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Holding her side, the elf sank down. Blood stained her fingers and seeped from the deep wound just under her ribs. Her head pounded in pain but Shamaya shook it off. She had left Grael and Rin back at the hut and now was beginning to regret it.
"Why... am I so retarded..." She kept quiet as she applied pressure to her wound.

The girl bit back a sound as she sat on the ground of the forest floor. Grael was mad, taking her bag with the potions, her clothing, her medicine. Her injured leg throbbed from the large gash on the side. Her vision long ago having returned to black, Shamaya bit her lip and rested back. ~This.... can't be good.~ The young elf thought to herself.

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Shamaya sighed as she stepped from the lake and pulled her hair back. The small dragon rested peacefully on her shoulder as she pulled her jacket on.
The dragon flew off and shifted into his humanoid self, taking her hand and leading her from the waters edge.
~Watch your step Maya.~ He noted. The girl rolled her eyes and followed him as her temper rose.

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The young girl yawned and stretched from her spot on the tree limb above the round. The small Dragon curled on her shoulder yawned softly and nuzzled her cheek. Shamaya sang softly to herself.
"I think...I think we need to travel some more Grael." she said quietly as she tightened the protective cloth over her eyes and jumped down.

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