What's your favorite spicy recipe?

From subtly spicy jalapeño to blowtorch-level habanero, here are 11 ways to get all fired up.

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Up early, making samples!

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What does your food preference say about you?

When it comes to chilies and peppers and other spicy ingredients, some people like a little, some like a lot, and others aren’t happy...|By NBC News

NYC people, come to Vegan Drinks tonight for your chance to win a gift set of Shaia's Hot Sauce! All proceeds go to Vegan Outreach with food from Killer Vegan. I look forward to seeing you!

It's lunchtime! I'm having a Philly cheese panini with seitan, portobello mushrooms, onion, Daiya cheddar cheese, Vegenaise, mustard vinaigrette, and Shaia's Original Hot Sauce!

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Today marks six months since Shaia's Hot Sauce debuted (albeit immature) at Jivamuktea Cafe in NYC! We have already come a long way in such a short period of time. We look forward to many more years to come!

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Check out this awesome article from Smithsonian Magazine about the Ghost pepper, native to India.

"What accounts for the seemingly vast range in people’s tolerance for capsaicin? Some of it, of course, is genetics. Just as the number and density of taste receptors varies from tongue to tongue, so does the pain receptor count. (But not in a correlative way; so-called supertasters are not necessarily more sensitive to capsaicin.) According to Bryant, tolerance is more built tha...n born. Just as bagpipes and muskets may damage auditory nerves, capsaicin gradually destroys the pain receptors that respond to it. Bryant gives the example of Mexican children introduced to capsaicin as young as 4 or 5, in the form of chili candies. By the time they’re adults, their receptor load has been devastated. 'What would scorch your palate off is a pleasant burn to them.'"

What does your tolerance look like?

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Chiliheads crave the heat that hurts so good, but nothing compares to the legendary superhot that spices life in remote India

Shaia's Ghost Hot Sauce uses one of the world's hottest peppers! Do you have what it takes to try this?

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We have had some minor delays in processing the perk orders. About half have been shipped but the other half will be shipped next week. Thanks for your patience!

It's lunchtime! Here's a burrito with all the necessary fillings. Buffalo seitan (made with Shaia's Original Hot Sauce), black beans, brown rice, mixed greens, avocado, and chimichurri sauce. Served with a few drops of Shaia's Original.

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Thank you to "A Life Vegan" (run by Sarah Leonard) for giving this page a shout out and the extra push it needed to get to 100 likes! Visit her page for an awesome blog "from food to fashion, covering a little bit of everything that makes a life veg*n."

Good morning, y'all! Overnight we got a couple likes. The 100th like was Gretchen Primack! Her and who she learned of the page from will get a FREE bottle of Shaia's Hot Sauce. Thanks so much! Remember, if you are in NYC, stop by Jivamuktea Cafe to give it a try.

Hello everyone! Our Indiegogo campaign ended a few days ago. We didn't raise all the funds but we got over $500! Huge thank you to everyone who contributed. Now we are working on contacting all of the funders to figure out which flavors of hot sauce they'd like. Perks will be shipped before June 25th. Thanks again and remember to keep sharing the page. We still haven't got 100 likes! Prize goes to the 100th like and the person who recommended them!

Only 8 likes away from 100! Share away! Person who recommends the 100th like gets a surprise!

Big thanks to the most recent contribution from Diane Sorbi! Thanks so much!

Taco toast with gluten-free bread, sour cream, avocado, black beans, chimichurri, and Shaia's Original Hot Sauce!

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