Thanks to the Occupy Nl organizers for their cooperation in helping us clean up Harbourside Park in preparation for the summer season. Council has been very supportive and the group has been respectful and cooperaive and I believe that the point of the original occupation has been made. .I support the ideals of this movement . Great inequities and social injustice are a major and growing problem.There will be other ways to grow this movement and keep the message. alive. I agree with David Bell when he said that the way forward will be to occupy minds.

If you live in Ward 2 and are interested in the future of your neignhourhood and your city ,now is your change to have your say. Open House this afternoon 2 to 4 and a public meeting tonight at 7,pm on Ward 2 issues and concerns , May 9th), Foran Room, City Hall. We are plannig for our future City. Hope to see you there.


Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend. Drive safely, drink moderately, sign loudly, enjoy yourselves and Top of the Morning to Everyone !

I'm back on face book after a bit of an absence keeping up. Largely due to time constraints but one of my New Year Resolutions is to keep in touch through Face Book. Love to hear from you.

The debate on the future of the Signal Hll proposal for a subdivision at Deadmans Pond will be on Monday night. It looks as if the land is crown land so Council will not be constrained by the issue that this land was privately owned. Hopefully we can win this "Battle of Signal Hill", and keep the landscape of this special place in trust for future generations.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Happy City Forum , "Your City Your Ideas|", at City Hall on Saturday. Great discussionss and great ideas. Active and engaged citizens who really CARE about the future of our city are the greatest gift a City can have. Apathy is the enemy of democracy; so keep caring and keep up the discussions.

Last weekend 1400 delegates from Newfoundland and Labrador Municipalities caame to visit. It's great to hear what's happening in communities all over the province.Everyone had a great time and from the shopping bags I saw comming back to the hotels it looks as if our local retailers had a great time as well. Congratulations to Debbie Hanlon and the Conference Organizing Committee.

Just getting back to normal from two major conventions which took place in our beautiful City. Last weekend The Heritage Canada Foundation delegates were here from all over Canada. Great sessions and lots of good information about the value of our heritage assets. Delegates were very impressed with St. John's and many expressed an interest in returing for a vacation.

What a great weekend! I spent the whole weekend enjoying the grea big time. outdoors in one way or another and all I can remember is sun. What a difference a few days can make. My weather amnesia has kicked in big time . There are so many geat things to do and see I can't keep up with it all.

Is this rain ever going to end? I love the way the City looks so green but enough is enough.

An innovative refurb of structures with heritage value for re-use as Class A office space!

Welcome to the Tower Corporate Campus, the premier business address in the heart of the Waterford Valley in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

The St. John's International Women's Film Festival is urging you to get your films in before Friday!!!

The G.I.R.L. Run Club starts next month! Get into running for life

G.I.R.L.’s Run Club is gearing up another great summer of running. We are a free learn-to-run training program for girls from Grade 7 to Grade 9. We will be running outside on the trails around the Memorial University. Committed volunteers will support group runs.

There's a new blog post on my website about affordable housing. Check it out!

One of Shannie's top priorities as a public servant is to help ensure that all citizens have affordable housing. Read her thoughts on the Municipal Government's role in this challenge.

Thumbs us to a new exhibition at The Rooms. OIL, a photographic exhibition by internationally renowed Canadian photographer, Edward Burtynsky is a must see for anyone interested in the future of our planet. The photography is incredible and thought provoking. It will run until August 15th. Check it out

Looking out at the rain and grey sky, it's hard to believe that it's Spring .But it s and there's lot's of litter around so grap a garbage bag andjoin you neighbourhood. It's "Take Pride Take Action " time again, May 15th to June 15th sponsored b St. John' Clean and Beautiful. If we all do a little bit our city will really look as good as it does on "Republic of Doyle".

Tucked deep in last Saturday's paper was a call for comments on a document that the City is preparing called the "Integrated Community Sustainability Plan."

But, what the heck is it? How can people comment on something they don't understand?

Fear not! Happy City has done some investigating and here's a brief summary.


Executive Summary:

Canada gives money to Newfoundland and Labrador, who in term distribute the funds to St. John's to fund their environmental and community sustainability projects. The City has to show that they will use the money appropriately by presenting an ICSP document.

Lower-Level Staff Summary (Coles Notes Version):

We're getting millions for sustainability projects.  Yay!We're getting millions for sustainability projects. Yay!On August 1, 2006 an agreement was made between Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador called "Agreement on the Transfer of Federal Gas Tax Revenues." [PDF] Basically, that's the program that distributes the money Canada makes for taxing us at the pumps.

The agreement says that we, as a province, have to divvy up the money and give it to municipalities to pay for environmental and community sustainability.

That means funding for things like transit system, waste management, clean water, and "active transportation" like bike lanes, roads, better bridges, and traffic control, etc.

One of the requirements for the City to get their share of the money (and for us that's millions of dollars!), we had to do up a plan to show that we'll use the money appropriately.

For St. John's part, what they did was go through the Municipal plan and basically summarize it into a format that meets the criteria of the ICSP.

Actually, it's a pretty decent document that can help people understand what the City Staff do day-to-day and what sort of plan we have in place to guide our growth. We've got the PDF at our website. (The city does too, but people always have trouble downloading PDFs there.)

Part of the requirements in writing the ICSP is that the City must get input from the community on what the document should include. And basically the province is assuming we'll use the plan to dictate how we spend the money, so it's important that the document is a good one.

So, what can or should you do as a concerned citizen?

Happy City will be submitting some thoughts, so you can read the document (click here) and discuss it on the facebook page, on the Happy City website, or you can go ahead and send your thoughts (can just be a one-liner, even) to:

Go for it: this is your city, and City Staff have asked for your input. Tell 'em what you think!
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There is a great depiction of what the harbour will look like with the Fortis and EastPort developments here:

Page 47-The Official St. John's Project Thread Atlantic Provinces