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Christopher Ortego
· July 8, 2017
This Mall has always had grade A, Orange county milfs as far as the eye can see.
Security staff was very rude.
Laura Haywood
· July 24, 2017
I love The Shops ... Found some great deals on really cute baby clothes for a little girl I babysit. We will definitely go back soon. ��
Victoria Hernandez
· May 30, 2017
It's a great place and with two kids it's better the S.C Plaza cause it has a play ground.
Paul Baker
· August 22, 2017
It was so great and the food court is awesome too
Brigitte Pace
· December 22, 2016
Always my favorite mall, even before it was 'The Shops of,' and my only complaint would be about the teenagers who expect you to move out of their way. It's not imperative that you walk shoulder to shoulder taking up the whole walk way, life will continue if you break ranks.
Christy Ortiz
· October 23, 2016
Looks like my original post disappeared. I wanted to alert the mall management about the ATM on the second floor outside of the food court after using it My bank notified me that someone hacked into my account and this activity happened following my use of the ATM in the Mission Viejo mall. I've notified the police and the local news media about this because I think that Simon mall management needs to take responsibility for ensuring the privacy and safety of their patrons by either removing these ATMs or implementing additional security measures to prevent this from happening more often. See More
Tom Packer
· March 23, 2017
Me and my wife LOVE this mall! We use to live in Laguna Niguel and now we live in Santa Ana and still go down there!
Martie Theleen Lubetkin
· December 1, 2014
There seems to be some push-back from someone who calls herself "Miranda" and claims to work for the company that hired the Santa in question. First, she isn't... doing herself any favors by her comments. Second, children come to the mall to see Santa from their homes, where they may have dogs for pets, and therefore they may come to the mall with some dog hair on their clothes. If, as "Miranda" suggests, her Santa was so allergic that his eyes were already watering before the dog got anywhere near him, he was probably not the best choice for the job.
What he did, and the way that the whole incident was handled, was disgusting, he and Miranda should be fired, and if there's any way for the little girl who was snubbed can be convinced to trust Santa again, she should receive a personal visit, and the mall should provide whatever toy is her heart's desire this year.
In any case, my days of shopping at this mall are over.
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Eli Mandelbaum
· November 13, 2016
This is by far the worst apple store ever established. i had gone in because my iphone would not keep a Wifi connection. I had an appointment at the "Genius Bar..." and it ended up I had a bad iPhone . The "Genius" backed up my new Iphone to an old back up causing me to lose valuable informations that will cost me significantly. ue to my frustration i voiced my issue then left , as I left I attempted to make call only to find out it was defective phone and I was unable to make any calls. I re- entered the mall headed straight to the apple store to find the called "Paul Bart the Mall Cop" about my attitude. I proceeded to explain that now not only have they lost a lot of my information but sold me a new defective phone. "Paul Bart the Mall Cop" then informed me I would have to go to another iPhone store.

I am sorry you are all incompetent people.
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Wendy Lee
· December 2, 2014
What's this allergy bs I am reading hello article said fear of pit bulls. Educate don't discriminate. People and their pit bull opinions can shove it. In my 34 ...years of life I never met a bad pit bull so stop with the racism. My parents were gnorant they even saw my neighbors pit rip the hell out of a small dog. Her dog was great till she locked him in a cage 24/7 in his own piss and feces. Don't was cage crazy. Not his fault it's the irresponsible owners but with that being said I did this thing called education know what I rescues my first dog ever and he's a pit mix so all you haters can suck it. Your mall is pathetic, making up to the family doesn't make up for the rejection that little girl got See More
Elizabeth King-Villar
· March 31, 2017
I miss the mall of my youth. This is trendy, and posh, but it does have a playground for my littles.
Jessika Abbott
· November 29, 2016
My family and I love this mall. It's always clean and safe. The kids play area is great and the lullaby lounge is a bonus! Thank you to The Shops at Mission Viejo for always hosting wonderful events for my family and I to enjoy!
Tim Tyler
· December 3, 2014
I have an autistic child. Recently he called @ToysRus to verify they had a hard to find toy. The live person on the phone confirmed they had 4 in stock. We drov...e 45 minutes to the store only to find out they were "mistaken". He was devastated. This was the one toy he had saved up his own money and waited months to find.

However, I was so impressed with the manager. She understood the special circumstances and took responsibility. She took time to speak with my son and help him understand the reason why the mistake was made and made it up to him.

I wish these instances of customer service by hard working managers would be as vital as the mistakes. We need to show the good examples and reward those who make it happen.
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Jessamine Walker
· November 30, 2014
Devastating abuse and discrimination against an autistic child and her service animal. This lousy imposter Santa should be fired immediately and Im sorry but yo...ur generic response is not nearly enough for what your contracted employee took from Abcde and her family. This illegal discrimination needs to be called out for what it is and you as the company needs to be going out of your way to make it right. See More
Lisa Trujillo
· December 1, 2014
I think if the Santa was allergic, fearful whatever of the dog then he has that right. If he was fired because of this, I hope he sues the mall for everything they have. It's time people start sticking up for people, humans that have a heart. Animals are misterious, humans are not.
Michelle Vega
· September 16, 2016
I love coming to this mall cause the variety in food , the reason I don't give the 5 stars is for the bad service they always have in MAC , people who work there are rude and uneficient .
Donnie Graves
· December 3, 2014
If you sincerely cared about your customers, you would have had a policy in place prior to one of your Santa contractors turning away a seven year old child and... her service dog. A group like your's misses nothing when it comes to bottom-line and profit, but everything when it comes to people. See More
Art Guevara
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Pat Sanders
· November 30, 2014
Not only did your mall Santa violate the Americans with Disabilities law, he broke the heart of one of your guests, who will need time to recover from this outr...ageous incident, if she can recover from it. I gave you a "poor" rating because there was no designation lower. You should be ashamed. Your employees need sensitivity training. I hope this Santa is gone from the mall. See More
Ivy Justine Tayrien
· March 1, 2015
Today, I was shopping and having lunch at The Shops at Mission Viejo. Less than 1.5 hours later when I returned to my spot in the parking structure, all of my h...ubcaps had been stolen off of my car, as well as the car next to me. When I called security to inform them, they came out and filed an incident report. It was then that I was told that there is not a single secuirty camera in the entire parking structure. So, poor, unlucky, people could be robbed, held at gunpoint, car jacked, raped, or kidnapped, and there is not a single camera within the structure to catch that on film? That is complete and utter bullshit. I will make it my personal goal to inform everyone I know of this fact, and make sure none of them patron your mall, which clearly doesn't prioritize the safety of it's customers. See More
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