Happy birthday, pal.

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Many of you have asked who made my new guitar. No, it's not a Gibson. No, it's not a Fender. Yes, it's a...

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Sunny California!

Hi guys. I've been having some trouble posting with WhoSay/Facebook lately, but we seem to have resolved it, so... Hi! Hope you're all having a good week and feeling as sparkly as my new guitar! xo

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Lin Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt have given us a stirring anthem for March For Our Lives. Looking forward to being with my daughter, and all of you, in Washington on Saturday.
#FoundTonight #MarchForOurLives

Preview, download or stream Found/Tonight - Single by Ben Platt & Lin-Manuel Miranda

Just completed a 22 mile mountain bike ride w my boys. Happy to report that I’m walking better than they are. Less happy that I’m wearing far more cow patties. #PriceOfGlory

Everyone at the Cassidy house is on a leprechaun hunt today. My six year old assures me there’s one hiding in this grass. Do you see him? If so, you’re obviously already celebrating. HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

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On the eve of my wife's birthday, I decided to make her dinner. Everyone at the table keeps saying "it's the thought that counts."

What we're dancing to tonight.

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Nothing says “Black Plague” better than a good medieval history sock puppet show.

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Kid on the left is thirteen today. Kid on the right's getting up there too. Happy Birthday Caleb!

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1. BEST GIFT I EVER GAVE? When I was twelve years old, I painted a picture of an old barn for my Dad. It was always my father’s dream to live on a farm, so this very special Christmas gift meant a great deal to him. The painting now hangs in the living room… of our farmhouse.
2. NATURE OR NURTURE? With seven kids, I’ve had the opportunity to study this first hand, and I have...

I've just spent the last hour reading all your incredible responses to my recent questions. Your answers left me laughing, crying, hungry (some amazing cooks out there), and hopeful that we could launch a great new political party. And your song choices... they made me yearn to perform again! What great people you are to take the time to do this. My answers (to these very chall...

This has been a rough week. Hell, it’s been a rough year. So, I thought this batch of questions should have some healing power. Answer what you can, as briefly as you can, and I will do the same next week. As always, I offer these questions in the spirit of getting to know you all better, and hopefully, creating greater understanding in what often seems like a pretty divided...

Nice tribute to David on the Grammys. He played Madison Square Garden in ‘72. He would be honored to know that he was remembered there tonight.

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Before Thanksgiving, I told you guys we’d do a Q&A. The last few months have been rough, but I haven’t forgotten. Let’s try it again in a week or two. I’ll send you all a bunch of questions, you answer them, and then I’ll do the same. Look forward. Love, SC