So, who’s doing #NaNoWriMo 2017? Give me your first sentence.
Here’s mine:

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All Empires Fall

All empires fall, ambition turned to dust.
Their trumpets hushed. The sacrifice that men
Made shunned by the gods in whom they trust;...
Gibbon's Decline unheeded once again.
The Romans ruled from sea to Holy See,
Two thousand years of Caesars' legacy
Our roads, our words, our sense of history.

The Ancient Greeks brought wisdom manifold
A thousand years ago allegedly.
Philosophising men of bronze and gold
Command a democratic society.
Eureka! But by Zeus, what is the use
Of determining the squared hypotenuse
When subject to measured EU abuse?

The Mayans gave us bitter chocolate,
A calendar foretold Mankind would vanish,
Crop cultivation sown would reap their fate
Decided not by empire-building Spanish
Conquistadors. Instead their fall,
An immigrant virus that invaded all
Not halted by a Mexican wall.

America formed an empire state by state,
Usurped its king, reached for the Moon,
Gave memory itself a sell-by date,
And handed Presidency to a loon.
With Hollywood and Facebook memes
To blur the nightmares into dreams
A land where nothing is what it seems.

Britain ruled the globe in rose-coloured glasses
The lands it owned on which the sun ne'er set.
It reaps as it had sown; the ruling classes
Bemused, accused of crimes they'd best forget.
Her place at tables as once-great nation-
A history built on subjugation-
Cannot blame NOW on immigration.

All empires fall.


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STABBING KILLS ONE AT HOSPITAL One woman was killed and a man injured in a knifing incident at Five Elms Mental Health Unit. Full details have been withheld for legal reasons, but the NHS Trust managers have promised a full public enquiry.
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Hello lovely people. I hope you are well and not too frazzled by festive preparations. My own efforts have been very low-key due to certain payroll issues, so not a single present bought except for the Twitter Secret Santa (#Twanta2016).
I have been distracted by thoughts of another story - keep checking this page for a character name competion - but I promise to finish The Looking Chamber over the next couple of months. If anybody would like to beta-read a random chapter, please message me.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas/Happy Chanukah, and a wonderful, productive, inspired 2017.

Hello and welcome to my author page. This should be more active in 2017 as I (hopefully) announce publication dates and competitions.
The QR code will take you to my personal Twitter account - you are also welcome to follow my novel @LookingChamber

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While you're waiting for 'The Looking Chamber' please have a look at my series of short stories written for

Do you ever people-watch, and imagine their back stories? This series is just that - short stories, pen portraits, snapshots of passing strangers. They are works of fiction, because I have no idea of their truth. Judge for yourself, and beware - one of them might just be you.
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