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Graeme McLeod
· May 18, 2018
I could not believe the negative feedback! We have been going to Stockland for almost five years now. The toilets are clean often and the walk areas too.

A large food court that the rubbish is remov...ed before it becomes a problem.

Also numerous cafes to enjoy and explore their menu.

I believe more available AT Stockland then Central in Wollongong and Stockland free parking.

And could it be better? you ask. Of course it can and I believe it will become better thanks to you with your feedback and Stockland listening and addressing concerns.

Enjoy the clothing sales and interesting shops scattered around the area. Stockland is changing but it will like the climate seasons. Enjoy and explore and become part of the Stockland Environment. THANK YOU.
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Lynne Jones
· April 19, 2018
I don’t know what is happening in this shopping centre, all the good shops are closing - yet another one this week Witchery and will probably be replaced with some junk shop, soon there won’t be any r...eason to go there and shop. Very disappointed � See More
Monica Constable
· December 20, 2017
I had a list of things to buy and I got the address of the store I needed to go to but because this shopping centre has decided not to put a single identifying piece of information to tell you where y...ou are , or even what floor you are on , I walked around for 25 minutes then left without spending a cent . Massive FAIL . Why bother even giving the stores or the levels a number if you’re not going to display them . Never again . See More
Liz Locke
· January 21, 2018
Love Shellharbour shops, staff ion service desk just so helpful, I book power shopper n never any trouble to them, centre we'll set out n good parking
Louise Kohler
· August 14, 2017
Great shops. Friendly staff.
Lots of variety.
Nice food and drinks. Spread out over alot of area....
Now for the bad stuff....
not enough seating around every alley. The Toilets are nade for midgets and short people. Alot of tall people have trouble getting up off these short shorts they arent tall for talk people.
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Benjamin Philp
· August 2, 2017
good place to shop the only thing is its missing big w and few other stores but it good all round its a shamed that your nowra store is neglected and look like feels like im in another country th...e place is so run down and been so far out dated for quiet some time maybe they should bullzozed it and upgrade because i cant see it surviving with the launch of Amazon coming to australia soon i already knew 3 other shops been well upgraded ready to combat of amazon coming into australia soon and i wouldnt be suprised if stockland shellharbour get an another upgrade while the nowra store gets left beyond agaion unless the money from nowra stopre goes back into shellharbour store See More
Diane Brennan
· April 27, 2018
Don’t order a hamburger at maccas. We did and it was absolutely rubbish.
Wendy Deaves
· April 11, 2018
Love visiting stocklands shellharbour love shopping there and having coffee and meals there
Shannon Zarif
· January 2, 2014
Stockland shellharbour when are you going to recognise and acknowledge that there is a serious loitering problem at your centre on Thursday late night shopping??? As a consumer I am fed up with the in...timidating, disrespectful and socially unacceptable behaviour that these "Tweens " or "teenagers " display in public especially in front of my 7 yr old daughter. Do u have a loitering policy ? And why isn't more done to ensure a safe and friendly shopping environment ? I have seen on numerous occasions groups of kids fighting so when is enough ? Surely your centre has enough legal power to enforce a policy that minimises this behaviour as you state you are Australia's largest property group for retail sales!!! See More
Brodey Eileen Tarry-Cameron
· October 31, 2017
Flies in the food definitely put me off eating there again

- soul origin
Jesse Rees
· March 10, 2014
Your security are scum, assaulting innocent people over nothing, you should really have a look at yourselves you hypocrites, as on Saturday I was assaulted by one of your security and I was arrested a...nd charged with assault and trespassing, first of all I would like to lodge a complaint against Rabar Abdula for indecent assault, threatening and intimidation against me and my fellow companion josh, we were both assaulted by this man and we would like to do something about it, we done nothing to deserve getting assaulted, such things as getting my head slammed into the ground, choking me until I could not breathe, I have multiple bruises from this man so does josh, we would like to see police action taken against him as he is a violent person, as result we both got a banning notice for 2 years for this, for something that could of been avoided, all over trying to purchase 2 bottles of water, and the amount of dis-respect for our well-being was disgusting, I hope to hear from you soon. See More
Mary Jay
· December 17, 2013
I visited your center today with my Daughter-in-law and my two grandsons . While there we needed to use the baby change room . I would like to complement the cleaning staff on the cleanliness of the b...aby room we used !! Actually the baby room was spotless ! Thank you :) See More
Glenn Haworth
· July 25, 2017
Love having this place in our own backyard...anywhere with Guzman will always rate highly
Sandra Shephard
· January 3, 2014
To the person about keeping left on the travelators, I only move over if person use their manners and ask me to move otherwise I'm not moving you have every right to stand where you want, and as for p...arents with prams they need not be so selfish and to think of others, the people that need the disable parking did they ask to b disable? No, do u might have to walk a bit further big deal See More
Jasmine Princess Gaskell
· July 23, 2017
I love going shopping at Shellharbour Square because it was one of my favourite stores I'm going to and I love it there with all my heart like birthdays, Christmas and Easter shopping like Christmas c...ards or something. See More
Ashleigh Jacka
· January 22, 2014
House Of Colour - I was booked in yesterday morning for a colour. My appointment was for 10:30am. When I made the appointment a few days earlier I showed the lady what colour I wanted with a picture I... had on my phone. She was posituve I could go that red first time and booked my appointment.
When I arrived for my 10:30 appointment I was sat down by a girl and she put a cape on me. At 11:10 I asked the same girl how much longer it would be before I received some service as nobody had acknowledged me since I sat down 40 minutes earlier. She promptly got a 'senior' person over. This 'senior' person was not happy nor friendly. When I showed her the picture on my phone of the colour I wanted she said they didnt have it and I could only choose from the 4 or 5 colours on the chart. Still no smile and not apologetic nor helpful. In the end I stood up and took off my cape and said I was going elsewhere. She responded with 'ok'. As a person who works in retail in the same centre I was offended with the service I recieved. I thought I would give this place a try as it was cheaper than where I normally go and despite hearing mixed opinions from people who had been there. I walked out of the shop down stairs to where I usually go and paid 4 times the amount I was quoted at The House of Colour and was so pleased I did. Never again will I go to the House of Colour. The power of word of mouth is massive and I will never recommend this place to anyone.
I think the centre is great, just had to vent about this bad experience so hopefully they can improve their services to the public.
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Sarah-Jane Bajjada
June 14, 2013
Have to laugh at people who whinge about parent parking.legally if disabled parking is full they have the right to use parental parking(I think they are very well entitled to!), omg u had to walk a fe...w extra metres LOL! See More
Kim Algeo
· February 26, 2014
I find your children play area very poor no fencing no shade and way to close to a very busy road and stairs it is not suitable for children under 5 years. Maybe you should have a good think about it ...or get some ideas from Westfield warrawong they know how to keep children happy and their customers. See More
Howard Bennett
November 15, 2012
Other shopping centres with even the most minimal sense of compassion locate reserved parking spaces for disabled as close as possible to their entrances. It is really only common courtesy and sense. ...But not at Stockland Shellharbour. Parking spaces immediately adjacent to the entrance have been allocated to parents with prams (who obviously would have less difficulty with access) leaving disabled persons to negotiate the extra distance from their allocated spaces as best they can. Your sense of priority is appalling. See More
Jess Young
June 21, 2013
The seats out the front Howard's storage world, NRMA and st George bank are now just benches (without backs) and they aren't very elderly friendly. Also other people lean back on you and use you as a ...back rest. See More

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