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If your in Singapore - come spend next three days with me, we have couple spaces for Online Business Summit :-)

Just completed a case-study on $5Million Commissions with MOBE...

Tonight, I will be personally delivering a top earner masterclass in MOBE since I'm about to cross $5,000,000.00 in commissions is about to organize a complimentary, emergency briefing webinar....

On this no cost to attend online training webinar, I'm going to share 3 of the biggest secrets that have generated massive commissions in MOBE and created a SEVEN FIGURE a year side income fo...r him.

Here's what you're going to learn in this training:

>>> How using his personal brand and "credibility" makes it super-easy to get anyone to join MTTB, and how you can literally "borrow" Shaqir's credibility (limited to select serious people only, so join early)

>>>> A complete breakdown of Shaqir's 4-year, 7-figure MOBE Promotion strategy (the exact strategy that’s led him to generating $5,000,000.00 in commissions, that's completely OPPOSITE to what everyone else is teaching you...)

>>>> The step-by-step sales funnel formula Shaqir uses that literally guarantees MTTB buyers from any email list so I turn ads into profits...

>>>> His secret traffic sources that he uses get average commissions of $1,750 every time he invests $100 into traffic (and how you can get his secret sources, campaigns and rolodex)

A 90-minute emergency briefing on December 19th on how anyone who's into MOBE can make 2018 a six-figure or seven-figure year....


The 3 words taken from a "BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR COMPANY" Secret. This is a information marketing company and they pretty much say their entire secret to massive growth lies...

Plus, you’ll have the chance to claim your $5,000 reward from the $125,000 WealthAcademy giveaway.

This works for ANY business that you're trying to do online...

REGISTER for the $5,000,000.00 in commissions webinar...

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Over the last few years I've created these tiny little sales funnels, kinda like how you would buy properties and then get rent from them each month, well you can do the same on the internet - even if you're completely brand new...

As long as you get this. I strongly recommend you watch this no cost webinar training -->


...As you'll clearly discover the exact 7 steps I've used to essentially create from scratch:

- Be able to attract Top Tier Premium Level clients (often investing $40K+ for my 1:1 support and millionaire mentorship)
- $5Million in commissions promoting the MOBE Affiliate Program
- Created 10 different brands, promotions and companies to the 7 figure levels.
- Created a loyal daily email readership of over 500,000+ subscribers
- And now focusing on my BIG VISION to becoming the ultimate incubator for Entrepreneurs...

I'm back to focusing on the BIG LAUNCH for (WACORE5).

I've spent over $1Million CASH + 18 months of my life building this new platform to help you become certified in the core disciplines of entrepreneurial education...

We will be specializing in digital education methodologies, the cutting edge latest technologies, fun gamification, adding in client pathway algorithms and digital certification badges so that students consume, get engaged, increase comprehension and clarity, confidence, and GETTING RESULTS...

Watch Free Video: "7 Steps To $620,000 Per Month (5 Funnels That Get Automated Sales)"

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Guys you missed the TMS 6.0 event. So I'm HOOKING YOU UP...

The secret to getting rich is to continue to getting systems working for you. This past weekend I had a lot of people come by to my attend, ex-corporate, bankers, engineers and everyone in between.

What are the systems you have?


What are the systems that make you passive income? Consistent income? Big paydays? I've had consistent Internet Income for 5+ years. Imagine the security, calmness and creativity that gets derived from this...

Just imagine...

Some of them I could tell from the personal 1:1 conversations I had with a few at the VIP table were so stuck with their job, their thinking and their results which is why I wanted to share with you 1 fun & profitable idea...

Segmentation & Cultivation.

If you have your list segmented properly, every time you come up with an idea for a new product or system or program, you can take it straight to your very best customers and try to sell it there first.

If you need a complete system that "sends out automatic" emails for you, I'm accepting a handful of new people to join the Max Income System ($97). You can find out more here:

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We're just wrapping up the 3 Day Traffic Millionaires Summit 6.0 I'm hosting this weekend in London, UK. You can find out more by visiting

The agenda for the 3 days will be the foundation for a new set of millionaires to be born.

Mark my words.


I'm on a mission to create 100 Millionaires and 1,000 six figure earners in the next 3 years. The only question is will you be one of them?

I'll be announcing and REVEALING MY entire brand new platform to the attendees where they'll be able to take their business, ideas and passion to the next level...

