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Tripod Headstand Practice - Aug. 1, 2013

Sometimes, you run right into the wind and uphill. It's not easy. The air stings your lungs, the wind bites your face, and your eyes ache with icy tears so that you can't even look straight ahead. You just follow your feet, inhale, exhale, and push forward, trusting that you can do it.

The good news is that the wind doesn't always stay the same direction. And neither do you. The hills don't only climb upward; the ease downward, too.

To every great challenge, in life and in f...itness, there is a great reward and release.

The struggle is remembering that it is the push through the difficult that builds us stronger and more capable each time we encounter harsh winds and steep hills in the future.

Today, I'm thankful for the wind. And a really great run.

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My son is almost 21 months old already. I can't believe it. It wasn't that long ago I was just imagining what my heart and life could be as a parent, and here I am facing motherhood with a toddler.

I've grappled with a lot of changes and self-revelations over the last two years. It was an amazing and in some ways traumatic experience to witness my body change during pregnancy. To feel like it was not my own anymore, and unfamiliar in shape and feel and function.

For a long t...ime, I felt the same loss of self emotionally and in my identity in becoming a mother. It's only been in the last five months or so that I've started to come back to realizing that I can still be me -- the same, but more deeply enriched and strengthened in ways I didn't know I could be before parenthood. I was alarmed by the loss of self I felt in the initial year of Theo's life, how I felt all-consumed by my hormones and my need to give my body and my everything to him. We nursed exclusively, so the act of offering my body as his sustenance for as long as I did really took a toll on my autonomy and sense of self-love and care.

My experiences can help me see things in a new lens for my future and for those who I counsel and help through this difficult transition in life. Parenthood can be all consuming. It can rattle us and change us deep inside places we had no idea existed. But it doesn't need to rob us of who we are at the core. It can instead enrich that innate self, but we need to become attuned to the areas that are shadowed in the wake of parenting.

I look back and am in awe of what my body has done. From as ripe and filled with life as I was at 41 weeks pregnant, to soft and battered at 11 weeks postpartum, to almost back to where I'd like to maintain at 21 months. I will never be exactly the same person or same body as before. But I can still be the person I loved before my baby.

And I know that in order to feel like a whole person, I need to love and care for myself in my lifestyle choices, thoughts, and actions.

What struggles have you faced recently in reckoning with your identity?

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Be courageous. It's the only way you can truly be you.

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We all need to be fed. What are you doing today to feed yourself? Consider more than calories. Your body, mind, and soul depend on so much more than just fuel.

Quality matters. Make it your objective to do something kind for yourself today. I know I'm trying to do this more frequently lately, amidst a lot of stress!

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At the start of most new years, I carefully set out with resolutions and goals, often centered around my own health ambitions or something I’d like to accomplish. Like is the case with so many resolutions, these fizzle and die out after a couple months, and I lose my zest and drive with them only a few short months into the year.

Well, after a year with many ups, but many downs, I’m ready to take a different approach this year. I’m ready to make my focus not about me, but ab...out others: about impact and influence and energy.

Becoming a mother in 2016 changed me forever. It changed me in ways I expected, and in others I hadn’t anticipated. I’ve always been a sensitive and empathetic person, but birthing my son did something to me emotionally that I can’t quite articulate fully. It made me realize the beauty and impact of a life, and how many lives each of us touch through simply being born. It made me feel more deeply than I have ever felt before. It made me the most mushy, tenderhearted and weepy mess of a human I have ever been… and the strongest, fiercest, most passionate and determined human I have ever been.

I am now more affected and more sensitive to the media I consume every day, and thus have been deeply and mournfully wounded by so much that has happened in our country and our world over the course of 2016. As I’ve been working with a counselor to cope with these emotions, I’ve come to realize that the healthiest thing for me to do is to center in on what scale I CAN make a difference, and in doing so begin to find peace in the bigger picture as well. My tendency is to absorb the GRAND SCHEME and then feel woefully overwhelmed and insignificant… but when I start to just narrow in, I can feel hope and positivity, and feel like what and who I am matters each day, despite all the things I cannot change.

All of this reflection to say this: my resolution this year has a theme and a movement to it. It involves you, and I invite you to participate. I’m making 2017 about the Positive Posts Project. (#PPP #positivepostsproject ) Each day, I’m going to choose one or two friends to write something positive about them on their facebook wall – share a positive post! I want to share positive energy in this virtual sphere and in my reality, to help shape a better year and world starting at my keyboard or phone.

There is so much sorrow and so much negativity surrounding all of us every day. I’m tired of letting it weigh me down. Rather than waiting for someone to pass away to then take the time to recall happy memories, positive impressions and thoughtful recollections, why not take each day to share those positive things you already know and feel about each of your friends?

Will you join me in my resolution? Be part of the #positivepostsproject on facebook and wherever you use social media. Much love, and wishing you the best 2017. #PPP2017

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I love these flexible "dinner bowl" ideas offered in the 21-day Vegan Kickstart from PCRM. They are a great diving board into simple freestyle cooking that features healthy ingredients like grains and vegetables and simple sauces or condiments.

