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Ryan Paul Ricker
· December 5, 2017
I just went to this mall for the first time since i last lived here 4 years ago with my friend it used to be a lively mall full of people and stores but now is an abandoned ghost mall the only stores ...are sears dilliards bath and body and gnc there's also a barber shop karate school and massage parlor it is sad to see a once lively mall become a ghost town from the last time i went when i lived here before 4 years ago and just moved back See More
Tara Russell
· September 10, 2017
About 8 of the most common mall stores are still here, Sears, Kay, Hot Topic, B&BW, one food court place, etc. Lots of sales. But the lights are dimmed and it's kind of hot in here. Creepy and sad. At... least the aggressive kiosk sellers aren't here. Amazon and Walmart killed the mall experience I can't imagine growing up without. See More
Jesus Rivera
· August 11, 2017
This place reminds me of Desert Sky Mall Desert Sky Mall was once a ghost till they open up La Curacao and the small indoor swap meet they brought in some Mexican groups Mexican dancers this part of t...own is full with of Mexicans that spend money there are some Sundays that it's so crowded that your elbow to elbow in that mall lot of people walking around a lot of people enjoying food music spending money brought the mall back to life I think they should do something like that in Mesa I think that would help them that's a beautiful Mall sad to see that it's dying. See More
Lance Marshall
· November 15, 2017
It was my favorite mall back in the day. It breaks my heart to see so little stores open. Went today and it was definitely a trip down memory lane. Very sad but beautiful
Mark Quigley
· September 28, 2016
If you ever wanted to see what a mall would feel like if you were the last survivor on earth �, then this is the mall for you? Most malls have anywhere from 70-100+ stores, this one barely has two do...zen, the rest of the space is shuttered up. I could count the number of other shoppers who I saw on just one hand. The escalators are old school super narrow that you have to go single file on them. So narrow that I saw one person who couldn't even fit on it. They just need to close and tear the place down and put it out of its slow death misery. See More
Will Tynor
· December 16, 2016
If they knew how to advertise and promote their more hipper stores, then this mall would had a chance for a comeback two years ago when the store vacancies started to happen. For example, stop adverti...sing Macy's on the huge sign that faces the busy U.S. 60 which hasn't been open in over 10 years and use that space to advertise something else. 2016 saw more stores closing. Dick's Sporting Goods closed a year ago. Then all 3 Foot Lockers closed before the summer. I thought "well atleast they have Game Stop, Best Buy, and Spencers" but all of those close since the summer. Wow, Best Buy couldn't even wait until the holiday shopping season? Not until one last Black Friday? So, let me make this easier for all of you. I will name every shop that does still exist inside the mall: Sears, Dillards Outlet, Just Sports, some wedding bridal shop, a karate studio, TWO barbers, Sunglasses Hut, GNC, Torrid, Hot Topic, Champs (the only sports shoe store. There used to be 10 of them), Payless Shoes (I think), a Bath/Lotion place, Vans, Zuminez, A food Court featuring Panda Express, A Japanese teriyaki place, Charley's Steak and Fries and maybe 1 other food joint, and maybe 1 or 2 stores I am forgetting and 2 kiosks selling various merch. That's it. A no, folks, its not the area because In & Out Burger and Dutch coffee, which both exist independently on the outer rim of Fiesta mall are crazy busy. We're talking 20 cars in the drive thru at 11:30 pm busy. It's a well populated area. It's just that the mall if very mis-managed and badly promoted. Sad. I want it to do better. See More
Jim Rogers
· October 9, 2016
Just left Fiesta Mall after my 4 year old and 9 year old child were accosted and harassed by two security guards working for the mall who claimed to be Roger and John. They came into the play area my kids were playing tag with each other and began order the kids around and yelling at them with no attempt to make contact with any parents. Thanks to the other parents who supported us and removed their kids as well. Requested a supervisor and was told we had no right to talk to anyone but them. I suggest anyone with children steer clear of this mall, they do not appear to be welcome here. See More
Ray Ceo Jr.
· February 18, 2017
There's not much here but the stores that are here are so desperate for business you are treated like a God and get some fantastic deals. The mall might look like forgotten hopes of the 90's but if yo...u look beyond that you see the spirit of Mesa, holding on to any hope it can, fighting for survival. We will fight. We will survive. We will use our knowledge to thrive. We are Mesa! Don't count us out just yet. #fiestadistrict #MesaProud #iheartmesa See More
Akeizia Woods-Corum
· July 23, 2017