It's coming close to $2M of my personal cash I've invested in teams, software, courses, development and more to get this BEAST to the marketplace. I'm real excited, I can't share any more just yet - all my Inner Circle clients have had access and I've got some amazing case-studies coming up...

So... That question again; Will you be one of them?

If you are serious about creating massive change and results next 90 days, be sure to claim your 1:1 income KickStarter strategy session -

Don't sell yourself short 😉

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How do you go from 'how much money you're making right now' to EXPONENTIAL GROWTH?




Over the last few years I've invested over $400K+ into my own education, training, consulting and getting advice from people who are getting results that I want. So I can plan my next 1-3-5-10 and even 25 years.

I can trace my Success ALL BACK to the fact that I joined a mastermind in Vegas. Where I had invested $45K at 21 years old (no my dad didn't give me the money, I begged and borrowed the money to invest) That tiny little $45k turned into over $30Million fortune for myself....

I've recently opened up my personal mastermind just to let 9 more people into my personal mastermind.

I can help you create your first 6 or 7 figure income (Results vary of course)

If you are serious about creating massive change and results next 90 days, be sure to claim your 1:1 income Kickstarter strategy session -

And if you haven't yet registered for your 3 day traffic event - - we are also offering scholarships, 20 spots - you can email for more info or PM me on Facebook....

Don't sell yourself short 😉

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With one of my marketing hero’s; Perry Marshall. Author of 80-20 Sales & Marketing. He talked about buying / investing as a private equity person to reap massive rewards once you develop your million dollar marketing skills. Finding needles in the haystack. Join my list to learn - link in bio @shaqirhussyin
#entrepreneur #googleadwords #traffic #conversions #economics #backpackmillionaire #shaqirhussyin

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FB Fan Page Likers, it's been a while since I last posted - so here's one

[JPKD SECRETS VIDEO] I've had this on my mind all day, all week to share with you
It's almost a dis-service if I didn't. I would have felt bad, and i'm not in the business to be feeling bad. You know what I mean?


• Secret #1 - How I went from morbidly obese, broke, buried in debt, laughed at and $45,000 in debt to over $25Million in sales using a simple JPKD secret that ALL the people you follow have secretly... (and so you can increase your PVL and make money forever)

- click here to access the JPKD secrets...

• Secret #2- If you understand basic "1-2-3 NUMBERS", I'll show you how to turn $1 into $5 and then consistently earn cash every month, and make upwards of $10 per month per email subscriber that joins your list...(so you can build a loyal list of high-ticket super buyers that funds your fortune)

- click here to access the 1% Top Earners 7 Step Formula...

• Secret #3 - The power of "ULTIMATE LEVERAGE", this is a special 'highlight' from my signature program "80/20 Secrets"...(so you can actually get high ticket clients ($2k, $10k, $30k sales) EVEN if you have no sales before..

- click here to see how you can get the #1 "FAST-TRACK" to achieving your online goals...

And the ONLY WAY for you to - continued...
Stay tuned

- Shaqir Hussyin
Author, Backpack Millionaire
Founder, GURU Funnels
CEO, WealthAcademy
$4.5Million Earner with MOBE


Thing #1: Want to learn in Person? We host high-level intensive workshops (details coming soon) for now, our partners are hosting some amazing introductory live events all over the world.
USA - SG - HK - UK - Australia & All Over...
2 Hour FREE Events - Check to see if in your local area
> HTTP://

We have an exclusive 'rare' intimate and close-door, hands-on workshop happening in the London, details coming soon...
Discover how you can get the entire "All Tech Done" Sq Pages, Sales Pages, High Ticket (Top Tier) Automatic Integration, LIVE Events Promotional Pages, Branding, Set-Up, Authority Positioning "Automatic" Client Attraction System...

100% Done For You This case-study shows you the "Moving Parts" so you never get confused ever again...

Couple more cool videos coming up - I've been busy and I promise the wait will be worth it.

Join The WealthAcademy Insider Community (16K members)

Step #1 - Join The WealthAcademy Facebook Group

Step #2 - Let's Get Social? Shaqir Hussyin

#BackpackMillionaire #MaxIncomeSystem #WealthAcademy
Coming soon....

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From Costa Rica

Shaqir Hussyin added 7 new photosfeeling crazy with Suchira Tan and Michelle Mcfarlane.

Im so grateful to have these crazy clients fly from all over the world (some 28 hours to fly) to come learn from me and my team!

