one of our dogs got attacked at our mailbox. In the past several years, we have had about 4-5 dogs attacked or killed by these dogs. What has to happen to stop this? That could have been my grandson instead of a dog. Matthew Hollow residents, please help. Please give permission for animal control to set traps so our neighbor children and family pets can stay safe. Big thanks to Sevier County Animal Control (Corporal Phillip King and the 2 other officers) for your help. See More
Keith Lynn
· May 2, 2017
Excellent work performed by Detective J. Huddleston and Phil Kings in the recovery of my service dog.
Mr. Huddleston I was at my end when I lost my temper and this is an official apogolgy. I'm so sorr...y for my bad lanuage and attitude. I understand that it was your actions that lead to the rescue of my dog. I can't begin to thank you enough and once again I am truly sorry. See More
Morgan Nicole Henschen
· March 27, 2015
On the morning of Monday, March 9th, 38 weeks pregnant, I woke up to a very intense contraction. "It'll pass," I thought. It had happened that way many times before. (Preterm labor is awful)

But it d...idn't pass. Contractions kept coming. I sent my wonderful doctor a message, hurriedly got myself ready, and called my husband. My mom had kept our other baby the night before, so I was alone. I was nervous, and I knew I needed to hurry.

As soon as I was in the car, I called 911 and had them patch me through to the Sevier County Sheriff's Department. I told the dispatcher, "I'm in labor and trying to get to my doctor... please don't pull me over." The first thing she did was ask if I needed her to get me an ambulance. "No," I told her, "I'm fine...I just really need to NOT stop."

She asked me what I was driving & told me to put my hazard lights on and drive quickly but safely. "I've got an officer looking for you. He can't "escort" you, but he's going to follow you in." She then stayed on the phone with me, making sure the officer found me & keeping me calm. She asked if there was anyone I needed her to call & which way my husband would be coming in.

The officer stayed right with me. He helped me get through the heavy morning traffic smoothly. He even went above and beyond, walking right in to the office with me, making sure I was safe with someone who could help me.

I feel like an idiot because I never got the names of the two who helped me. My hope is that one of them or someone who knows them will see this post. I will forever be grateful to them, though, because they were instrumental in Ahlwen's safe arrival. He was born less than 4 hours after I arrived at the hospital. True, I still would have made it in plenty of time, but I don't want to think about how much more stressful it would have been without their help... so thank you. I hope I can find you and thank you in person some day.
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