I coach clients in this kind of cooking style as well- encouraging seeing a meal beyond the segregated plate and more like a one skillet stop! It is a great concept for utilizing the fresh foods you purchase without direct recipes in mind.…/recipes/diy-dinner-bowls

Need a quick meal with whatever you’ve got in your fridge? DIY Dinner Bowl is the answer! All you need are a few components—a grain, some vegetables, perhaps a legume, and a dressing—and you’re all set. These meals come together even faster if you’ve done some of the prep work already with leftover…

Well, I am 11 weeks postpartum and I finally succumbed to buying a larger sized pair of pants yesterday and a blouse tank that I feel good in and is functional for nursing in the warmer months. I decided that instead of wasting time lamenting the reality that most of my pre-pregnancy pants do not fit yet, I would just get some pants that fit me where I am. I've lost 30 pounds since baby, but have another 15 to go to reach pre-preg weight, and 20 to go if I want to be at my id...eal happy weight. Even still I need to face the possibility that the clothes I loved before may not fit the same even at the same weight.

Wherever you are right now in life- in your health and fitness journey- I encourage you to not wait around to start feeling good about yourself and dressing in a way that helps you feel good. Life takes lots of turns. Just because the current bend in the road may not be where you want to stay forever does not mean you should hate yourself (or your wardrobe!) en route.

(For the record, these aren't my new clothes. But they are active wear I can go for a walk in with my baby! Heading out soon...) 😊

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She Lives Fit | Health Coaching is with Whitney Werner Fretham.

We are all set up this morning at the Great Cloth Diaper Change world record event! Gathering with Eco-minded natural mamas to do a group fluffy bottom change in attempt at a world record. She Lives Fit is here representing yummy healthy living! Oatmeal breakfast cookie samples and baby snuggles at our table. 😉

Make sure to reach out to me if you're ready to make some healthy changes this spring. I am currently accepting new clients going into the summer!

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Casual time to meet other mamas from our social media groups/circles! Bring your baby and come to chat over coffee!

Thu 9:00 AMQueen City BakerySioux Falls, SD
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It's been a wild month in our household since we welcomed Theodore James to our family on February 27th! Theo has my heart and attention fully - every minute of every day! We are so thankful and blessed to have this beautiful baby boy in our lives now.

It's quite an adjustment getting used to a new normal. And normal will change again dramatically when I finish maternity leave. I've been struggling some with the classic postpartum body esteem issues, reflecting on my pouch of... stretch-marked skin, and my thighs and hips that are too full for my pants by a long shot. However, as much as I long for my same fit body I had before, I know it will forever be changed from growing this human- but I can still eventually enjoy a new version of my fit mama self. For now, focus is on nursing my newborn and getting as much sleep as we can!

Fitness means a lot of different things at different points in our lives!

Photo by Amie Hansen

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Tonight, I had the great blessing of celebrating the many accomplishments of a client of mine as we wrapped up our six month program. It was so wonderful to hear her reflect on the great healthy changes she's made in her life-- both physically and mentally! One of the biggest things she spoke it was how liberating it was to let go of the "diet mentality"- she let go of seeking out a "prescription for a healthy diet and lifestyle" and allowed the process to shape itself and be...come natural for her over time and gradual changes.

There isn't one "prescription" that works for everyone in their health and wellness. Our unique bodies and lives call for attention to the process of learning what is manageable and healthy over time! One person's short term fix cannot be a one-size-fits-all lifestyle solution.

I am currently 39 weeks pregnant - still feeling great! - and hoping to greet my baby very soon, so I will be taking a few months off from coaching. However- if you are interested in receiving some support in your health and wellness goals come spring, please get a hold of me! I would love to chat about how we can make your vision your reality.

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Full disclosure after months of silence on the airwaves here: I am confessing to weighing in today at about 20 pounds heavier than I was at my fittest and lowest maintained weight.

Also full disclosure: About 10 of those pounds have been put on in the past 3 months or so since I ran my most recent half marathon June 7th.

Happy disclosure: I am also about four months pregnant. Bring on healthy baby come 2016!


(PS - I want chocolate every. single. day. As if this is new!?)

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I dreamed up this simple healthy treat with the sun shining, nostalgically aching for one of those orange dreamsicle push pops. You know the ones? Well this is much healthier, just as tasty, and packs a boost of protein and REAL fruit (unlike those artificially flavored pops!).

In your blender combine...
1 cup orange juice (fresh would be best but I used Floridas Natural)
1/2 -2/3 cup soft silken tofu (trust me! I like Mori-Nu organic brand- used about half a box)...
A splash of vanilla extract (about 1/2 tsp)
Stevia drops to taste
Ice cubes, to your desired preference
Garnish with orange zest or slices if you're feelin' fancy 😉

Add more ice for a thicker slush, or less for thinner drink. Adjust with additional orange juice and stevia as desired.

Sit in the sun and slurp it down with a smile!!

Have a dreamy day!

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Are you on Instagram? Me too!

Swing by my page and follow @shelivesfit for lots of beautiful healthful food ideas and inspiration (plus occasional cute furry critter pictures of course).

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Join us Monday night for We Live Fit!

If you missed the past meetings, no worries! Join us when you can!We will have a new focus topic for each meeting -this month's topic is HOW TO CHANGE A HABIT! If you have a bad habit (don't we all?) lingering on, or need some pointers on adopting a NEW habit, please join us!