The event was sold out and it ...was a pretty hefty price tag to attend!

Yesterday got surprise visit from Matt Lloyd sharing zero to $200million secrets and I interviewed him for 4 hours straight. (He's done incredible job of buying the resort and developing it!)

I've done over 100 events, workshops, seminars just last 18 months. Some of them have been real hard (honestly) and some went amazingly well...

Sometimes my team at do 4 events in a weekend!

Out of all of them - I'm most proud here for sure the amazing team here have done such a great job, my role was effortless!

This has been the best event so far (delivery/content/presentation)

Attending live events has been a game changer since I first ever attended my first one back in 2009.

That's when things became really real.

I encourage you to attend events, seminars and masterminds if your starting out and if your scaling up too...

It's sometimes hard to believe the "little known" world we live in, most people still don't comprehend that you can actually make a full time income posting ads on Facebook / learning about digital marketing etc...

Http:// <== list of our events / recommended events. Check it out.

#backpackmillionaire coming soon 😉

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All honesty, I was nervous and breaking a sweat....I even talked myself out of doing it multiple times. I'm glad I said YES!

Well that was a first, speaking in front of 300 kids in a secondary school.

Lolz. Speaking to 3,000+ people much easier.


The head of year watched my YouTube videos and got inspired so he reached out and invited me to show the kids how anyone can create success regardless of their background, past and experience.

Http:// I started posting a few videos there

Very grateful for this wonderful experience.


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IN case you missed it Facebook Friends & Fans, here's the webinar REPLAY:

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Over the last 6 years, I have built 7 different online businesses that have each pulled in 7 figures as well as mentored and coached many students who are running super profitable online businesses now.

The reason I am able to get results as well as help my students do the same is because I have mastered the art of generating high quality traffic and sending them to well designed super converting funnels.

Let me ask you a question:


Are you struggling to generate leads for your business on a daily basis?

Do you find that EVEN when you generate some leads, they don’t convert to sales?

This is a very common problem that affects a lot of marketers.

If you would like to solve this problem by learning how to generate high quality leads that will turn into sales, I invite you to sign up for my upcoming training webinar called “How To Dominate Facebook To Create High ROI Producing Ad Campaigns”.

Click below to register for the training webinar:

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Hey Shaqir Hussyin Peeps, I'm hosting a LIVE Free FB Masterclass: You can get your free seat registered now by at:

I'm back in London after being away for long time, and hosting weekly webinars with my team like I used to before,


My team at WealthAcademy is growing and we are looking to create new "case-studies", new success stories and we will be hosting free high-value masterclasses to help you move forward....

It takes 1 Breakthrough.
It takes 1 Idea.
It takes 1 Strategy.
It takes 1 Action...

Wealth Academy will be covering a range of Topics from:

Making Your First $100k, $25Million insights, Living the Backpack Millionaire Lifestyle, Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce, Network Marketing, Building Sales Teams, Promoting LIVE Events, Scaling To Multiple Millions, Facebook Traffic, YouTube Traffic, Social Media Traffic Strategies, Podcasting, Webinar Marketing, Conversions, Blogging, Lead Generation & MORE....

Tommorrow, we'll be discussing Facebook Ads. Register for your seat here.

This past year just for ONE of my businesses I invested $1Million CASH of my own money into the platform.

You can get your seat registered now by at:

NOTE: This will be for Affiliate Marketing mainly, however you Im sure you can learn & can apply for ecommerce biz too.

3) We are going to be hosting our Premium 3 Day LIVE Events, Traffic Millionaires Summit 5.0 (Canada, London, SG) and we are planning to do one in America, San Diego.

This will be in July.

-- For June,

Myself and Paul Lynch​ are hosting our 3 Day Premium MDCB LIVE Event. We will be organising an evening "refresher" bonus session for you guys in London, Europe.

Dates are June 2-3-4, 2017. It will be evening session on Sunday. BE sure to register at for updates.

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Building a 7-figure per month online business has been one of the craziest and most fun journey’s of my life.

I remember as a young kid growing up in the streets of East London, I used to dream of being a multi-millionaire and living a life of freedom, living lavishly, donating to causes I believe in, helping my family and travel the world…

Now I've been able to do that and a little more...

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Stay Positive!

On a mission to create 100 millionaires.
Want to be my next success story?!
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What does it mean to you?
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I am on a mission to create 100 millionaires!...
Want to be my next success story?!
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