Very sad that there's only five store's left in the this mall, I remember when this mall was the place to socialize and shop.
Gary Edward Esch
· November 30, 2016
The mall is stinky and smells like poop. Many of the stores that used to be in there are close. I would go there for GameStop but it no longer exists. If I went there to get a massage it would not be ...relaxing at all because it smells like poop in the mall. Is this mall shutting down? Again I say it it smells like poop See More
Gnupyrt Yaht
· August 30, 2017
Maybe 5% left in business; It was so very quiet; one jewelry shop was moving out and must be done by 5pm.
I wonder what will Fiesta Mall will become in the future...
Noah Magnan
· October 11, 2016
I have grown up down the street from and have never been far away from the area south of Fiesta Mall other than living in Tempe for about five years. People want to blame the problems in Mesa on Fiest...a Mall, or that lot across the street that has sat vacant for literally at least ten years. Or they want to blame s certain race. As is true with most corporate and governmental positions; we created this, and we let this happen.
Everyone started going to other malls because they had "stadium seating" for movies. A phenomenal idea was explained in the early mid nineties: that people might not want to have to stare through the back of two people's heads, or try to see over a hat after paying the full price of $5.00 for a night/ weekend ticket.
Superstition Springs built "stadium."
People went to Superstitin Springs. Meanwhile, Fiesta Mall has three theaters surrounding it in the year of about 94' 95', none of which are the new stadium seating.
FAIL Again...
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Gary L Tomsik
· February 21, 2017
Well there are about 10 businesses left that are taking their last breath before dying. Desolate, dimly lit shadow of it's former self. Nothing but a ghost town now, no reason to go there unless you l...ike to look at a whole lot of nothing. See More
Sylina Marie Jones
· December 12, 2017
It’s sad! Only Sears, Dillard’s, Bath and bodyworks
Anita Nocerino Chase
· January 23, 2017
Not much left just a couple of stores it looked kind of like the apocalypse I hope that they move on with their future plans to make this an office and living space because the mall is scary we had ou...r pepper spray out for safety reasons See More
Melissa Freeland
· October 4, 2016
I moved away from AZ 5 years ago. And I wanted to stop by me and my kids favorite place � It was pretty empty compared to the last time we were there but that's okay.. I think it will make a comeback �
Justin Ruff
· November 22, 2016
I remember when this mall was the place to be in the early 90's. Now it's just horribly sad walking around in there.. All the stores have left town. Oh well.
Morgan Leon
· December 6, 2016
The mall is basically vacant now and the only stores they have are cheap(crappy) witch poorly made products and basically everything is just closed in there and the food court that used to be the best... place is now a joke. See More
Jill Powley Kiefer
· November 6, 2016
The time has come to say goodbye to Fiesta Mall...there might a total of 10 stores still open and I'm not sure why. Come on Mesa let's think of the next chapter for this Fiesta District.
Cynthia Hernandez
· September 13, 2015
This used to be a wonderful mall. Walked in today and it was practically deserted. More than half the stores are empty. Used to love this place. Not anymore. At least Sears is still open.
Free Flu Shots Tonight (1/8/14) At Fiesta Mall From 5PM to 7PM - Provided By The City of Mesa Fire & Medical Department, in suite 1080 located on the lower level in front of Best Buy!
We are going to have a hard time selecting three mariachis to perform next Saturday in the Mariachi Finals! Special thanks to El Compa Cuate who is judging the contest today and next Saturday and will announce the three finalists live to the public on La tricolor 103.5 Monday morning.
Mariachi Valle del Sol celebrating their win backstage at Nuestro Mariachi!

Santa has arrived at Fiesta Mall! Come visit him! Bring your jingle bells!

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Introducing the Great American Steak Dinner—a complete steak dinner with a 6 oz. Renegade sirloin, plus of five Bold Bite appetizers or one of three Sweet Bite desserts. Served with fresh-cut salad, side, and unlimited honey wheat bread.

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September 11th is Patriot Day.

Observed as the National Day of Service and Remembrance flags fly at half-mast as a sign of respect.

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Whew!!! What an exciting time we had at Fiesta Mall today! Thank you Gabriel Soto and Univision Arizona for a fantastic, fun filled day!!

Lots of smiling, happy faces in our mall today. What a great time! Let's do it again...soon!!

#univisionarizona #gabrielsoto #fiestamall #happypeople

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It's like this today!

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